Saturday, September 24, 2005

HAPPY 18th Birthday SARAH!!! (Williams..FYI)

This weekend has been a whole lot of sit around. Approved. Today me and Maukie went to see Corpse Bride which was not all I was thinking it might be. I didn't really have high hopes in any case, but *sigh* Tim, you're losing your touch.
Then we went to the Girl Fight show...actually we stood around waiting for it to start, and for Nick to show up (he's the singer). I forgot that I had told Maukie we'd go eat after the movie though, so we left before they even played.
Went to Applebees, and it was yummy, as always. Then Maukie and I hung out for awhile, listened to Brown Eyed Girl like 4 times, and then came home. Now I'm talking to Shannon, did the fantasy football jazz, and am going to go to bed soooooon.

Sorry no pictures lately...I have really taken any. I'll hook it up soon, though. Going to Manhattan on Wednesday, if anything I"ll have 634 pics of the ABJ reunion show up. :) :) :) (three happy faces were necessary, yes)


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