Sunday, September 18, 2005

Ma thinks I smell good

So today Maukie, Stana, Zoe and I went to Bible Christian, and ate lunch. Then Stana helped me clean the floor, and we watched Finding Neverland until it was time for me to start getting ready fo senior pics ('06 baby). and let me tell you, senior pics were TIIIIIIIIIIIGHT! Yes yes, that's what I want to do for the rest of my life. Stand in front of a camera. It's easy, it's fun...I've got to get on that train. He took almost 200 freaking pictures! i can't wait to see them...he said they'd be ready around this weekend or the middle of next week. As long as we get them before me and ma leave for manhattan, I'm cool. I also get Stana, Kasey, and my pics from wal mart the day I leave, so I'll have to get them during lunch or something. How fun! I am glad that i'm done with pics for a while...wait, didn't I just say I could do that for the rest of my life? Oh yes, if I got PAID.
After pics, Mommy and I went to Applebees and ate some effin gewd salads, then got a blondie *drool*. Went to wal-mart, got a new lamp for my room, then got Maukie some grindage and I took it to him at work. I don't blame him for not wanting sonic for din din...He eats that more than he should, I'm sure. So I hung out with him for a bit while he ate, then I went to Zach's house down the way and watched the KC/Raiders game till I had to be home at 10. Pretty good day, laid back and all.
I know you probably wouldn't guess it, but hello is again not working, so I can't post any pics today. :(


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