Sunday, November 20, 2005


I'm in the middle of typing up YET ANOTHER freaking paper for english, and it's so trying, watching your grammer and such. It's so much easier to post. My paper is a problem-solution on how to get kids to quit dropping out of high school. Basically, you set up a community service program that they have to go to (almost like a job, but with little to no pay...basically a job and high school mixed up into one). If you don't show up for your "job" you first pay some fines, and then if it keeps happenening, you get arrested. Harsh? So what, don't drop out of high school and it won't matter.
See? I think it works.
So thats what I'm supposed to be doing right now. I wish I could just tell Mr. Kucharik my idea, but I think that would be defeating the purpose of an english class. I absolutley hate english classes now.
*I got a 25 on my second ACT test. (23 the first time)
*Addison is sick today :(
*Kasey and I talk again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=happy michelle
OOh, let me tell you about yesterday.
So yesterday, Stana, Elissa, and I were going to go see Harry Potter IV, but Elissa called and said it was sold out. And she had to leave after that, so me and Stana went and pre bought our tickets for the 7 o'clock. So we ran some errands, then ate at Applebees (aka Awesomebees...not really, no one actually calls it that. But it still is Awesome), came home, watche the Real World for a bit, then were off to the movie. We had created a hype between the two of us, from talking it about it so much all day, and when we got there, Stana couldn't find her ticket! So we ran to my car, looked in it, ran home, looked around there, still no ticket. Went back in hopes to just buy her another, and RIGHT when we walked in the door the guy announced "Harry Potter is sold out". Ugh. So Stana told the guy what happened, and he was cool and said to just tell the ticket-tearer that he said it was ok (I knew both of them, so that made it easier). So we watched it, and it was grand, except for how they left out HUGE chunks of the book. Still a good movie though.
Holy crap that is so much typing that I could have been doing on my paper instead. Darn you Michelle.


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