Thursday, December 29, 2005

Christmas Finale

So Christmas was pretty fun, I'll give it to them (them? Um, these aren't all the pictures I'm going to post, and I'll write more about the day later, but I think Nette and Chris want to go to sleep, so here's a little somethin somethin to hold you over until tomorrow.
This is Chris and Jenette searching for presents under the treeeee.

And this was the chocolate fountain at our wicked fondue party tonight.

Here I am pulling Nette's hair...and apparently I wanted to eat it...I don't think that was the case.

Just so you know, it goes Chris, Nette, Grandma, Shannon, Me, and Nicole.

There are sequins all over my room. My house. They're in my bed, and I slept on them last night. This sequin has been stuck to my leg all day (mostly because I left it alone to see how long it would last), and a red one dyed my leg...Kinda weird. Very funny. They're both still there now. How freakin funny.


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