Friday, December 09, 2005

If you get my volley

Today I went and helped w/ the float for like, not even an hour. I had to go at 11 because I forgot I had a college class, and then everyone was just standing around and it was pissing me and AJ off, so we left. Ha, I had actually forgotten how silly today was until now. So on our way out to my car, this guy Garett brought Katie some drinks from starbucks, but she wasn't there. So he asked Aj and me if we wanted them, because he didn't, and didn't want to take them inside. So we tested all of them, chose the two we liked, and took the other two in.
There was a lot of talk and discussion about being "New York" (this is the trial week), and a lot of wardrobe done at Target on 5th (haha). Well, if it works out, you'll be hearing more about being NY, so don't worry about not getting it yet. Oh, we also went to the art gallery on Main and Aj told the lady we were from, where else, New York. So we had to talk to her about the school we "went to" and our jobs. Aj is an ActOR. (FYI this story probably would be more interesting if I told it in person, however you probably still wouldn't get the full effect.)
I went to Stana's afterwards and Nick corrected my english papers, and Addison, Kaleb, and Tattoo came over. Then Stana had to take pics of me for a class, so we did that, ran the errands, ate some grilled cheese, and went to the Nutcracker. It was good, really cute.
After that (whew, so much day for one day, you know what I mean?) We went to Addison's, and Stananana had to leave shortly after. I taught Addison to play speed, then the crew that was mentioned before, minus Stana, add Jacob Gill, played poker and Uno. Longest game of Uno in my life! I came home. I posted a huge blog about my day.


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