Sunday, August 06, 2006

Casa Bonita con Jupiter Sunrise

(Read my previous text post about this day here.)
Monday, the 31st us, our grandparents and Emily, Amy, and Jonathen went for lunch at Casa Bonita. The cheese enchis were fab, just like I remembered.
The thing about Casa Bonita is that not only do they have good enchis, but a good show atop a water fall!

After eating we went to the arcade where Emily scored big on a game.
Then we found a skee-ball machine that had a pay out of 13 tickets everytime you started the game. Needless to say, we made that machine our own for the hour or so we were there.
Chris got in on the action, too.

After we left the Bonita, we drove to downtown Denver (hence, Colfax and Broadway) to go to the Jupiter Sunrise show.
This venue, Cervantes, was pretty rad.
This was the guy that was playing when we first came in, he was called The Only One That Could Make It, and was from Greely, Co.
Then Stars of Track and Field, from Portland, Oregon played. I liked them and guy above a lot, especially live.

Then we got to watch The Finals play again.
Then was the spectacular main event of the night, Jupiter Sunrise! Loved them, super fly show. If you haven't listened to them yet, go to their myspace, listen to what they have to offer, then buy their cd because their old songs are just as, if not more, fab than the new.

It was a fantastic day, I'm glad it happened.


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