Saturday, August 12, 2006

Dance Camp 06

Before I went to dance camp I went back up to Manhattan from Garden, from Colorado. The fam and I went to get sno cones at this Fabulous establishment before playing disc golf (ps. we're getting a disc golf course at the Juco. Andy is gps'ing it up).
The first night of camp we went to get Coldstone. Amazing.

We won the spirit stick! Yeah, it's pretty much a sham. They give it to everyone, it's like a participation ribbon. The reason I know this is because we had like -2% spirit. But it was pretty funny atleast. Not gonna lie, Jessica and I threw it on the ground a couple times. That's what NDA gets for tainting my team with a spirit stick.
We never really got much accomplished when we practiced, but in the end we got a blue ribbon and did way better than I think we all expected to do.

The five girls from our team that were there shared a suite in the Ford dorms. So we moved all of our beds into one room and used the other for a dance room slash me and Jessica's closet. It was so fun hanging out with all those girls.The last night we just kinda messed around. Kelsie and I found a piano in the basement so we did a little "Heart and Soul".

This is either UNO or Iowa State. I can't remember. Either way, they were really good. I didn't get any pictures or video of us while we danced, but this is the dance we all learned.On the way home we stopped in Hays at a Cerv's and they had like 9 million slushies to choose from! This is only one of the walls. The other one had a bunch of soda slushies.


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