Tuesday, August 01, 2006

PocketSwabblers pt. 2

Today everyone at this house (minus Linda) went to Pearl Street at around 10 or 11. We walked around for awhile (and saw a lot of hippies...and smelled a lot of bad hippie smells) before it started getting pretty warm outside, at which point we decided to head for the hippie food store for some lunchin.
Shannon and I got some cheese, crackers, and chicken potstickers to share. Our second course consisted of sushi (for Shannon) and 2 pounds of cherries (kind of on accident. I normally wouldn't pay $10 for cherries. Oops.) In any case, we forced ourselves to eat all of them, besides the few that Daddy took off our hands. My mouth was soo pissed at me afterwards.
Once lunch was over, we headed towards Flat Irons Crossing, a fabulously huge mall pretty much in Boulder. We walked around/shopped for a very long while, and eventually met up with Linda and California Pizza Kitchen. It was alright. I don't regret it, but I'd choose differently next time. They did however have italian sodas with free refills, which in my book says "Well ok then!".
Instead of walking around the entire mall to get back to Nette and Chris' car, Linda gave us a lift. And where else did we ride, but in the trunk. Oh yes, it was grand. A little kid even yelled "That's illegal!" at us, to which we replied "Myeh." And then we came home. And now we're home.
Tomorrow we're going to Rocky Mountain National Park and Estes. Can I get a Ajuua! to that?
ps. I promise I'll post pics. It's just not in the cards at this moment.
pps. We've been doing a lot of crosswords. It's fun :)
ppps. I don't know FO SHO, but I'm pretty sure by now Jayme, Nicole's sister, should have had her baby, also Nicole. Very exciting, indeed.


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