Friday, September 08, 2006

Less Fog

I'm going to give you a couple random bullets about what's going/been going down.
*I have "The entertainment cannon's gonna blow up the skyyyyyyy!" from the vma's stuck in my head
*I work from 4-9 tonight as cashier, next week I get trained at Starbucks
*Tonight a bunch of people are going to see The Covenant (ie. Chelsey, Kaleb, Nicole, Josh, Tamber, Jessica, maybe Tyler, Me, and any other last minute additions)
*Lauren was being stalked by a freaky high school kid from Deerfield for the past couple of days, but I think we ended that last night. Good.
*Today I saw 3 red camaros all by each other in the KH parking lot
*OMG let me tell you about my dream last night:
I was driving along some country road in the mountains, and saw three dogs off in a little ditch and they were all hurt, and it was really sad. So I put them in my backpack, went to the nearest gas station, filled up, got a slushie, and had Shannon pay for all my stuff while I called an animal doctor. And then we were all homies because I saved their lives. I loved those dogs...I wonder if that dream had anything to do w/ my trip to the pound yesterday where I found the perfect dog. It was a pyrenees, and it was super adorable. I really wanted to take him home with me. And name him Carl.
*I have to go to Micro Econ's a pretty bland class. But I'm done with school after that! :)
*Have a good weekend everyone!


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