Friday, February 05, 2010

Smoking in a track suit...who are you trying to fool?

Nic and I took a nice little bus trip to Watford today. The drive was probably about an hour one way, but on the way there our bus went down a tiny little street and we almost scraped the devil out of a car. The driver went to find the owner to have them move it and turns out it was a lady in a salon in the middle of having her roots dyed. But bless her heart she came out anyway, salon robe and all, and the car was saved.

I saw this on the way (It says "Totally devoted to childcare"):
And this at the shopping center:
I think I'm just having a night in tonight. Tomorrow Vampire Weekend is DJing at the forum, I believe I will make that my scene.

UK Life -- I've been snacking on a bag of these candies called Eclairs for about a week now, very delicious (caramel wrapped around chocolate--Cadbury gets gold stars across the board)



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