Monday, March 22, 2010


Last week I...

...went to a "football" game of Watford v. Ipswich with Simon, Vella, Vella's old man, Sarah, and Hannah. Ipswich (who we were going for) ended up losing 2-1, but the game was great! We sat in the away stands since it was at Watford, and they were packed with fans singing for the Town to come marching in :)
...went out with my flatmates the next night for one of our own, Zoe's, birthday.
It was also just fun to finally do something with the girls in my flat outside of it. (They never wear coats here! Luda) Meera, Robin (in the back), Zoe, Me, and Katy. Aww <3 The boys went too, adding Craig for the first time, but these girls are prettier.
This week I...

...put off writing a paper all weekend (actively), then ending up writing it with ease in less than 3 hours Sunday night. Not quality, but all we need is a D3.. played by the bus to Potter's Bar where my chiropractor appointment was. He saw me stand up when he drove around the corner, then we made eye contact the whole time he drove right on past me. What a knob. Going for try 2 tomorrow, hopefully with better luck.

...spent alot of time booking hostels in Europe for various trips, and will be leaving for Amsterdam Thursday!

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