Sunday, August 06, 2006

Pearl Street and Flatirons

(To read my text post about this day, go here.)
On August 1st of our Colorado trip we (as in Chris, Jenette, Shannon, Gary, and I) went to Pearl Street in downtown Boulder. Lots of hippies, but still a good time and a nice place to go. Check out my new riiide.
We stopped at the hat cart and Nette combined two special hats to make one very holy bug hat.
Chris fooled Gary with his trickery into wearing this hat. He probably should have bought it, it's totally Daddy.
We built up a pretty stong appetite warding off foul-mouthed hippies, so we treated ourselves to a meal at Whole Foods Mart, aka the Hippie Food Store.

After the meal we headed to Flat Irons Crossing Mall. It's the fanciest mall I've ever been to.It has this water fall, and many other attractions.
Such as the iPod vending machine. No lie. Vending machines are like the future, but now.
We met Linda and ate at California Kitchen, then she gave us a ride back to our car in her's. :)


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