Monday, April 23, 2007

You can leave your hat on

The weekend started on friday when I got out of class. To our pleasure, there wasn't a foot of snow on the ground, so Rhonda and I left town as scheduled.
Saturday morning the Kstate hockey team had a game in Kansas City at 8, so we left Manhattan at around 5:30.
Vans feel an awful lot like beds when you're not working with much sleep.
First the team played a local KC team, then they played KSU hockey alumni. They played really well, won the first, lost the second.

We rushed home when the games were done to go to the Japanese festival in the union! We slept through got to watch a tea ceremony, visited a bunch of fun booths, ate green tea ice cream, and...
...Watched a taiko drum group! That was definitley the coolest part.
On sunday I had a clinic for Classy Cats, just to work on technique and learn dances and stuff. It basically sucked, but I was very pleased to see that Lauren Richard, a senior on the high school dance team here in Garden, was there as well! So we were miserable together. Awww :)
In the evening, we went to a mongolian bbq place for Netter's birthday since it's today, but we weren't going to be able to celebrate it then. Afterwards we came home, ate dessert, and played "Would you Rather".
Today I had enrollment at Kstate, and it's looking like my fridays are going to be completly open! Gaahhhhh that's freakin exciting.
Next weekend: Sleeping. The whole time. Yesssssss....



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