Saturday, May 12, 2007

Only real gangstaz graduate

This last weekend was me and Rhonda's 4th trip to Manhattan in the last 5 weeks. This time Chris was graduating with his Masters in English.
(Nicole made him the Grog Islands flag that he's wearing.)
Afterwards we did what our family does best...fondue party!
We went to the mall and I checked to see if my card was still on the
Outstanding Businesses was. :)
Later that night all of us (minus Brenda, Chris' mom) went to see 28 Weeks Later. I only saw the first half and very last of the first one, 28 Days Later, but I think that it was better than the sequel...which does tend to happen time to time. Seriously, no zombies can run that fast.
We came home today after a post-grad bbq for Chris and got here just in time for the high school's '07 graduation. I only went to see this boy:
And these boys (Sean, Ahn, Brian, and Jon D...Me and Kasey made up a techno song with the first three's names in it one time. Just a little background).
It was a very quick weekend, but a nice one indeed. A final on monday, a final on tuesday, and I'm off to Colorado for a week with the siblings!

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