Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Warped Tour '07!

We were on our way to Colorado! First stop: The Buffalo Bill statue in Oakley.
After getting a little off course in Greeley where we dropped off Jon, we made it to Longmont, watched Stomp the Yard and went straight to sleep.
Day 2 of the journey we went to Water World, aka the Happiest Place on Earth in my book. We had some A&F models behind us in line which was entertaining, and when we got home we passed out because good grief it took everything we had out of us.

The next day we went to Pearl Street with Daddy and Linda,
and didn't leave without our friends Ben or Jerry.
The next day was the big day! Warped Tour...tons of people, hot hot heat (the temp, not the band), but definitely lots of bands to make up for it. We got in the very very front front for Boys Like Girls, the only band I really cared about, but it started raining and lightning!
So we got under a bridge and waited it out.
By the time we got out, we had to be in the very back for BLG...it was sad.
But we slithered our way up to around the middle for the last couple of songs.
After their set, we went to see my friend Isaac.
He's the videographer for the band below, Family Force 5
We waited around until 7:30 to watch them play as the second to last band of the whole day. We got in the very very front front for them and actually stayed there this time, and thank goodness because they made the whole day worth it! They put on the best show I think I have ever seen, and that really isn't an exaggeration. This guy on the left doesn't even play anything, he just danced on stage the whole time! It was fab.
We caught a bus home that night, ate a ton of dinner, and once again, passed out. The next day we got lost like a bizillion times (I don't want to talk about it), picked up Jon, got lost a couple more times, then came home! It was a beautiful thing. And a very beautiful trip.

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Amazing! Enough said.


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