Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Hey, hey why are you running?

Yesterday was a GREAT day. Wanna know why?
Kerri and I got tickets to Garth in Kansas City for November 8! Yeah, as in next week.
As in his last tour ever. As in these are our "Holy crap we're going to Garth next week" faces.
We went to Sasha's (a girl in the house) birthday party at Caza Agava, which was delicious...
both the party, AND the food.
As is the tradition in our family, we played candy poker last night at game night.
With special guest artist Will.
After collecting my winnings, Kerri and I headed out to Nick Greve's house to play a little Guitar Hero. We started to watch Saw III as well but decided sleeping before class the next morning may be a good idea...I know, who does that.
I hope you have as fun of a day today as I did yesterday...
(we laughed at this picture for a good 30 minutes the other night...ahhh Erin...)

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