Thursday, June 26, 2008

He's a leguuuume

(I want to buy Will & Grace on DVD)
Tuesday I took the kiddies to the big pool. THAT was a lot of fun, for me and everyone involved...

...except for maybe Grant, who not only fell and got a bloody nose from the cement, but who I put this funny hat on for my own pleasure...And for his protection from the sun. I'm not all bad :) He was so cute, and he did like playing in the pool.
Alltel is a big fat ugly woman that has a bunch of cats and eats frosting out of the can....yes. Much like Goldie Hawn's character in Death Becomes Her. I have traded in my phone twice because they've broken and I currently have a blue one. Supplies, supplies, after two weeks the screen is coming out and the speaker is scratchy. This phone of mine is a piece of crap. So I've been trying to get a completely different model but no one at the Alltel store seemed to want to help. My last trip resulted in a lady named Debra trying to give me a silver one. Like THAT was going to solve the problem Debra! Thanks. So I told her I'd just keep this one and she got sassy with me.
So long story short, I called customer service and threatened to cancel and they gave me $200 credit towards any phone I wanted :) I got this little cutie. We'll see how he holds up, I get him in 5 to 7 business days. Just in time to have my old phone at Warped, so if I drop it, it gets rained on, or I throw it super hard at the Gym Class Heroes, it will not matter. Because I'll have a new and better blue friend when I get home!
One last thing in this mountain of random post, Shannon and Nicole's niece Nicole is super cute.

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