Monday, February 02, 2009

No Sleep Til Brooklyn!

Did you WATCH the SuperBowl?! Only two things could have happened to make it the very best it could be: Arizona could have won (Thank you Kurt, Larry, Dockett, Hightower, and the rest of the non dread-bearing gang for all your fantastic efforts),
and we could have NOT ate so many darn cookies.

Other than that, GREAT game! We watched it at Irene's house in Wichita with a lot of the family plus Andy!
It was also Jayme's 25th birthday, so Nicole made her a stadium cake that the dogs ate half of!
If I could go have lunch with two people in the world right now, I would choose Larry Fitzgerald and...probably just a lunch with him again the next day. And we are not bandwagon people. Did you know the Cardinals moved to AZ the year I was born? It's fate. Nay, destiny. And no one thought we'd even make it this far. I'm going to write him a letter! In fourth grade I wrote Leonardo DiCaprio a letter...this isn't the same.

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