Saturday, January 27, 2007

Give me an O!

O.M.G. tonight we frikin redic. It was sooo fun! K, here's the scuttlebutt.
We danced at the college basketball game and the boys won! It went into over was intense and a really good game. Apparently it was advertised on the radio, so there was a ton more people there than usual, and everyone was cheering a lot more than they usually do.
We got a new girl, Natasha (on the right end). These were the studly vests we found at rue for 5 bucks. It was pretty much a steal.

This dance was so fun to do, and nobody has ever cheered this much for us. It was a beautiful thing. (We did part of Get Up, a dance we did last semester, before this part but...computers and technology are not my thing and I don't want to talk about it. So here's this's the coolest half anyways.)

Get Up/Ghost on Vimeo

Afterwards Lauren, Chelsey, and I drove around for seriously like 25 or so minutes before we went to Pete's and hung out with all those fellas.
Now, brace yourself.

...The El Charro in Dodge has closed. I know. I cried. It's like a part of me I don't know what to do for my birthday now.

Anyway, enough about that. After Pete's, we drove around for another 25 minutes looking for Alfalfa street because one of Chelsey's friends was having a fiesta or something. Well, we couldn't find it. So we went to the soccer party, and holy crap. I know I've said parties have been packed in the past, but JAAYYYZZZ. It seriously took 3 minutes to get from the front room to the kitchen. In an apartment. But I must say, that was a fun little party they had goin. People were drunker than drunk and I can't even tell you how retarded Beer Pong is...but something about being able to tell a drunk person whatever you want because they won't remember in five minutes let alone on Monday...AH. Normally I don't appreciate all. But sometimes I can work with it.

To sum up, the dance and the party made it a really fun Saturday. About El Charro, well...may it rest in peace. And by rest in peace I mean I'm going to call the owners and get the salsa recipe.

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