Monday, March 28, 2005

commence ta' jigglin!

holy cow, i tried to put the pictures from the cd shannon gave me onto the computer, and it seriously said that it would take 31,870 hours...i kid you not. then after it tried to load a picture it said it couldn't so i would tell it to go onto the next one, and it would say the same. after 3 pictures i quit and tried to get the pics offa my camera, and the computer couldn't connect to it! jimmeny christmas if only shannon was here so he could deal with all of this.
anyways, this evening we had the dinner theater for the drama dept. (play with your food...haha, clever, yes?) it was pretty fun, a good time. i'd post pictures but i don't feel like punching a computer tonight.
then amber, orly, joe and i went to long john silvers, and it was alot of fun. i'll tell you what, those cats are funny!
tomorrow joe and i have to go order, yes Order, his tux for prom THIS weekend, and get our corsages....we really put alot of things off. he'll find out if he gets the loan for a new car tomorrow (good luck joe!) it's also the first day back to school from spring break--ick. well, i'm going to finish watching patch adams then commence ta' jigglin...i mean go to bed.

Friday, March 25, 2005

Finding Neverland

Finding Neverland a super good movie, i must say.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

new game, good game

we play this game alot. it does take some brain power, and practice, but its a heck of a time! Now Play!

only at pepperjax...only in lawrence...

can you spot whats unusual? i didn't read the article, but really, i don't think i needed to...i'll give you a hint...he's the only one on the pagewith french fries coming out of him.
ps shannon looks happy, yes?

to finish off our day in lawrence...

chris playing anti grav...or something...anyways, it was a funny thing to watch. we tried to post the video, but i guess videos aren't accepted around these parts.

crappy picture, good clean fun

number one thing to steal in grand theft auto (san andreas): street cleaner. funniest thing to ramp in grand theft auto: again, the street cleaner. yes, the night spent at newgen's was a productive one

oh netter

now i'm in manhattan...or manhappenin as some would call it. this was taken at panera the 1st day we were here. she looks...i want to say goofy, but i can't. sister you're cute

this was on the granada in lawrence today, can't wait to see the fellas in action again. your name in lights is groebe's new band. stuck on broadway is drew's

there i am, playin word what a weird game! but fun, very fun.... shannon likes this picture, he says "your watching the rainbow!"

guys...hey guys can we stop at dara's? c'mon guys, can we...lets stop at dara's...guys? c'mon guys seriously, lets. did you SEE that SIGN?!

i don't remember this ones name either, i actually don't think i ever knew it to begin with. well, they got screwed out of a good show, because loser faces had to shoot a fire extinguisher, so ontop of not being able to breathe, only like 10 people stayed inside to watch. and they were a techno band! a TECHNO BAND!!!


needless to say, he was the first person i noticed when i got to the show. this band was also good, one of the guys from tsunami bomb is in it....later he got in a fight with to freakin lame drunk people, which sucked, but the music was lovely


They sounded like rufio, YAY for rufio!

i don't remember what this band was bad. they were good though. Bravo fellas, bravo.

Hard core dancing

Addison and the other tough guys moshing the crap out of the show on Friday

Saturday, March 19, 2005


I made (varisty) dance team! :)

Friday, March 18, 2005

spring break! oh snap son!

i got a half a day today cause i got good scores on the english assesment! ziggity zang! now joe and i are going to eat at el charro, since kasey left for lawrence already for the taste of chaos tour. there's a show tonight, and one the bands is tsunami bombs new band minus the singer. cant wait! also can't wait to go to manhattan! its a good day

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

fwoot fwoot

right now it's 3:15 and i'm at home, not at school...but i'm ok with that. i had to go to a chiropracter appt. then i had to go take my prom dress to get altered....really i don't know why i'm not taking a nap right now, i have about 30 minutes till i have to go to work...welp looks like blogging gets set aside for sleeping yet again!

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

and we're off

today was a good 'un. first, after taking my social studies state assessment, i got to play games on the computer, then i went to Family Connections where we played TWISTER! (ps i won) those were some pretty good times. i went to work then to dance clinic, and i totally get the dance now! i'm so excited because once you get passed trying to remember the moves, then you get to make them look good, and it's just so much fun. i went to joe's house and showed him and justin some of my sweet moves, then joe and i came to my hizzie. oh yes, and for all who care, addy doesn't hate me anymore, so thats good yes? i was pretty happy about that's good to keep friends. so i give the day 9 : ) (out of 10) i can't WAIT to go to, this day was good, i don't really want it to end, but i don't think i could last a whole lot longer.
**did you know in high school robin williams was voted least likely to succeed?**
oh yeah, and to you fellas in manhattan, maria was at the dance clinic tonight helping teach and she did a really good job and can dance very good. i give maria 9 : ) also! bravo maria, bravo.

Monday, March 14, 2005


i got 110 squares on squares and my score 10708, i am awesome :)

ooooh the monday of all mondays

today i had school and it made me go like this *ick!* in current events we started watching "the day after tomorrow" which i find to be quite fun *neat*. after school i went to work, which made me go *sigh*. came home, ate breakfast food for din din with rhon rhon *yum!*, then went to the dance clinic and that made me go *aye caramba!* (because it was hard). i got super frustrated after it was over *yarrrgh!*, so i went to joe's, tried to remember as much of the dance as i could, then joe and i went shopping at target fo' a bit. *ahhhh*. i came home, ate a cinnamon role, checked out shan shan's blog *yodel* and now i'll take a shower and sleep *zzz*

Sunday, March 13, 2005

home again

so i'm back in good ole' GC. this evening adam, megan, draven, (<-babies->) jaide, joe b, liz, j.d., joe and i all went to eat at cattlemans cafe, then went bowling. it was alot of fun, but something was messed up with our lane, and sometimes would give us an extra pin, or not count one we knocked over, but all i know is i ended up with a 131, so it wasn't too bad. on the way home today ma and i saw a mini van pulled over with two mexicans talking to the cop, and like 13 mexican kids sitting in the grass....we're pretty sure they were whats that like. now it's time to go to bed, for i have to go back to school tomorrow...yuck...but tomorrow is the first day of the dance clinic, so wish me luck! see you fellas up in manhattan this weekend, and the rest of you, i bid adu...ado...i never realized i don't know how to spell that...good night

Saturday, March 12, 2005

my first audio post ever...they'll get better, i promise

this is an audio post - click to play

vitamin c?

vitamin c?
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i got this stuff that was supposed to take out the artificial color in my hair, but turns out it was just bleach. fantastic.

chipotle posse

chipotle posse
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this is us at chipotle when we got to town, ma was taking the picture

me and nette

me and nette
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this is one of the dresses i tried on. i had a very hard time deciding between this and another one...but luckily i found a completley different dress (and better one) and got that instead. i tried on the one nette's wearing, but she looks alot better in it than i did

here i am

i'm in manhattan! woot, it's a super good time. we're just sitting at nette and chris' apartment trying to figure out what to do...i'll post pictures when i get home or something. i got a prom dress yesterday, it's wicked. i wasn't excited for prom until i found that one, then i got excited. but now i'm going to try to get them to do something.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Rule don't talk about dodgeball...

today we went to the tennis courts on third and mary, and played (i watched, joe, orly, moses, matt, and justin played) dodgeball. it wasn't as fun as it could have been, because a couple of the people who said they'd play didn't show up, and dodgeball w/ 5 people isn't the greatest to watch or even play i'm sure. my face got sunburned, but i don't mind.
after that joe and i walked to the movie theater from his house and watched "the DUMBest movie ever"...whoops, i mean "Be Cool". it sucked, i seriously was considering leaving in the middle, but we used our free movie tickets on it so we toughed it out.
and after that mistake, joe and i went to hastings and rented "eulogy", got food from KFC, and went to his housed and ate and watched. that was a pretty funny movie. and now i'm home, just finished talking to gary (shannon, he's gonna be calling you soon i think), and i'm'a goin to bed! yeeehaw


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thats orly kickin joe's tail at getting the ball at the begining of the game. all the guys played pretty well, and hopefully the next game will bring in more of the homies

Shall we Dodgeball?

Shall we Dodgeball?
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We waited around for a bit for anyone else to show up, but this is the guys fixin to let the games begin. you see that guy in the middle in the white shorts? it's not the perspective talking for the most part, justin is just gargantuosly tall. in order they go: matt sondag, orly, justin, joe, and moses.

Dizzle and the Loge

Dizzle and the Loge
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Draven and Logan were wrestling around...well, as good as 1 year old wrestle. it was really cute, i couldn't quite get a picture of them in action though. it was still a good time. This was also at Draven's birthday party.

Newest 1 year old

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That's Draven at his birthday party on Saturday. i think it's adam's family's thing, or everyone does it, i don't know but they had this tradition where the kid gets his own little birthday cake and gets to make a whole mess of it and himself if he wants. well, draven wasn't really having it, so people were smashing his hands into the cake for him, and it was kinda freaky...i felt bad for draven. anyways, that's him cleaning up.

waitin for church time to come

friday night we (me, joe, kase, and brian) ended up playing tennis. it was a pretty good time, though i'd like to go more often so we can get better, as opposed to maybe hitting it once or twice before it gets hit into outer space (thanks joe). then we went to baskin robbins, where i got pralines'n'cream in a waffle cone! mmm!
yesterday was draven's 1 year old birthday party. it was kinda fun, but it was mostly megan's family there, so we didn't know a whole lot of people there. really the days have been getting less and less entertaining.
this morning rhonda talked to me about mr. lasley (she read my blog, isn't that cute?), and said we should go in and talk to him one on one about it...well i don't know, i might be liable to kick him in the grits i'm still so angry. anyways, i'm almost not sore anymore, just in time for tuesday's practice again!
today the boys are gonna play dodgeball in joe's backyard. i was one of the girls in gym class who stood in the back and walked away when a ball came rolling towards me, so that means i'll just be watching and taking pictures, probably playing w/ whosever kid comes over and needs'a watching. now i must drag joe out of bed to go to church w/ me, along with orly.
ps i'm very excited to go to manhattan for the 11th and spring break!!! woot!

Friday, March 04, 2005

friday i'm in love (the cure)

today was an eventful one. this morning i woke up to my legs being super sore, as was expected. i got ready for school, then before i left, rhonda told me that the girl i'm going to be tutoring here pretty soon is a wild kid and has gangsta friends, and not those wanna-be's either (thats what ma said). so i figured if i go ahead and do this, i'm liable to be shot, so i'll probably ask for $25 an hour or so.
went to school and this kid daniel (jd, one of joe's friend's brother) asked me where i was going for lunch and i was like "i'll probably go home" and like .2 seconds after that he was like "can i come?" and it caught me off guard because i hardly talk to the kid, so i didn't think about it, and was like "um i have some things to do, but any other time i would've" and he was like "oh its cool" and then we said good bye and i went home for lunch and felt really bad the whole time and wished and wished that he has friends and wasn't eating alone. but i came back to school and he was playing hackey w/ some kids, so that made me feel better. in any case, i'll probably ask him if he wants to go to lunch next week w/ me.
THEN 8th hour (english) mr. lasley handed back our research papers. i got a frikin 145 out of 200! now i'm not saying it was the best paper ever but seriously, i should have gotten a WAAAAY better grade. anyways, it gets better. after that he named off about half of the class (me included) and told the rest of them to go to the cafeteria and work on something for class. this wasn't too unusual because everyonce in a while the class gets split up. but then he starts lecturing us about how we're not trying and we "didn't want" to get good grades, whether it was on the research paper or something else in the class. he said we didn't respect him, and don't care about class, and only do good work part of the time, and other cute little things he thought. i used to think mr. lasley was a great teacher, i mean a VERY good teacher, ya know? i don't know if you've heard me talk about him but i seriously respected him, i thought he was a good man. but when he specifically selected me to be in that classroom among some other people who didn't deserve to be there while he told me that i didn't Care, i was very shocked. any respect i had for that man is completley gone, and if he doesn't do something drastic, he's not getting it back. he was telling us that he was about to give up on us, and pretty much i was already set to give up on him. mr. lasley is apparently an idiot, because i think everyone knows, my family, friends, and people in that class KNOW that i Do care about my grades and that class, and up until 2:45 today, highly respected him. i still can't believe i was one that had to be in there. this chick krissy even told me i shouldn't have been in there. whatever, he's in the dog house as far as i'm concerned

anyways, tonight kase, brian, joe and i are going to hang out and maybe see "the jacket", or go bowling, or something. we don't know yet, i have to wait for joe to get off work from the hospital, then we'll figure something out. oh yes, and i am VERY sore from dance...VERY...
hope everyone's friday is a good'un!

Thursday, March 03, 2005


oh, and i forgot, today i went to the first dance class that lauren and kelsie on the dance team are giving. in two weeks are the clinics and that friday are tryouts! ok, with that said, my legs will be super sore tomorrow, and already today i've had problems with collapsing on stairs when i try to walk on them...we better build up the ole' thigh and calf muscles!

the days go by too quick

it seems i just don't have time to post everyday like i used to. quick recap :
yesterday, joe, cory, buck, and i went bowling (oops, and logan went too, but he didn't bowl), we'be been bowling alot lately considering saturday we went with adam and megan.
today i got done with the reading assessment at school really early so i read some of shannons old blogs, then stumbled across his link to bust-a-move, where i played away the rest of the hour. people started crowding around me to watch. it was fun, but i couldn't get passed that darn 6th level. it's a toughie. anyways, now that its a new month i should be able to post more pictures from flickr, here we go


Originally uploaded by deadly_night_shade16.
holy CRAP thats funny! this was taken when we were bowling wednesday night. buck will tell logan "do your pirate face! arrgghh" then logan's eyes will squint and one of them will twitch and you could swear he hates your guts, but it's still the funniest thing EVER!


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that was me on my birthday after i opened ma's was money, and we like that

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

the afters

i saw their cd and thought they sounded neat, so i bought it, and was pleasently suprised to find it was a christian cd. it's pretty good, but there's not too many upbeat songs, and though the message is good and i just bought it with regular cds at target, i wanted something different, like upbeat music, as i said. i was still pleased with the industry. big gulps eh? welp see ya later

its been a while

so i haven't posted anything for a long time...but thats because not too much happened. my birthday was ok, i got alot of money for presents. joe, kasey, brian, moses, and i all went to the pizza hut buffet tonight, that was a good time. there was an old chinese lady wearing my crews gear (pc-puppy crew), i didn't see her sweater but kasey said there was a puppy on it. i think maybe i'll be going to manhattan for spring break (for those of you who i will be staying with, there ya go) but i don't know. joe thinks he might be going to montana to visit his uncle, and rhonda won't let me go ;(. ya, the last week or so really just hasn't been eventful at all. although this week dance classes start on thursday, then next week we have them tues., wed., and thurs. and the next week mon.-thurs. are the dance clinic, then friday is dance team tryouts! so thats what i'll be doing the next couple'a weeks.