Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Mayday Parade

Thanks to Cassie, I've heard of Mayday Parade. They're pretty good. I particularly enjoy "Three Cheers for Five Years" and "One Man Drinking Games", howev, those are the only two songs I've heard by them. So I'm pretty much in...guy on the left doesn't seem to happy about that, but oh well bud. That's the life for you.
ps. I start orientation this afternoon at Target. FINALLY.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Now. I don't use the term "amazing" very lightly.
This (below). AMAZING.

It totally makes up for the song lacking in listening-value.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Far Away by Nickelback

What are "songs that make you feel like crap". For a couple reasons.

Really good song though. It won't make you feel like that, most likely. So listen to it!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Weekend Shenanigans

So this is Tamber, Me and half of Lauren at Applebees on friday. Good times...good times.
Saturday, Aj, Josh and I went to Peking...

...where we proceeded to take myspace pics of Josh...
...and invent the fortune egg drop soup :)
Today (Sunday) Josh called me while I was in church and left a message saying I was scheduled to work today. And I was like "Whaaaaa?" so I went in, and turns out there was a big mix up, so they just told me to come back on Tuesday for orientation. And I was like "Ok." But anyways, this is me and mommy and what I thought was going to be my first day at work.

You can't play a player

This weekend I've went to see two movies in the theater.

First, on Friday Tamber, Lauren, Chelsey, her friend Nicole, and I went to see Invincible, with Mark Wahlberg. I'd say it was good one. We all pretty much cried. But...yeah, if not a trip to the theater, it's definitly worth a rent at the least.

Then last night my friend Aaron and I went to see Accepted. It was really funny...It really is Absurd U put into movie form. Love it. Pretty good times, again if not worth the $6 movie ticket, I'd reccommend renting it. So it's been a pretty great weekend. I love hanging out with all those girls, it's seriously so fun. We are Nuts when we're together.

To update you, Target still hasn't called me back. Getting pissed? A little bit. Hmm...

Friday, August 25, 2006

Sorry I'm Lame

So it's been like over a week since I last Not a lot has been going on, however it did rain a TON on Monday. As in, there were waves going on on Kansas Street. Today I'm going to go see Regier and Josh in class and get my year book from last year, then Chelsey and I are going to swim at her house while it's still warm out. Don't know whats going on this weekend. Kasey came home last week and is finishing her cosmetology degree here, so that's super exciting. We didn't have practice this morning. :) Oh, and I ordered the Finding Neverland Soundtrack and it totally came in yesterday, so I listened to it last night and pretty much didn't make it through the first half before I fell asleep. It's amazing. K, so everyone have a happy friday and I'll see if I can get some pics this weekend to post!

Friday, August 18, 2006

About the college thing...

So just for a quick update...
*Josh and I have speech together (amazing)
*I overnapped and was 13 minutes late to my second algebra class of the semester. Ugh.
*We danced for a combined 4 1/2 hours yesterday. And for every tuesday and thursday to come.
*I went to my high school trig teacher, Mrs. Paulsen, to get help with my algebra h/w.
*My psych. teacher, Mrs. Hutcheson, is pretty loopy.
*My econ teacher, Mr. Marcy, wears funny ties, then tries to shake his "intimidating rep". C'mon Marcy.

*As of right now I give this semester a 6.5. I'll keep you posted on how it goes. I'm also going to post all the dates that we dance on my 30boxes eventually. So if you have me added, you'll be able to see them. If you don't, go make an account. Then add me (

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

This Summer=Amazing

It was seriously so fab. It seems like it went by so fast, but when I look back to graduation which was the beginning, it's lasted a long time. Loved it.


Newest Employee

That's right hoes. :) I start next week! What's up awesome christmas presents for the whole gang?

Finding Neverland in sound

If you're looking for some good background music, I suggest getting the Finding Neverland soundtrack. It's seriously amazing. As for me, I've only downloaded a couple songs, but I fully intend on buying the real thing. You can get it here at amazon for as cheap as $9.

Step Up

Last night Lauren and I went to see Step Up. Pretty good times, better acting than Center Stage, but not as much dancing. So you can't have your cake and eat it too. I pretty much enjoyed it though...but movies like that should just learn "you know what? this story line is pretty lame anyways...lets just throw in more dancing and less teenage angst." All in all it was pretty darn alright.
Last night LB had a sleep over for all the old school dance team seniors, but we couldn't get ahold of Becky :( It was a pretty good time.
Tomorrow I start school. Blat.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

I Love Them

First video I've made on eyespot. It's not too fancy, but it's pretty neat.

Dance Camp 06

Before I went to dance camp I went back up to Manhattan from Garden, from Colorado. The fam and I went to get sno cones at this Fabulous establishment before playing disc golf (ps. we're getting a disc golf course at the Juco. Andy is gps'ing it up).
The first night of camp we went to get Coldstone. Amazing.

We won the spirit stick! Yeah, it's pretty much a sham. They give it to everyone, it's like a participation ribbon. The reason I know this is because we had like -2% spirit. But it was pretty funny atleast. Not gonna lie, Jessica and I threw it on the ground a couple times. That's what NDA gets for tainting my team with a spirit stick.
We never really got much accomplished when we practiced, but in the end we got a blue ribbon and did way better than I think we all expected to do.

The five girls from our team that were there shared a suite in the Ford dorms. So we moved all of our beds into one room and used the other for a dance room slash me and Jessica's closet. It was so fun hanging out with all those girls.The last night we just kinda messed around. Kelsie and I found a piano in the basement so we did a little "Heart and Soul".

This is either UNO or Iowa State. I can't remember. Either way, they were really good. I didn't get any pictures or video of us while we danced, but this is the dance we all learned.On the way home we stopped in Hays at a Cerv's and they had like 9 million slushies to choose from! This is only one of the walls. The other one had a bunch of soda slushies.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

So Long, CO

The next day (the 4th, Shannon and Nicole's 5 year anniversary. Awww.) we ate at Noodles and Co.
Went home to Garden and saw my mom! We ate dinner with her and Andy at Pizza Hut.

We ate dinner with Rhonda and Andy at Pizza Hut.
After dinner we watched Talladega Nights with Tara, Andy, Addison, Nick, and Kaleb, minus Chris. I thought it was pretty funny, while the fam thought it was hilarious. I suppose I'd reccommend it so everyone can experience it. I also reccommend that you see it when there isn't a lot of people in the theater because the crowd ruined it a lot for me.
When we came home some of the boys took it back old skool and played some Nintendo.
After only one short night in my own bed we left for Wichita the next day to see Jayme's baby, Nicole, who's a really cute and fun little baby. She didn't do a lot, but she was still fun.
Irene joined us for lunch at T.G.I.Fridays then we came back to Manhattan. The boys went to Ryan's bachelor party and us girls sat around and talked, then went to get drinks and watched Center Stage.
Today Shannon and Nicole made fancy Mac and Cheese and bratwurst burgers for dinner while we all (plus Aaron) watched the first preseason game between Oakland and Philidelphia. At around 5 today, it was 110 degrees!
I don't know the plans for tomorrow, but Tuesday all us girls from dance team go to dance camp right here at K-State.

So that has been the trip thus far. I told you there'd be a lot of pictures.
ps. A lot of these pictures Shannon took because he has a better camera, so I just didn't bother with mine a lot of the time.
Yay vaca!

Frommage du Jour

This day (the 3rd) was our Longmont day. We started it out by eating at Rumbi, a very good restaraunt that serves island cuisine. This was Shannon's meal, Teriyaki Pork rice bowl. I, however, got the house salad which was amazing.
After that Chris and I went to Borders while Nette, Shan, and Gary went to ProSkate.
We met up again, went to IntaJuice (yum) and then to the Cheese Emporium. Chris eventually learned from me and also took advantage of the fab coats they offered for the rerigerator room. It's like being in a giant refrigerator...full of cheese.
We feasted on cheeses and pasta and a couple of us watched The Notebook that night.

Estes Park is my kind of Park

(Go here to read my text post about this day.)
On the second the sibs, Gary, Linda, and I went to Estes Park. We found this old house thing on top of a mountain that we had never seen before, so we scouted it out.
This is the view from it, pretty nice. I'd build my cabin up there too. However, it probably didn't look like this around 1904, which is when it was built, burnt down, and was rebuilt.
After shopping around Estes for awhile we headed up to the Alluvial fan in Rocky Mountain National Park.We played in the little rivers.
This is Chris and Nette trying to liquifact me.
After getting back to Longmont we feasted on appetizers at Texas Roadhouse (picture by Nick, the waiter).

Pearl Street and Flatirons

(To read my text post about this day, go here.)
On August 1st of our Colorado trip we (as in Chris, Jenette, Shannon, Gary, and I) went to Pearl Street in downtown Boulder. Lots of hippies, but still a good time and a nice place to go. Check out my new riiide.
We stopped at the hat cart and Nette combined two special hats to make one very holy bug hat.
Chris fooled Gary with his trickery into wearing this hat. He probably should have bought it, it's totally Daddy.
We built up a pretty stong appetite warding off foul-mouthed hippies, so we treated ourselves to a meal at Whole Foods Mart, aka the Hippie Food Store.

After the meal we headed to Flat Irons Crossing Mall. It's the fanciest mall I've ever been to.It has this water fall, and many other attractions.
Such as the iPod vending machine. No lie. Vending machines are like the future, but now.
We met Linda and ate at California Kitchen, then she gave us a ride back to our car in her's. :)

Casa Bonita con Jupiter Sunrise

(Read my previous text post about this day here.)
Monday, the 31st us, our grandparents and Emily, Amy, and Jonathen went for lunch at Casa Bonita. The cheese enchis were fab, just like I remembered.
The thing about Casa Bonita is that not only do they have good enchis, but a good show atop a water fall!

After eating we went to the arcade where Emily scored big on a game.
Then we found a skee-ball machine that had a pay out of 13 tickets everytime you started the game. Needless to say, we made that machine our own for the hour or so we were there.
Chris got in on the action, too.

After we left the Bonita, we drove to downtown Denver (hence, Colfax and Broadway) to go to the Jupiter Sunrise show.
This venue, Cervantes, was pretty rad.
This was the guy that was playing when we first came in, he was called The Only One That Could Make It, and was from Greely, Co.
Then Stars of Track and Field, from Portland, Oregon played. I liked them and guy above a lot, especially live.

Then we got to watch The Finals play again.
Then was the spectacular main event of the night, Jupiter Sunrise! Loved them, super fly show. If you haven't listened to them yet, go to their myspace, listen to what they have to offer, then buy their cd because their old songs are just as, if not more, fab than the new.

It was a fantastic day, I'm glad it happened.