Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The weather never ever does a thing for me

I'm in the middle of Alice in Wonderland, Disney style.

I could blog about Amsterdam, and don't worry friends, I will. But right now I need to post about nieces! It's the latest sonogram Nicole has gotten, on Monday

And this is what my other sister's baby looks like from the outside:


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Watton 2

Want to see my roommates? I've been hanging out with them a lot lately. Like, last night. We went to a Foam Party in Batchwood, after we waited at the bus stop for about half an hour. We got to the club, it was really nice, but pretty empty. Not many people besides us dancing either. I didn't mind, you know I love the dancing. But by around 12:30 when there was STILL no foam? We kind of minded that. So we left, got McDonalds. Imagine that. When I got home Shannon, Nette, and Rhonda skyped me so I fell asleep to them talking, just like at Jenette's house! It was nice :)

Here's a link to an album of our latest adventures.


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

America, I thought we were better than this...

Oh right, we are. Obama, you are no longer welcome.

So Coleman sent me some links to a few articles talking about what the newly-passed health-care reform will entail.
Here's an article
Here's a list of highlights
He also sent me a link summing up Kansas' Health Care Freedom Amendment (we are one of 22 states that have done this) <3

So, this should be interesting. Hang in there America, I'll be back in 3 months.


Monday, March 22, 2010


Last week I...

...went to a "football" game of Watford v. Ipswich with Simon, Vella, Vella's old man, Sarah, and Hannah. Ipswich (who we were going for) ended up losing 2-1, but the game was great! We sat in the away stands since it was at Watford, and they were packed with fans singing for the Town to come marching in :)
...went out with my flatmates the next night for one of our own, Zoe's, birthday.
It was also just fun to finally do something with the girls in my flat outside of it. (They never wear coats here! Luda) Meera, Robin (in the back), Zoe, Me, and Katy. Aww <3 The boys went too, adding Craig for the first time, but these girls are prettier.
This week I...

...put off writing a paper all weekend (actively), then ending up writing it with ease in less than 3 hours Sunday night. Not quality, but all we need is a D3.. played by the bus to Potter's Bar where my chiropractor appointment was. He saw me stand up when he drove around the corner, then we made eye contact the whole time he drove right on past me. What a knob. Going for try 2 tomorrow, hopefully with better luck.

...spent alot of time booking hostels in Europe for various trips, and will be leaving for Amsterdam Thursday!

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Monday, March 15, 2010

English air

The set up in my room is my bed and desk are parallel, and between the two is my window with the furnace underneath it. I've found the best combination to keep the room at a good temp is to have the window open with the heater on, and then I sit right next to them. Right now it's a lovely combination of warm radiation, cool breeze, and a gorgeous sunset.

It's the little things :)


Sprechen Sie Englisch?

From Wednesday-Sunday I was in Switzerland, a country one year ago I thought I'd never go to. I stayed with Michael Meier (from the hockey team 07-09) and Geoffrey met us there as well, since he's studying in the Czech.

First day was just trying to get there and get ahold of Mike via cell phone, which isn't as easy as you'd think. But I a very nice lady named Gabby helped me at the train station and Mike did call me so I made it to his home in Aarau safely around 11 pm.

Thursday morning Michael had to go to work, so I went to Zurich to meet Geoff when he got there from his 10 hour bus ride.

It snowed pretty much all day, but it was still a nice temperature so I didn't mind it a bit. Plus I wore the boots Grandma got me which helped :) We didn't get meals so much as we just got coffee and pastries along the way. The coffee there, btw, is phenomenal.

We also went to a museum and then watched Michael at hockey practice that night.

Friday morning it was sunny out! Geofferson and I stayed in Aarau and explored the town, which we decided we LOVED. It's a lovely country.

That night Michael made us fondue despite his very strict "No Cheese in the Apartment" policy. Thank goodness too, because it was delicious. We then went to a club where ladies got in free (Frauen: Gratis), met some of Michael's native friends, and of course danced. Only down side was people could smoke inside, so my eyes burned well into the next morning.

Saturday we went skiing in the Alps. An added bonus was he drive us there. Let me tell you, you never realize just how nice riding in a car is until you can't do it for 5 months.

I sucked ridiculous amounts at skiing. I fell on my tail bone really hard the 3rd slope I went down, so that made the rest of the day pretty long. It really was a lot of fun though, and Geoff and Michael stuck with me the whole day. God bless them.

Up there was the prettiest scenery I think I have ever seen, a lake surrounded by mountains?? That's the dream location!

That night we just made stupid amounts of spaghetti and recovered from the day. There had been a soccer game vs. Zurich FC that evening while we were getting in. We stood on the balcony and watched the away team fans walk to the train station and sing sing sing like they do. A bit after that, we heard more commotion and went outside again to see the jerkier fans getting in fights and throwing rocks at the cops in riot gear and their caged vans. They were real houligans!!! I'm sure I'd be more annoyed like Michael if I lived there, but it was just really awesome.

I had to leave the apt at 8 the next morning to get back to the airport and the boys joined me :) How nice. And then I left was like the best thing to see people I knew, and to do it in Switzerland? Why, that was just a big heaping pile of Nutella icing.

Ps. I want to learn German soooooooo bad now. Coolest language ever!

Willst du more photos?

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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Put your feet on my face

Sunday Simon and I tried to go to a hockey game in Milton Keynes vs Guildford. It started out alright, look how excited we were!

But after much walking around the city, we couldn't find the rink. So we just came home...oh...
Oh well. Bo and I watched the Oscars, my favorite was the dancing during the "Best Score" category. I almost died watching them! So great.

He and I also watched Nine yesterday and made stir fry tonight, and it was hella good (Both. Nine just wasn't what I had expected. The stir fry, however, was everything I could have ever wanted). It was so nice to eat real cooking with fresh ingredients! Mmmmm. Then Alex, Megan and I (and maybe Kaitlyn?) booked our second week of Easter Break trips to France!! Nice for about two days then Paris over a long weekend. Can you dig it? Because I sure can. I'm super excited about that number. Last week Nicole, Hanna, Sarah, and I booked our week long tour in Ireland for the first week of break. Needless to say, I may sleep for a few days after break. It sounds exhausting/brilliant.

For the best part (because it's the closest), I'm leaving for Switzerland in 12 hours! Michael (from the hockey team last year) is picking me up from the train station and then Thursday morning I'm meeting Geoff in Zurich! Oh my gosh, I can't tell you how excited I am to see good friends :) You'll hear my tweets whilst I'm abroad. Laterrrrrrrr....

*I ate a whole package of Bourbon Cream cookies today. They are soooo good. Totally worth having a heart attack in 15 years, too*


Why is a Raven like Billy Idol?

Friday two big things happened:

I saw Alice In Wonderland
which I enjoyed. I'd recommend going into it not thinking at all about all the other Alice in Wonderlands you may have seen and read.

Also, Megs, Alex and I dressed up 80s style...We thought it was an 80s night, wasn't. I didn't mind though, who DIDN'T love the 80s?

Plus now I have a new respect for how those ladies kept their hair so huge during that decade. I used half a can of hair spray and I was flat by the middle of the night!

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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Ice ice baby

People kept telling me it was going to absolutely SUCK when I changed my earrings for the first time.

But umm. Not? I was generally pleased with the whole experience. Now I don't have to be afraid to buy new fun earrings!! I've been waiting for this for 22 years :) Here I'm sporting a nifty little pair Coleman bought me as a ...going away present? getting my ears pierced present? Who knows. But I love them!


Animals are smart

Dude, check this out. Bees tell other bees where food is by doing a Waggle Dance! (That's the official name, too. Look it up.) I can't believe I'd NEVER heard of this! It's all over the place when you search it.

I found out about it initially while reading my Philosophy text book for tomorrow's class. It was under the subject of "Predictability".


Monday, March 01, 2010

22s son!

I turned 22 this last Saturday! Here's how birthday week went:

Monday: As you may recall, class got canceled due to less than an inch of snow.
Tuesday: I was working out and Friends came on.
Wednesday: Went bowling with Hanna, Nicole, Sarah, and her flatmates. (I got second in our lane both games :)
Thursday: Not much
Friday: Went to St. Albans all by myself to do a little shopping, it's a nice way to center myself. And to get sweet birthday deals at H&M <3

Saturday the girls met me outside my flat and Nicole gave me gifts of a blueberry cupcake and a housecoat! (I'd been wanting one since I got here)

We then went to see Stonehenge:
And then to the city of Bath. Such a gorgeous city!

It's where the Roman Baths are housed. That water has never been changed...

We also listened to the choir sing in the Bath Abbey, it was really awesome. (This was part of the architecture on the outside of the church, the angels were climbing up a ladder that lead to heaven)
And then. Then it was time to get down for the double deuce. Yeah Birthdays!! Aww friends :)

Links to: Stonehenge/Bath trip (Windsor pictures as well) and Birthday at the Forum

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