Friday, November 30, 2007

It's hard to believe a liar

I still love this band. Rookie of the Year played in Garden three years ago,
and they're getting, not really big, but I see more things about them around.
Because they're good! So check on their new video duuuuuude.

"Liars and Battlelines"--Rookie of the Year


Thursday, November 29, 2007

A green book...or grass.

I have half way updated my wish list (link on the side bar), if that's something you're interested in. I really haven't put a lot of thought or heart into it though, so if it seems lame that's why.
It's not that I'm boring. Oh GOLLY no it's not that.

This is what I've been doing the last two days at work and still have tomorrow yet to finish! It's a good 8+ feet, and she's vicious. I have little cuts all over my arm from that poky plastic.
But if it's between that and working until 11 pm at Starbucks,
I'll take being paid to decorate for Christmas any day.
Tonight was opening night for the high school play back in Garden. I hope it went well...they were a little shaky when I saw them over Thanksgiving but I'm betting that's because it was break. Regier seemed really stoked about it, so I'm confident it will all work out for her.
Also this evening Dave Hale and I went to eat at the Little Apple Brewery, I'd never been and he hadn't in a couple years. And by golly, that was some rockin chicken fried steak we both had.
The table cloths were paper and crayons were provided so we utilized that feature.
We went to Navs afterwards and tonights service was really good. That God, gets me everytime.

This could be a rumor, but I just got word that my black cousins may not be black anymore!
I KNOW! Javon and Cortez might possibly be Judah and Caleb now, it has yet to be confirmed.
No black names? No black boys. Racist.
(the pics I've been posting lately are from my cell phone, that's why they're not quite up to standard quality.)

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Where do farts come from?

Zoe asked Stana that today :) I'm so glad she keeps me updated, because that's funny.

The other day Andrew and Jason came to room 110 and we WERE gonna play Taboo, but the house's game only had like 8 cards. Soooo lame, so we watched Elf instead...
It was basically a Christmas miracle.
Then on Tuesday I ate lunch at the new restaraunt in the mall called HuHot,
which is a Mongolian BBQ and is delicious! But believe it or not, that's not even the best part....
He is! Adam came to town that day so we grabbed a bite before he left. It's gonna be great being able to see him more than once every two years (he just moved to Topeka from Arizona).
Yesterday I was pretty blue, everything that had been piling up finally got to me. But Kerri let me cry for a bit, I got to bed early, and today has been so much better.
I even put up Christmas lights around my bed! It really is the most wonderful time of the year :)


Monday, November 26, 2007

Slam dunk

It snowed on friday! I was ok with it until it made me not be able to drive about town that night. It was pretty though, I guess I can give it that. Later on in the day we ate at Lone Star then did a little shopping. Chris and I went to Goodwill where I got a Christmas sweater
and my gypsy costume for Saturday.
Saturday I critiqued the high school play then went to El Camino with Jawsh and AJ.
That evening I went to the JuCo Basketball to see Chelsey and the girls dance.
And THEN I went to the gypsy party!
I got to see Stana Banana whom I adore, and Dilly who's behind her.
It was great to see everyone and sing along, I've missed them.
No one has better parties than these guys.
And I got to see Adam and Josh. Ahh these two....
The party was freakin awesome...and freakin packed! So many out of towners came back for the holidays so I got to hang out with people I haven't in ages! Brilliant, Thanksgiving.


Sunday, November 25, 2007

Out Groove the Groovemaster

This was a great break! The day of Thanksgiving we set up our Christmas tree,
after Shannon and I chiseled away at our Basketball game to 10,000.
A bunch of family came over for dinner which was sooo yummy!
My mom was all about the homemade everything this break.
Speaking of....Dave, what are you doing lookin at my mom like that?
This is Big Steve (my uncle). I hadn't seen him in like 9 years! This is his grandson Brendan.
After I could walk again (I ate so much it almost hurt) Nicole and I got two more dance pads and we had a DDR party in the recently cleaned-out loft!...until 3 am :)
Best parts? Family, DDR, stuffing, okra, three bean, pecan pie. Mmmmmmm!

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Thursday, November 22, 2007

6 or 8 foot...what's the longest?

In general Thanksgiving break rocks. I have hung out with friends that I've missed a bunch.
And their babies!

We're gettin it done tonight at 6. I hope that stuffing is ready for me...We also have homemade cinnamon ice cream and cranberry eggnog ice cream. Gah this holiday was made for me.


Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Is this a pop-tarts single?

Anymore I think my sleepiness is trickling into my awake time longer and longer with each day. Today on the way home we stopped at a Kwik shop, so I woke up from my nap to go inside, use the restroom, and ask if a KoolAid Squeeze-It was a pop-tarts single like a near by sign may have suggested...I'm like Casey Meyer. Drunk even if I'm sober. It's can be challenging at times.

So right now I'm sitting on my couch in my own home. It's beautiful...we had potato soup in bread bowls, and there's a home made peach pie just waiting for me to eat it. I LOVE being home!
The one and only draw back?...


Sunday, November 18, 2007

That's what she said.

The tournament in St. Louis went pretty well this weekend. The first game was against Washington, a team that got first in regionals last year, and we lost 2-6. But it was a really good game. The second game against Western Illinois was really close and we ended up in a tie 6-6. Last game was against SIU, and we got run ruled (or whatever it's called in hockey) when the score got to 1-11. It was a really fun weekend for the hockey side and recreation side of things. The team is really fun and I love every single one of them!
This is Jeremiah and a guy from W. Illinois...and Jerry's belly :)

Friday, November 16, 2007

I love the black man

After telling my sister about a tiff I had the other day with a girl standing in MY door way,
I got pissed and decided to post about it.
So a guy called our room's phone and ended up having the wrong number. Clearly he was black, I could tell by his accent, so I announced to Kerri and the girls standing in our doorway
"A black man just called room" to which Jessica replied "Gah racist."

GAH RACIST?! Try Gah, ignorant.

Let me just clear this up with everyone in the world...
and by everyone in the world, I mean the 19 people that visit my page each day.

Pointing out a persons race is not racist. At all. It is, however, an observation.

Even saying "All black people have big butts" isn't racist. That's stereotyping.

Racism is discrimination or prejudice based on race (thank you If someone didn't let their kid hang out with chinese kids simply because they were chinese, that'd be racist. There might be a lot of stereotypes that led up to that decision but it turns into racism when they act upon those.

Look, I like being white and there isn't anything wrong with that.

But you know me, I still love the black man. Cuba loves the black man.

I'm not a racist so the next hippie that stands in my room and says other wise MIGHT be getting curb checked. American History X. Watch it, it's relavent.

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On the way to St. Louis we are stopping for the night in Kansas City to stay with the family's friend Newgen. We ate at Granite City for dinner then met up with Chris and Nette since they left later and went to see Beowulf in an IMax 3D! We got glasses to wear and everything...
it was so freakin tight. The movie was pretty good,
but dragons flying at me made it soooo much cooler.


Thursday, November 15, 2007

Country Roads

I have been talking to some people back home, making plans for Thanksgiving break and I am getting sooo excited! This week is just a huge tease, it's taking forever to get to next Tuesday! But it is friday tomorrow (technically today) and we're going to St. Louis for hockey, then it'll be sunday when we get back, then Tuesday we're leaving after Japanese for home! Oochi ni ikimasu! (Going home)

Kerri is sleeping in my bed tonight because we both had rough days. She's my kind of rain.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Crank That

This evening a couple girls and I put on a dance program at the house.
Anna and I were the hip-hop group, so we taught the girls to Crank That..Soulja Boy style.
They caught on real fast, and were thug as crap in the process.
This evening I went to a late dinner with Dave Hale, Kerri's boyfriend's (YES Kerri has a boyfriend :) ) roommate. We went to Bob's Diner and had pancakes and light conversation.


Monday, November 12, 2007

Sneak 2007!

After dance partying at about 2:30 am our New Member Sneak commenced. We played some pranks on the house and took out to Anna's house in Sabetha. The weekend was so fun, her parents were so awesome, always having food out and having all sorts of stuff to entertain us. DDR, Guitar Hero, a hay rack ride, bon fire, and fireworks!
I'm really glad we went. Even though we layed on our air mattress most of the time and bonded the most with each other. Hey, atleast everyone had a good time!


That JUST happened

Last friday...I hung out with those guys that sat behind us at the last game!
They are seriously like some of the coolest guys ever. This is Andrew Loecker, he was my beer pong partner and we were awesome! Even better b/c I pawned off all my cups on others.
Derek is another one of those guys. He was singing to slick.
The whole night was a giant dance party! It's a good thing too, I had been achin' for one.

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Friday, November 09, 2007


Trisha Yearwood opened for her husband, playing about 6 songs including "How Do I Live", "XXX's and OOO's", and "She's in Love With the Boy".
This is the man giving a birthday girl in the audience his freshly-played and freshly-autographed guitar. Best. Birthday. Ever.
Garth Brooks is awesome. He's a dork, he skips around stage, he sings just as good live
as he does on an album...
And he ROCKS the Wranglers!

This was the best adventure Kerri and I have been on yet!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Ca-ha-halllliiiiin Baton Rouge

It rocked. I'm going to bed.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Shoot the Moon Evan. Shoot it.

Kerri and I played cards over at Jason's with his roommates and Sarah. I'd never played Pitch before, but Dave and I atleast tied if not won! Rookies rocked it.

In 14 hours we'll be leaving to see the Garth himself. Yeeehoooooo!!!!

I'm so friggin tired and my butt is really sore from a combination of swimming and butt busters in Jazz. Watashi wa nemasu (I'm going to sleep)

Watch it batch

This has to be quick, I have to go make lunch for 45 girls. Things are going well, I'm tired a good portion of the time, but I'm happy. So that's doing a lot better than I could be.
Tonight Kerri and I are going to go play cards at Jason's and tomorrow is GARTH!!!

I've been swimming the past two nights and am going to try to keep it up as much as possible, it's a really good work out. Last night when I got done I went to watch Kerri and our houses intramural volleyball team play. That's my roommate dominating the other team right there.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Dumb? Try Unnecessary.

Last night Kerri invited me to an Ag Econ bon fire. There was a weenie roast, s'mores, and a guitar playin country singin' cowboy to entertain us. It was pretty cold,
but a very fun time so I'm glad we went!
(that's Jason, Kerri's friend. She's on a date with him at this very second, in fact)
(Oh, and we both got hair cuts yesterday, too.)
The next time I even walk by a boy that has recently broken up with a long-term girlfriend, please save us all some time (and me t/m's) and back-hand me. Really. Because this is a habit I don't know how got formed, but should probably break soon. What the devil...? You may be asking yourself. Not a very long story even shorter, Nick and I have been hanging out the past week, that's all, and surprise surprise, he's not quite over his ex.

I get it, it's ok to not be over it. So don't call me and invite me to do things.
Gaahhh is it just not obvious or something? So we're just going to do some preventative work and not let boys make silly decisions in the first place. Silly boys, indeed.
I'm currently in St. Louis for a hockey tournament! We only have 7 players and a goalie this weekend, so we're pretty short handed...we lost both games today but the first game they played superbly. Second game was a lot harder and I'm sure the team was pretty tired.
We're leaving for Manhattan after the 1 o'clock game tomorrow afternoon. Quick weekend!
If you'll glance to your right on my side bar is a new litte section that says "What's she up to?..."
This, my pretties, is my Twitter corner.
I text it updates of what I'm doing and it shows up on the ol' blog! Neat, I know.


Thursday, November 01, 2007

Happy HaloweEeEen!

Halloween is a brilliant holiday! I was a Japanese Pop Star.
And Kerri wore my pirate costume!
We saw a lot of really fun costumes, like Sonic the Hedgehog just bookin it down Anderson.
We also put on tin foil ties and necklaces and got free burritos from Chipotle!
It was especially delicious since I hadn't ate basically all day.
After partying at Smith house for like 20 minutes we met up with Nick Greve and his friends and went to a very very VERY crowded house party. It was fun but Kerri and I came home early so she could study for a test she had the next day, Nick came to the house when he got over the partying and we watched Domino. Halloween is awesome!

boys are dumb.