Monday, December 29, 2008

You should get your friend a stomach

That's the Christmas spirit Nicole!

Ok, bad news first:
-The Broncos lost last night to the Chargers 21-52, knocking them out of the playoffs. It's too bad, because I really love them. But it's a little bit ok because atleast Sproles had a good game.
-Because my defense crumbled last week, I ended up getting third in our Pirate Islands Fantasy Football league.

Better news and stories:
Mommy and I met Netter and Chris in Tulsa and we had our Christmas over the weekend! I feel everyone had a good time, and how could they not?--We went to the Tulsa branch of Casa Bonita!

Along with some other great gifts, everyone got together and decided to let me pick out a new camera AND mp3 playa! SO I got the Canon A1100 in a lucious brown:

And an 8G Sansa Fuze in light gun metal:

We picked up the Fuze in Best Buy on the way home and it's really tight, but the camera is in the mail to Jenette's house. It'll be nice to have a camera again!

Oh yes, we went to watch Shannon and Nicole play hockey on their team down there.

It was a pretty good game, until the end of "half time" if you will, when a guy on their team started fighting with the ref. Then it got even better!

This all happened right after the player hit the ref in the head with his stick. It was so stupid but highly entertaining!

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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas Everyone

We got up earlyish to watch Dave open all his presents and Mommy open hers from Dave. I was on photo duty, no presents for this guy.

We're waiting to have real Christmas in Tulsa, where we will be headed tomorrow morning and will meet up with Nette and Chris as well. I hope to slowly ween everyone off of Christmas presents and just do something cool every year, so as to avoid the stress of not only figuring out what to buy people, but thinking of something to tell people that you want. I'm not a Hallmark card or anything, but that reallly isn't the point of Christmas.

I'm tired but I just want to do projects!! Matilda is on...but there's not a whole lot of work on my end for that. AHHH but I just glanced over and the plates she puts pancakes on are the same brown and yellow ones that Grandma Fuller has. Freaky...

Oh hey, this is the new hair Kasey gave me. It's really fun to make it fluf.
Oh and hey, this is how cute Grant still is. He halfway repeats words you say now, AND sits with cats to pet them.

I love when people drink soda out of cans with straws, and I want to read the Ramona Quimby books that I used to in little school. Oh, and I got my lip pierced...but if you have paid any ounce of attention at all since July, you'd know that already. I just love reporting the news s'darn much!

I don't know bout y'all folks, but these kinds of posts is my favorite to make.

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Monday, December 22, 2008


Word on the street (WarpedTour.Com St) is that the Ataris are playing this next Warped Tour! The dates aren't posted for the bands yet, but they best be playing Denver's August 9th show or bows will be dropped.


Sunday, December 21, 2008

It gets me out of bed some mornings

I saw some Garden friends tonight, including Devin! You remember, the one who got my name tattooed on his leg. :) It was good seeing all of them though, they're so fantastic.

Family Matters is the only thing on TV tonight..and holy crap it's almost 2 am. Tomorrow Kasey and I are going to lunch at the Charro in Dodge! What an exciting time we live in!

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Saturday, December 20, 2008

You're the turkey WHAAAT

The other day Kasey cut my hair--I mean CUT it. She's actually going to take more off on Monday. Tonight I hung out with her and the Breckster at their new house.
It's hard to believe how different we are from our high school days.


Friday, December 19, 2008

Californias Best

Mayday Parade is still completely my favorite band.

OH but hey, this last time I went to see them The Maine was one of the bands that played with them. I dig a lot as well. This isn't the best of best of their songs, but it'll do.

And finally, I listen to "Remembering Sunday" by All Time Low a bunch as of late (unfortunately that song isn't on their myspace page). Good golly, a lot of good came out of that show!
I'm going back to Garden tomorrow but I can't fall asleep! Gaaahhhhhhh.

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Not feed, not hay

I so badly want to break into the childrens literature scene.

My finals are done! I ended up keeping my C in Japanese, and I got a collective 86% on my Kin final, leaving me with an 88%. There was talk of a curve though...I hope Dr. Harms does the right thing.

Last Friday our apt opened our stockings and made gingerbread houses...well, the couples did, Sara, myself, and guest appearance Clavin were judges. Everyone got fun things, but Jim (Kerri's boyfriend) got a punching balloon! All good times until it hit a cup and spilled watered down soda onto my lappy. Luckily they turned it upside down quickly and we left a fan blowing on it for two days. Five days later I turned it back on and it works! Huzzah! And for the folk that didn't get the point of my story, here's a picture of the winning house by Kerri and Jim to hold you over until the next picture.
Catch up? Ok! Way way back Clavin and I went to see Casey Donahew at Longhorns, it was such an awesome show!!
The team played an all-night tournament in Wichita with an encore by Shannon and Nicole! It was a roller-coaster of super fun and "why was this a good idea?". They played pretty well, better than their somehow 5th out of 8th place though. I don't know if I would necessarily do it again, but something has to keep those boys on their toes.
Thanksgiving was a break VERY much needed, atleast in my neck of the woods. This picture essentially was natural until Mommy tweaked it a bit to be more pleasing to the camera's eye. Big time for me, this was the Thanksgiving I got to "be upstairs" with the "big kids". And I made sure the little ankle-biters knew it. Not. Invited. They can't drive Buicks anyway.
I danced in WinterDance '08 and girl let me tell you, one of the pieces I was in made front page Collegian!
One day of a break after those 4 nights of dress rehearsal and 4 performances, Micheal Wieser and I performed a piece we choreographed together in Student Spotlight to "Hide and Seek" by Imogen Heap.

And with a lot of details left out, here we are now. I need to finish Christmas shopping, and will be going home on Friday. Our family is doing Christmas in Tulsa, I want to go to Denver sometime, go back to Tulsa to hang sometime, and am coming back to Manhattan for New Years in Aggieville with Eve 6!!

I'll probably go to sleep now, but not before I post this video Derek in my Japanese class told me about.

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Commence to Christmas Break

I swear I will real-post sometime soon, but you must understand my computer has been on stand-by for almost a week due to a punching balloon-glass of watered down soda incident.

For those of you still checking up, I do know of ONE thing I want for Christmas, and y'all can just duke it out or not get it for me at all, but I want a book called "Better Than Beauty" by Helen Valentine.

I have more Christmas things to figure out, so you'll have to wait just a bit longer friends.