Sunday, June 13, 2010

London meets USA

Since I've gotten back from Scotland, I've packed my bags mostly and did a few final England-y things.

Alex and I visit the Hatfield House and the home where Elizabeth I grew up.
Went into London to a few festivals, one at the Udderbelly on South Bank.
This was one of the street performances...that guy was very bendy
Got cheap last minute tickets to the show We Will Rock You co-written by Queen. It did rock me.
Sunday there was a university-organized trip to Brighton, a nice town on the southern coast.

Thursday Geoff got into London, so Alex and I met him at the train station and we took him to do London things all day. Our first stop was Abbey Road, where the Beatles took the picture for their album cover.
Tried to get into a show at Shakespeare's Globe Theater but it was sold out. Walked the Millenium Bridge (in the 6th HP film) and went to St. Paul's Cathedral. There were 3 levels to walk to, coming to a total of about 400 steps we climbed--sore. But it was an awesome cathedral.
The next day we were going to go to Oxford, but transportation presented to be a problem so we went back to London, this time going to Camden Town. Then back to Trafalgar Square to watch the South Africa/Mexico game, which ended in a tie 1-1.
That night we went to the last Forum :( But it was fun! And Geoff got to see the wonder that is our club on campus. Also joining us for the first time was Nicole's sister Sarah and Rachel's friend Debra
Last night (Saturday) we went to the World Cup Festival at the Shepherd's Bush Pavillion to watch the US/England game. And what a game! They had a good team, but thank goodness we had a phenomenal goalie, and it too ended in a 1-1 tie. It's so crazy that that is what I stayed in England this long for...and now it's over!
Now Geoff is off in Cambridge for the day while I'm supposed to be finishing up my packing and cleaning out my room...oor watching How I Met Your Mother. I can't really remember :)

--I come home tomorrow?!?!?!

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Monday, June 07, 2010


My last exam went alright, I think, but for the sport I had to make up a speed and agility drill for I got stupid Netball. Not even a sport...But it's over and school is done for the summer! So I'll take it. Grades aren't out yet, I think they should be soon.

So you may have noticed from my tweets that last week Alex and I were in Scotland! Apart from it being an amazing country, we had a great tour guide AND we saw all sorts of Harry Potter things!

For instance:
It wasn't part of the actual tour, but coming into London to catch our coach to Scotland, they were filming at King's Cross and we saw Hermione, Harry, (I think) Ron, and some other characters I won't mention if you haven't read the book. Cool!

We had one day in Edinburgh before the tour started, so we got tea at the Elephant House, where J.K. wrote the first two books.

We saw where Hagrid's house was built in Glen Coe and the bridge the Hogwarts Express train drives over.

And there was a guy on the tour, Ben, who looked like Cedric Diggory (not Robert Pattinson, just specifically him in the 4th movie).

Also saw where parts of Braveheart, Highlander, and Stardust were filmed. Along with doing other awesome Scotland things like of COURSE going to Loch Ness and doing a dance to get Nessie to come out (it didn't work...she was probably sleeping in that morning).

Staying a night in a Castle that is now used as a hostel.

And hiking in the Highlands

Great trip!

Complete album of photos here and here(pt.2)

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