Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Daaaaang. (We're home) I got a run in that game.... :) Posted by Picasa

How fun! That was a good time. During the second game (I play catcher, btw), my ear got freaking OWNED by the softball when someone threw it to me to get a runner one noticed, so I just said I hurt my finger, so no one would ask...and I wouldn't cry...


I haven't gotten to post a pic of Ciara and Brooks' baby. This is Tayson (sp?) he's soooo cute, this picture does no justice. It was funny because he was drooling all over the place. Posted by Picasa

Post Game Pile Up

Greg, Me, Maukie and that's Tim underneath it all. That was after we won our first game (lost the second 4-6) Posted by Picasa

Uh Oh I think someone misses having babies...

Stana brought Zoe to school today and her and Mrs. Regier played. It was really cute to watch. Posted by Picasa

Daaaang girl

Kasey making the usual jean pose outside the music building after lunch...atta girl. Posted by Picasa


Aaron Quint wrote our wedding annoucement on the board in accounting today...Of all places, that really is where it should be. We took engagement pics but they suck. Posted by Picasa

If you can't tell, the wedding's at wendy's, the reception in the blue room in the McDonalds playplace, and yes it does say "Bring gift or don't come". Brilliant man, that Aaron is.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

I *heart* my BFF

Know why? Cause he's got my back, and you couldn't ask more out of a friend. Oooooh bf...

oh my gosh

i'm sorry that high school games aren't my scene anymore

*sigh*.......k........i'll just pretend like i don't care again. That's usually fun anways.

Movie Night: Success!!

Head count tonight was 14 + 2 who came for a little bit and left again. Sin City was a good movie (although reeeeeallly long...i missed the new real world *sigh*) Everyone shut up once it came on...which was a pleasent suprise, considering I though people would just talk through the whole thing.
Zoe was pretty fussy, so I hung out with Stana for awhile when she was getting that under control...good times, though. I think everyone had fun. Next week: Ninja Turtles 2:Secret of the Ooze! haha...and I'm not even joking...
But 14 people, I was so suprised! For the first night, that's huge. Think how big it'll get after a couple weeks. And then in the winter when we can have it in the LOFT?!?! Daaaaaang who's excited? *I am*

(ps. glad to hear hockey's going good! :) )

Monday, August 29, 2005

5:30 AM practice?

Ha, later. I'm going to bed.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Rock it like Hurricane Katrina

I went to church today, then Kasey, Stana, and Zoe came over for Sunday lunch. Then we went to Kasey's and made some...arrangements (teehee) for the semester. After that we went to find me a sundress, because we're gonna all take cheap Wal-Mart pics in sundressies, and it'll be cute. So I found one that's the COOLEST blue, and super fun...not a typical sundress, but I don't care. It was 3 bucks at Rue.
After that we went to Hastings to find the movie we're gonna watch for movie night on Tuesday. (We decided on Sin City). Umm...I also taught Zoe how to fist pump today, so that in itself made the day worth it. At 6 Stana and I went to softball practice, and it was soooo much fun! We went to Sonic after that and Greg hooked it up PHAT with free drinks. When Stana decided she should go home, I decided I should hang out with Banning like I told him I would. So, hung out with him for awhile, we went for a "quick cruz" as he calls them, then we hung out w/ some of his friends at his apartment. I decided to leave when everyone though it'd be fun to drink some jungle juice...I'm glad I'm not a dork.

**General Lee Is Tight** <-that one's for Kaleb

"Look at me I'm basically a Monkey"

Tim did a hand stand for like a minute, and walked around on them the whole time...he's like a circus man or something. Tim's effin NUTS. Posted by Picasa

Maukie in the Middle

Maukie on Casey Foster's new bike. Posted by Picasa

Awesome award goes to...

Um, look at her freaking shirt. She's gonna grow up juuuuuust fine. Posted by Picasa

I also taught her to fist pump this evening. Thats right, Zoe's the bomb diggity


Today I woke up at one PM, got up, ate a taco that Rhonda and Dave got me from Taco Bell (FYI it was a soft taco supreme w/ beans instead of meat). Then I got showered and dressed and everything and went to Addison's house. We watched some of the first season Laguna Beach DVDs that he has, then we (Him, Nick Grooms, Tattoo, and I) just hung out. Tattoo had to go to work, but the three of us went to eat at the Charro, got stuff for Addison's crepe breakfast tomorrow at Dillons, then went back to his house.
There we listened to this old school cassette tape he has of him talking about nothing and commentating wrestling on tv. It was sooooooo freaking hilarious. Then we went through a bunch of his cds and he sang a lot. Then I came home.
Fun day, fun evening, good times for all? I'd certainly say so.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

The Sweetest Thing

Want to read it? Go to my friend Nick's newest blog on his myspace...i'm not gonna lie, I didn't even finish reading it, i was getting too teary eyed.
The second I find a guy that all these things apply to, I'm in...

Friday, August 26, 2005

Final Thought

There was a fourth band...I don't know what they were called...I didn't listen to them, other than what I could hear outside. The show was at Hallie's house, in case your wondering. So i don't know if they were good. There was a girl in it, so thats kind of different.
So in conclusion, the night was good.
The dance went pretty well, I'm gonna try to post the video now. Our outfits were cute...thankfully it cooled off a bunch from earlier in the day. It was probably around 78 degrees when we were out there. Thats good. Fun day, Fun night. Hope everyone else's went good!

BRP shirt

So I'm so pissed because all night they were bugging me to buy this brown shirt with pink butterflies that was soooo cute, but by the end of the night when I was like "ooook" they not only had sold the youth large, but the small as well. So then they said there was yL's in red and black, so I got this one with the cute design in the bottom left corner...and the tape bundling the shirt said youth large, but when i got home and opened it...yeah, it was a small. so now i'm could almost say i'm shirty :) but it's ok, it's still kinda a fun shirt. They were good guys too Posted by Picasa

And FYI, in case you were wondering, BRP stand for absolutley nothing.

Even more BRP :)

Tyler and Matt...yeah, I'm pretty sure his name is Tyler as well...but no one ever said it, so I had to dig around a bit on the internet...that's what I came up with. There's also Rex, their tour manager/merch guy/whatever else, and I just realized I didn't get a picture of him and now I'm sad, because he was fun too. Posted by Picasa

Ooh, not bad at all

Oh what do you know, someone wearing my sunglasses. Thats Jack, he too was very fun, and he too was in BRP. That band just won the fun award for the night...too bad they didn't have a keyboard on a shoulder strap though... *sigh* Posted by Picasa


Jon Walters and Addy dancing in waaaaaay to small of an area for Anyone to dance. Posted by Picasa

Craig Brownlee

Not the best picture of him, but there's a face for the name. Posted by Picasa


I wanted to make sure everyone noticed this guy's fine peice of equipment. A keyboard on a strap...not a new idea, but still a fun one. I need to get on that wagon. Posted by Picasa

1981<-that's their name

Second band, they were good. All of their polos had a different animal on them, which was super fun. Posted by Picasa

...Some name...

They used to be called Evident Truth, I don't remember their new name. First band to play, they covered "swing, swing" by the all american rejects. Nice fellas they are, from ingalls...except for ol' Josh there on the bass. He's from here. Posted by Picasa

Not bad

Tyler from BRP wearing me glasses. People tend to do that alot...wear my glasses and all. He was funny, just started hanging out with me like we'd known each other forever. Fun fun guy. Posted by Picasa

Boston Beatdown II

Synthesis: Movies: Boston Beatdown vol. II: "their main goal is to simply beat down anyone who is different than they are and not to unite in any sort of stand against the mainstream.
– Ryan Prado"

Yeah, I didn't watch the first DVD, and sure I didn't watch the entire thing. But this guy summed it up pretty good. So the guys from FSU (Friends Stand United) are just a bunch of thugs who (this is all from what i gather, i could be wrong...i guess...) started out beating up nazi skin head thugs, on the street or when they came to a show where "they didn't belong". Now, they've taught their next generation to beat up kids who aren't like them, basically because they're not like them, so it's ok. I mean, if you enjoy 10 on 1 fights, cheap shots, and unarmed people getting stabbed all conveniently packaged on a dvd, have at it.
What I'm trying to say is, I hope that with the purchase of the dvd, kids get stabbed in the hand so they get a little taste of what they're supporting. Our generation is so brainwashed by the brainwashed its starting to make me sick.

I forgot about yesterday

I just didn't post much about yesterday. Craig Brownlee took me to preview "The Brothers Grimm". It was really good...kinda weird...but good. I also got a little tour of the upstairs, and got to start the movie :) it was kind of neat, learning about how the things work up there. So, I'd say it's worth your time, if your wondering. Ps. Craig is a fun guy.

Brown and White Scrimmage

Tonight we (the dance team) are dancing at the first scrimmage of the year. We're dancing to "Hit the Road Jack", and if Rhonda records, I'll probably post it on putfile. So check back later for an update.

The Photo of the Hour

Yesterday Stana and I took pictures for my independent study class. This was by far my very most favorite of them all. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

"Action shot"

Dude, Stana I don't know what you were talking about when you said you're not photogenic, you take THE cutest pictures! (ps this is Stana and Zoe on the zoo's slide) Posted by Picasa

Zoe, the swinger

she was giggling so much the whole time, it was soooo cute! Posted by Picasa

Rockets are so jet...

wait...are those....yes, those ARE hollister models jean posing in the rocket at the zoo! Posted by Picasa

Hangin at the Queen

"Oh haha your so funny kasey!"
"I know, Stana!"
"Sup guys" -BanningPosted by Picasa

Hey guys...

Thats Bret Bret and Jon D arguing today because Jon D wouldn't let Bret sit on his lap for this picture. Bret's new black hair is lookin pretty sharp...guess not so much new...but new to the blogging world. Posted by Picasa

Hey girlies, how YOU doin?

This was at school yesterday. I love how i'm best friends with the two cutest girls at gchs Posted by Picasa