Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Happy Birthday Addison *Take 2*

Addison's birthday was a couple days ago (the 26th). He's 20 now...holy crap. We're all getting old. It's weird. Anyways, I went to Applebees with him, Tattoo, and Nick (right after I went with Stana and Zoe to get a blondie).

Remember last year? Haha...good times...

Monday, November 27, 2006

D? J? Vu

Thanksgiving weekend and break was a success. Brothers and sisters came home, we partied, ate, shopped, and got a wii. Also, Nicole taught me to knit, and Dave dominated the 60+, 160 lb catagory at the weight tournament he went to. Of course, he probably would have dominated in any catagory, cause that's just the kind of fella Dave is.
Chris, Nette, and I went to see Deja Vu. It was splendid in that I thought it was going to be terrible, then was pleasantly suprised because it wasn't at all! So thumbs up to that. And to you Denzel.
Today school started again, but not without Lauren running out of gas in her was a new adventure for the both of us :)

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Kidney Stones

Lauren went to the emergency room today, turns out she had a kidney stone. Funny thing is, while we were in there, this scene from Friends kept playing through my head. No joke.

She's ok now, they're gonna take care of it next week.

Monday, November 20, 2006

My bed is lonely

I slept for two hours before I got up at 5:30 this morning to go to practice. WOOOOW. I had to do homework until crazy late, and when I finally got to get in bed, I was scared, so I couldn't sleep for another 25 minutes. I just laughed when I woke up. I was like "Haha...uuugh are you freaking kidding me Michelle? Your such a trickster" and I was like "I know man but seriously, you have to get it" and I was like "I know." So I got it. Then I ate cereal and posted a blog at 7:30 am. Jeez that's so summer of me. My tummy hurts, and there is something dreadfully wrong with my ankle that I'm hoping to get figured out today.

Have a good 1/2 of the school week today!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

We'll be stepping on babies so...

I'm not really diggin this Lauren and Piper not living with me anymore thing...well, Lauren anyways. Not so much Piper. I mean, I love the kid, but he can be pretty rediculous when I'm trying to sleep.

Things have been pretty regular type as of late, with a couple exceptions. Thanksgiving snuck up behind us and just has to pinch our booties for it to be here. That was quick. I talked to Jenette and Shannon tonight...and pretty much besides that, Lauren, Chelsey and I have just been hanging out like it's going out of style.

I'm really excited for break to happen, I haven't seen my family in forever. They're all coming on Tuesday, so woot @ that.

Oh yes, and Chelsey and I started making a Real World GC. We decided if it was ever going to happen, we had to take matters in our own hands...not gonna lie, without a camera crew, it's hard to make the magic happen. I feel things will smooth over after the first episode or so though.

"I don't want to" By Ashley Monroe. I dig.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Easy Misheezi but not Fo Sleezy

(That's my rap name.)
So wow this weekend was NUTS. Rhonda and Dave were gone for six days, and I stayed with Stana Banana the first night, then LB and I partied the rest of the weekend...I was cold, tired, and hungry most of the time, but we still got it and we had sooo much fun.
So, there was a bball tournament this weekend, and we danced two of the three nights.
This is the team on the first night, we didn't dance but still had to come dressed up to the game.
(Lineth, Me, Lauren, Chelsey, then Kelsie and Jessica in the back...Tamber was MIA here)The second night we did our pom/kick routine to "Hit Me"...these are our dance team shirts... Yeah, we pretty much get it. Anytime. All the time.
Third night (Saturday) we came dressed up and did our routine we learned at camp (no video, sorry). I'm assuming it went pretty well, and we got a lot of compliments.
This is us in our dance gear on Saturday, getting ready to meet them in the gym. It was goin down.
Sunday Tamber and I went to "Seussical, the Musical" at the high school and ho lee crap it was so friggin rad! Regier had told me it was only ok...and that was a very ugly lie. Gabe (the Cat in the Hat) played his part really well, and Aj (Whorton the Elephant) and Josh (Thing 1) were seriously amazing. It's pretty much why I love those two so much. Regier (to Gabe's right) did a fabulous job working with this many kids (100+) and costumes were very fitting for the play. Everyone in the cast did a really good job, this play is super rad in general and the music is very happenin as well.

Today (Tuesday) we had another game where we performed "ErrTime". It wasn't really our best, but we still had fun doing it.

I'm a little sad this weekend is over because Lauren and I seriously got it for like 132 hours straight. Here's a couple other things that happened that I didn't get pictures of...
*I accidentally gave a coach my number from one the away teams. Big mistake. Why?
-He looked like Mr. Bean. Like from tv.
-I didn't realize they were going to be here for the whole weekend so I didn't think it would be a big deal. So I just told him I was already talking to someone...and he got pissed. C'mon Frank Phillips.
*I finally talked to one of the guys in my math class that always sits at the same table with me. He's pretty rad, we were going to have a breakfast party, but it never worked out.
*Both nights we went out to party were rediculous, absolutly nothing was poppin.
*However, Lauren and I did party with Devon and Todd, which should have happened a long time ago. And probably should again.
*Watched Todd and Pete almost fight some lame-o's that talked crap on Devon and are just idiots in general.
*Kasey, Stana, Zoe, and I went to Applebees and finally got to hang out for once in a very long time. It was nice.
*Ate a ton of fast food and cereal.

In any case, the weekend was a good time. But I missed Rhonda. And even Dave. Somehow I'm just not cold, tired, OR hungry anymore. I think it's because she's in town and my chi is finally at one with itself again.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Never have I...

Wanted to see a ballet soooo bad.

YEAH we did

:( But Jim lost...

We'll get 'um next year!


Monday, November 06, 2006

Feel intrigued?

Trust me, you want to see this picture...

Give in.

They remind us of Bees

Two things, and only two things:

1) I missed the Broncos/Steelers game last night, but I watched the highlights. Yeah, they're amazing. I knew I kept them around for something.

2) The internet, while I hate it and am suprisingly bad at it, can leave little suprises for me every once in a while. Ie. Having the first episode from the 4th season of The O.C. on Youtube for my viewing pleasure, since I had to miss it and all.

Fergie's new song=Redic. But I'll take it.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Weeee Ooooo!

Guess who has strep!

I mean seriously...that's so high school. Oh well, napping, movies, and not working all weekend is good enough for me.

I've been watching Grey's Anatomy recently and HoLy Crap. Good times with that one. I wish Meredith and McDreamy would just hurry up and be in love. If that makes sense to you.