Saturday, April 29, 2006

They finally kissed!

Today Rhonda and I almost finished all the graduation announcements and went to Wal-Mart to get a lime press for the party. After that I went to Addisons where we ordered pizza, watched cops, and then some of the O.C. where, if you hadn't read, Marissa and Ryan finally kissed...Well it was a big moment for me. I came home at 11 because he went out to ride with a sheriff I think. And now I'm watching Wedding Crashers.

Product Review: Head & Shoulders Ocean Lift

It all started out when I got a free sample of this stuff. But man, it smells like candy. And any shampoo that smells like candy (I want to say something like sprees, but I just don't know) I'm totally down with.

Product Review: KoolAid Singles

I love them, they're so convenient. Except watch out, because for a regular bottle of water, you need two packets. As soon as they come out with better flavors (right now I've only seen tropical punch, grape, and cherry) it should be a grand time.

Tonight it's the weekend

Ok so. Yesterday, Addison and I went to Dairy Queen (shown below). And THEN he took me to the Charro :) I sure know how to pick 'um.

Then we rented Tristan and Isolde. It was alright, but..I think it could have been better. It probably didn't help that I kept falling asleep at the end.

And here is Ebony, currently my favorite dog on the planet. (ps. She's Addison's dog)

Thursday, April 27, 2006

It Has to be official, and it Has to be urine

Whaa You say? Watch The Office. It's hilar. On with the show.

Tonight the Girl Fight played a show at the college, so I went to that, then Addison and I went to his house with intentions of watching the new O.C., but instead we went to Target, then sat outside and watched the little storm we had. Pretty good night we had.

Tomorrow I don't have biology in the morning, so I'm going to get me a little extra sleep. I'm In.

ps. I drew this picture the other day when Jared couldn't seem to draw himself a good tattoo. Trust me, this one turned out way better than his. If you hadn't looked yet, it's two eagles and a lion.

pps. I just saw a commercial for Time Life's Ultimate Love Songs Collection. And I'm a sucker for love songs, so these cd's sound fun.

ppps. And then I saw a commercial for the movie Stick It. And you know what? Say what you will, I think it looks good. It's comes out this friday. Truth be told, I'll probably just wait until it comes out on video.

OMG pppps. Saved By the Bell just came on to Adult Swim...que? Yeah Kelly, a rap version of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs? Good freakin idea.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Since today is Wamsday, Addison and I went and got snow cones. I got a root beer float with snow cream, and let me tell you. Yum. Addison got Strawberry Tart or something. I love getting snow cones like we do. Then we chose not to run, but to watch the O.C. instead and talk about things we had in common. Yay for being the couple we are.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


So, as you know, I'm no longer a vegetarian. I mean, nothing is wrong with not eating meet, whatev. And pretty much, nothing is wrong With eating meat. With my disclaimer out there, here is a funny list of 101 reasons why Not to be vegan. It's funny because I'd guess I had encountered atleast 50% of these situations in that year and a half. G'head. Have yourself a little look-see.

Monday, April 24, 2006


Me and AJ had a t/m fight. it went a little something like this:

AJ: No, wait you're a man-gina. those are the worst kind.
Me: Ew fat girl. you're vd
AJ: Gasp! oh yeah? well you are poor! taco johns poor even
Me: Ahhhh man! come on aj, only ____ ___ is that poor
AJ: Fine your just bus driver poor
Me: And your indian poor
AJ: Your black people from the bronx poor
Me: Your sneak across the border poor
AJ: Your jeans under skirt poor *Ouch, I know*
Me:Your play hacky sack by the art hall poor
AJ: Your eat lunch on a styrofoam plate wearing goodwill under the staircase by the drama hall poor
Me:Your let people sign the pink tape on your car while listening to rancid and eating your best friends left over mcdonalds poor
AJ: Your fat kid with a lisp who sings the dawson creek theme song while drawing anime poor
Me:Your 14 year old tell your mom your going to the movies then hanging out outside the theater in a tube top poor
AJ: Bahahahaha your fat girl who eats other peoples ice cream out of the trash at dairy queen

Then I had to be in english class. Afterwards...

Me: I'm totally posting that convo

Atta boy John.

My old pastor/Sarah's dad was always good at giving speeches. Check it.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Happy Birthday Jenette/Six Months!

Today is Netter's 22nd birthday! See her first present here.

Today is also mine and Addison's six month anniversary! We went to the zoo and walked around for a bit until we got too hott (it was 97 degrees today). Then we got drinks/ice cream from Sonic. THEN we went to Target and got a rainbow purse I've been wanting and the first season of The O.C. as a little gift to ourselves. Then we watched some, ate the buffet at Golden Dragon, and watched more. Then we went on a walk and sat on his porch, since it got considerably nicer outside. Good day :) Good six months, in fact.

The Duartes

This weekend I went to one of my best friend Sarah Williams' wedding. I guest starred as well. This is her and her now husband's beagle Josie :)

Tabatha and I were the two bridesmaids.

Sarah's cousin who is getting married this summer caught the bouquet...after shoving Tabatha out of the way.

This is Ray and Sarah's new and large family.

They make a good couple, I'm so happy for them.

Look at Sarah. The girl I used to chill with in the church nursery. She's gorgeous, and I couldn't be more proud of her.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


So check it, Sunday was my one of my best friends, Kasey's 19th birthday. She, Stana, and I went to the Charro for lunch on Saturday, but since I had been so scatter brained lately I didn't do anything else for her. So, she should probably just know that I definitly plan on making it up to her. <3

Sunday, April 16, 2006


Aww my cast...
haha awww Brenda freaking my character out...
Radley= one creepy king

This is my present from the cast :) 60 packages of bubbalicious!

What a fabulous time. The last night was by far the best time/performance. I'm about ->this<- close to missing it. That's ok, I'll settle for the memories.

Friday, April 14, 2006

MAD pt 1

So last night was the first performance of MAD. Good times, it went pretty alright. I'm super tired though today. Only two more days left!! Woot! Nicole, Maria, Nette, Chris, Linda, and Gary are all coming down tonight, so thats exciting.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

It's Pilates, Winsor style

Shannon's ETA is midnight tonight. I'm kind of putting off going to bed simply because I pretty much am scared for tomorrow to come. I mean, I know we're ready and stuff...but I just know I'm going to be a wreck. Regier said opening nights were the worst thing ever invented. However, I need to get some sleep because being a wreck + being tired probably = being in worse shape than I would have been. Oi. K, here goes. ps. Everyone come to the play! Tomorrow, Friday and Saturday all at 7:30 pm. :)

Geico Cavemen



Does anybody else think David Spade's career is over? I was channel surfing and saw him co-starring in a show made by ABC called 8 Simple Rules (the show that John Ridder was in prior to his death). Since it's cancellation, the WB has been showing reruns. He just...I don't know. I hate to just tell someone that they're done. But...unless he does something good, quick. I think he needs to get a real job now. Or just live off of his fortune. I mean, the guy was in a heck of a lot of things. He should be set. You know?


Sara Schaffer brought me tator tot casserole to fifth hour. YUM. I love her.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

What hurts the most

I'm getting better! Huzzah! The play will be over in a week, and I couldn't be more excited. Shannon is coming on Wednesday, and everyone else on Friday. School is over in less than a month...whoever says you shouldn't graduate early...I mean, I can understand it to a point, but after that point, it's just ridiculous to stay in school longer than you have to.

This weekend has been Madurday weekend. Me, Aj, and with guest appearances from Josh, have been basically eating and breathing the play, just to get everything ready. And we're still not 100% done, but we did everything we could. *sigh* I can't wait until saturday night at about 9:30. It will be glorious.

Tonight Addison and I recounted the events of our relationship leading up to us dating. It was a good time. Man, we were dorks, but I'm over it. Now I have him, and that's really all I ask anyways.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Vicious Victor

This guy Victor Ortiz is from Garden and is in my grade, like sat behind me in science. It's crazy, and now he's this boxer. He's really good too, so thats really fun for him. Ps. the match doesn't start until a little after half way through.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Stay With Me--Josh Gracin

Is a good song. Check it. I heard it one morning on the radio, and fell asleep again. And then it was gone.

This calls for some celery!

Today I woke up and felt pretty sick, my throat hurt and such. So I went to biology where we disected pigs. Right from the start when we opened the bag, I felt kind of nauceus. So my partner was doing most of the disecting and I was pretty much just chillin when i started getting really dizzy and everything started going black (note the picture). My exact word were "Seth, I'm really sick and everything is going black" I think I freaked him out. So I went to the bathroom just in case I was going to puke, and I was practically running into the walls while walking there. I got really cold and sweaty, and my legs got really tingly like they were about to fall asleep. Crap, it was weird slash freaky. So I went home a little early and stayed home the rest of the day. Hey body, lets not do that again huh?

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

You two don't dress trampy enough

Oh Bender. You do still got it.

On to about my day. Rhonda and I had to go to an appointment in Dodge. Yeah, I know. Ew. So on our way out, we stopped at at quick shop to get refreshments. So, first thing you smell when you even get out of the car is smoke, and when we walked I think this illustration should help with a visual.

So we got our juice and tea and came home. Tonight I was looking at the bottle (which was made of glass, yet still smelled like smoke)...

and this is what I saw...

Come on Dodge, this is just petty stuff now.

But the rest of the day was pretty good. I pretty much just hate Dodge is all. Haha

Monday, April 03, 2006




Someone brought me oreos tonight! :)


Take this quiz to see how up to par you are today. Give them a little thought, you'd think they were pretty easy. I got 40%.

Read Shannon's post about it here.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

When I Close My Eyes

I can never figure out those boutonnieres, so my mom had to put it on Addison for me. Look at him. He looked so handsome, I just love that boy.

We went to Sonic after eating at the Charro to see Stana Banana and Debbie. She gave us roses. Kasey looked gorgeous :)

This is Lauren and AJ, they were a good time.

This is Kelsie and Brandon, they were pretty quiet, but we still like them.
Kasey and Mark playing in the pool at the Holiday Ieeeeenn.

Storna Banorna came to the Hotel when she got off work.

Jean poses can totally happen in the pool.

After the hotel we went to eat breakfast at the Red Baron at about 4 am.

All in all, last night was so much fun. I'm glad Addison got to hang out with all my friends and see what they're like. And I'm just glad he came with me in general, he was the best prom date ever. I'm also glad Kasey ended up coming, I can't believe how much I've missed her. Everyone got along so great, and it was such a great night.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Prom! EEE!

Tonight is prom, and I'm really super excited. We're eating at the Charro, going to the dance, then going to the holiday inn and swimming :) It's going to be so fun. I'll post pics later