Wednesday, May 26, 2010

And all that Jazz

Time has really started going fast. Recently I've...
Celebrated Nicole's birthday
Gone to London's West End with Alex to see Chicago, choreographed by Anne Reinking.
Gone back into London the next day to see Stomp
Saw more of London, this was the Southern part. Probably my favorite.
Picnicked a few times with Alex since it's FINALLY been sunny and warm all at the same time!

Gone to Sheffield to see Cirque du Soleil with some of my flatmates

And finally got to see Keagan for myself! She is so cute, it's going to be a bit cute mess once we get her and Cass together, I can't WAIT!!

I think Shannon tries to hide how cute they are together.
She looks like a baby doll!

Tonight is the last Bonk at the Forum, tomorrow is my last exam, and then Alex and I leave for a tour of Scotland!

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Friday, May 21, 2010


She's finally here, the other half to the nieces set: Keagan! (I think she looks a lot like Nicole in this pic, but word is that she'll look like her mom sometimes, her dad sometimes, and my Grandpa in Denver)
Tuesday Nicole went in to get induced, and when that didn't work 24 hours later she got a C-section in the midst of this:
Luckily, no tornadoes hit (wouldn't have made a difference, they had been moved to the OTHER SIDE of the hospital--you know, where tornadoes can't reach) and my brother and his wife got themselves a 8 lb 3 oz, 21 1/4" baby girl!
Keagan Marie Lowell Dick--She is adorable
You can view Nicole's post where I stole most of these pictures from :)

And now my brothers and sisters have kids, just like that. Crazy, Adorable, whatever.

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Monday, May 17, 2010


I miss the boy best friend

Even his facial hair phases

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

All my single toddlers

I can't decide if this is more awesome or inappropriate. One thing is for sure, these little girls have me beat.

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Oooh to be a Gooner

Me and Alex, and a new friend Oris got us tickets to the Arsenal women's game tonight against Leeds Carnegie. Here's a link to article if you need all the details. We were SO stoked to be able to go into the Emirates stadium! Ooh Arsenal, it's love <3We won 3-0
They won the FA Women's Cup Final, 5th consecutive title!
That's this gal, Alex, and Oris
Emirates! Nice..

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Sunday, May 09, 2010

We're all fallen acorns

In non-baby news, Megan left today to go back Vancouver. Thursday we had a potluck for her going away and Coral's 20th bday. Sarah brought a Canadian treat called nanaimo bars. They were obscenely delicious.
Friday Hanna, Alex, Ryan, and I went to London (met up with Sarah and her flatmates) to the Felix Fables show at Zigfrid von Underbelly--a fly venue. The 3 other bands that played were good too, I only know that one of them was Simon Lawrence. The whole show was really good though. Afterwards we went to another pub w/ Felix and their friends, they were all pretty tight. It was a really good night, we're going to try and make it down to Brighton this Saturday to watch them play at a festival there.
Yesterday a bunch of us went to a last lunch with Megs before she went to London. It's so weird that people have begun leaving now!
Last night I couldn't sleep til 4, so I made this guy. It's not only a calendar of things I have going on for the next 5 weeks, but also a countdown! I just take down the sticky note once that day is gone. 38 days left--crazy!
I've been trying to remember the name of a movie I used to watch at Jackie's when I was little. I posted the few things I could remember about it on yahoo answers and someone the very next day got back to me with it! It's called Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland. So I've been watching it on youtube. And actually, the first nightmare I could ever remember spawned from the villan in this very film (which actually was a nightmare itself--it's not as scary anymore :)

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Happy Mother's Day!

Aaand niece-d (phase 1)! They got to come home yesterday, with one Miss Cassidy Rae Turpin. I've been able to skype over to the Manhattan house some the past few days and watch her, she is sooo cute! I love her so much. This is the skype-captured moment of the very first time I saw her. I think Nette is pretty stoked :) Along with Chris. It's weird that it's not weird. Just a cute little person in life now :)
So fly.
I think Mommy likes being a Grandma too, she seems happy to be able to get to spend so much time with her.
Awww a new little family :)
This is her today, napping in the sun to hopefully kick that last bit of jondis. She's pretty wiggly in her sleep. Dj Wigglez. She's really skinny and has long limbs and toesies.
In another state, this is Nicole in her 39th week. Her due date was actually today--alas, no baby. The word is that if she doesn't have her by the 19th she'll be induced. So the 10-day countdown begins! New Mommy's all over the place! :) I can't wait to see this one now, I bet she'll look so different from Cass. Atleast hair wise if nothing else.

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Thursday, May 06, 2010


I have a niece now! Netter just had her about half an hour ago (around 11:30 pm KS time. you do the math) But it's super exciting, I listened over the phone to the whole thing going down. Jenette doesn't usually yell so that was new. Plus there was the baby.

A lot of new screaming and crying I heard tonight. Pictures surely to come! :)


Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Circus Ole!

Years ago on a New Year's Ever, I remember me and my brothers and sisters seeing Cirque Du Soleil on tv for the first time. Thus providing me with the inspiration for my life I'd so long been searching for. And now...

I'm going! May 23 in Sheffield. It's a dream!

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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Love her? I barely Liger

Get out.

That Liger is huuuge! Crazy

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Saturday, May 01, 2010

It's like licking a stamp

(which has less than one calorie)
I don't like when people pronounce mature "Matoor". It's one of those things I guess...

Yesterday was Simon's birthday and while we tried to go to the Forum, for some reason the line was sooo long for the first time in months! Sucked. So we came back to the flat and hung out which was so much fun, I love my flat mates. We played hot potato with a REAL potato! That's Simon's idea of "living on the edge".
Then the flat mate we never see, Greg,'s girlfriend got really made at me because I wrote on my hand that I didn't like her. So she did the wide-eyed-excuse-me-are-you-lecturing-me-in-my-own-home thing for about 15 minutes while I sat there and told her to leave if she had a problem. It was....yeah. Pretty funny. The only annoying thing was that it killed the party. Oh well, we had a good run at the night! Happy Birthday Rodd!

(And bless him, he brought the Australia Day hat out again!)

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