Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Hey, hey why are you running?

Yesterday was a GREAT day. Wanna know why?
Kerri and I got tickets to Garth in Kansas City for November 8! Yeah, as in next week.
As in his last tour ever. As in these are our "Holy crap we're going to Garth next week" faces.
We went to Sasha's (a girl in the house) birthday party at Caza Agava, which was delicious...
both the party, AND the food.
As is the tradition in our family, we played candy poker last night at game night.
With special guest artist Will.
After collecting my winnings, Kerri and I headed out to Nick Greve's house to play a little Guitar Hero. We started to watch Saw III as well but decided sleeping before class the next morning may be a good idea...I know, who does that.
I hope you have as fun of a day today as I did yesterday...
(we laughed at this picture for a good 30 minutes the other night...ahhh Erin...)

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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Baseball! Rockies! Boyfriend!

Today was our homecoming game against Baylor! It's also the last home game we'll be going to because of a hockey tournament, and I'm glad we went out with a bang.
Mommy came to town this weekend so she went to the game with us!
We sat in front of some really fun guys,
they jumped in all of our pictures and cheered for the Rockies during the game :)
Kerri (pictured), Diedre, Julie, and I all crowd surfed! Courtesy of the guys behind us.
Rajarshi (one of Shannon's office mates) came as a first-timer.
Chris got a turkey leg.
Nette got purple kettle corn.
Oh, AND we rocked Baylor's world 51-13,
that's including Jordy Nelson's punt return for a touch-down in the last minute of the game!
He broke KSU's football record for most received passes in a season. STUD, I know!
After the game we went back to the apartments and ate dinner, returned my broken mini-fridge, and went to Wal-Mart. Kerri, Erin, and I all decided we should get to bed early but somehow that turned into us learning how to do the Soulja Boy crank and teaching some girls how to Chicken Noodle Soup.

(Hey, you too can learn the Soulja Boy crank in this video, provided by youtube,
Soulja Boy himself, and our friend Will)

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Monday, October 22, 2007

Happy Birthday Nicole!

(Pictures uploaded! Now we're in business)
Today was Nicole's birthday! Yahooo! Before we get into that,
let me brief you on my awesome weekend in Garden City!
First of all, nothing is better than me and my mom in our element. Being at home with her is like nothing else in this world. We watched Friends and ate El Con in my room, we joked about stupid stuff that I can't just tell other people about because they wouldn't think it's as funny (Like the time I tried to spit my mint out the window of the van and missed?
Only you know Mommy...) So yeah, that was amazing.

Otherwise, in general it was great to be home, I actually hugged a wall when I got there.
AND Dave! Neither of those happen very often.
Saturday there was a costume party consisting of Jeremy and Chris and that crew merged with Stana Banana, Meredith, Matt and the like!
There also just happened to be some old friends in town for the weekend! Looks like it was time for everyone to come home... Thats Viva wearing my sunglasses, Mike Lamarr with the dirty moustache, and Orly hidden in the back there. Caitlin Petersen was back as well!
In short, I love Garden and everyone it has to offer me. Other guest appearances included seeing Regier at practice when I first got to town, my Grandma, the cousins, Zoe, my church folk, AJ (& Peking), Addison, and his mom who I talked to for an hour. Yay for visiting!

Now we're sort of up to speed. Last night was game night along with Nicole's birthday! So we ate Bacon chicken, watched Hocus Pocus, and carved pumpkins! From left to right starting in the second row it's Nicole's, Chris', Shannon's, Mine (it's Aj!), and Nette's.

Then Shannon got her DDR Hottest Party! So we played...and it was a grand evening :)
Quick note: For the last couple of years or so there had been buzz that a guy from Garden, Jez Luckett, was going to be on Tv's The Biggest Loser. Stuff like this goes around Garden all the time, so I wasn't really buying it, but tonight at the rec it was on and Jez was on it! It's craaaazy! Sara Traugott is rumored to have been cast on Mtv's Parental Control, so we'll see! Dang GCK Allstars.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Across the Universe

I want to see this movie! I haven't watched tv basically at all since I moved to Manhattan so I never really know what's going on in pop culture.
I just watched the trailer for Across The Universe, and I'm all about it!
You can watch the trailer here.


Grilled cheese, BLTs, no japanese...

It was a very rhyming sentence I said to KerrBates just now.

I'm super tired, our room is just like one big slumber party and I never get to sleep at the times I intend to. Yesterday Chris and I went on a 9.6 mile bike ride and I came very close to dieing or passing out at the handle bars. It was pretty rough.
When I got home some Smith House guys had brought over Transformers and everyone was watching it in the living room, so I got in on the action. It was pretty good.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tanaka-san desu ka?

I had my Japanese oral midterm today :) I got pretty nervous, but ya ta! (that means I did it)
Yesterday my boss John gave me this chocolate duck he got me when he went to Memphis.
Yesterday was so awesome, I couldn't fit it all in one post.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Cheer up pumpkin, it's almost your season!

Shane and I stopped hanging out after last Monday when he told me he's decided to get back together with his ex-girlfriend. So there. Obviously there's waaay more to it, including lots of "umm seriously?"'s and over-exaggerated story telling, but that's the bottom line of it.
And now you know. And now this will be fun again.

Starting with...

We beat CU this last weekend 47-20!!
Kerri's dad and brother came to town for the game!
My dad and uncle Randy came to town for the weekend as well! Sunday we went to Radinas, and it was honestly the most perfect day outside I think in the history of days. I also ran a 5 K race/walk/do it and get a t-shirt that morning in 28 minutes, the fastest I've ever done!
Today I had a fanTAStic day! Mostly because my roommates rock, it was cloudy,
AND we made caramel apples at game night!
Sooo I have a new ambition for my life (which always puts me in a great mood).
I want to be a Radio City Rockette! This week in jazz we have a guest artist Rockette teaching our classes and that is the funnest kind of dance I've ever done! I'm in love with it.
Now, find me out a way to grow about 5 inches please.

I also discovered the kind of law I want to do finally, and that is be a guardian ad litem, which is an attorney that protects the interests of children...but there's not a picture for that :(.
Atleast, I want to do that until I can be appointed Chief Justice.
Yeah, are you ready for this life I'm about to live?
Because it starts now buddy, it's go time.

Besides caramel apples and my future, here is the best news of all...
You ready for it? You READY?
I'm going home this weekend!! It's basically all I think about recently. :D
I miss my house.
My grandma. Eating lunch in the living room. My large and wonderful bed. Dave calling me Tink, but never to my face. All the homies. Free laundry. Taking Regier coffee. Watching Friends with Mommy. Sitting in front of the pantry until a snack jumps out at me.
Taking a shower in MY shower.
El Con. My bedroom.
Garden City.
What are...things that make you smile.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I don't hand out the awesome

My roommate Erin talks so much. SO much. All the time. It's funny...

I'm not blogging right now, can't get concentrated...

Whatev, I'm just gonna go to bed. I'll update the web-surfing community tomorrow.

Have you noticed that no one says "Surf the Web" anymore? I have.

I'm going home the weekend of the 20th!!!!!!!!!! I can't even tell you how excited I am.
I think the exclamation points should say it all.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Breakfast of champs

I ate chocolate cake at 9:30 am. What are YOU gonna do about it shawty?

Friday, October 05, 2007

We have a date!

Today I watched the two new Office episodes with Shannon and Nicole. Oh my gash, you should probably watch them. If you already have, just watch them again. I plan to. They are hilarious!
These are just a sample of the cupcakes Shane and I made for Joe. He was surprised, it was fun! We also watched We Are Marshall which is a very cry-y movie but still good!
Tonight I'm having a hard time deciding on doing anything at all or just sitting in my empty room and watching the OC slash sleeping...it's seriously a tough call.
We have to go to the game tomorrow at atleast 9 am so maaaaybe I should rest up a bit.
I really hope we play well against KU! I know Kasey thinks we will :)


I have been up until atleast 2 am if not a little past every night this week. 3 of the 4 have been with Shane...I think we are both very very tired. But we made his roommate early birthday cupcakes tonight! Pictures to be posted when it's not the wee hours of the morning.
College seriously rocks


Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Unekis is pissed

Today I had a hard time staying awake during US Politics, but at the end of class my teacher got pissed at someone reading the newspaper during class so he yelled a bunch.
I haven't really been tired since :)
Although, I did force myself to take a nap this evening so I wouldn't die later tonight at dryland.
So I'm laying in my bed, looking around on the internet and I get this big whiff of cologne.
No boys around...That's queer...

Chelsey Skipton is coming up this weekend!
KSU plays KU!
The Rockies won their first playoff game today 4-2!
Oh good, the cologne went away.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Your hair

This weekend was the hockey tournament in Denver!
They didn't win any games, but the last one they played they got close, 10-11! It was good that everyone got a chance to play with each other. Hopefully that will help in the games at St. Louis.
Colorado is really gettin the outdoor mall thing down. This place we went to is where the old Denver airport used to be, now it's like a place people in the 50's would make as futuristic.
This information board had knobs and flashy lights!
Danny, the frenchman on the team, is practically a walking circus.
I walked outside and he had climbed onto this rock, just chillin.
Grandpa, Grandma, and Uncle Randy came to a couple games on Sunday.
We all caught up with whats happening in our lives, I took pics with everyone...
And gave Uncle Randy a tattoo! Sometimes it's like I never grew up from being 10.
Shane and I hot tubbed Sunday morning, before his friend Tim picked us up, and after we went to The Cheesecake Factory in downtown Denver with him.
This cheesecake was yummy, just look at their faces!
Monday we were gonna go home, but we stopped off in Stapleton in their outdoor mall. This was at Bass Pro Shop, which is an AMAZING store by the way. Chris is a natural-born hunter.
This is Sheriff Gary looking proud after we awarded him with his badge.
On the way home (or the way there) we always stop in Colby at the Oasis, and Nicole and I always have a good time with their turbo hand dryers. I finally got her to put her face under it after many trips of begging. It was tooootally worth it.
To top it all off, the Rockies needed to win their game yesterday to make it into the playoffs. We watched some of it at Liquid Bread Brewing Company in Hays while eating dinner, but it went into 5 extra innings for a grand total of 14 innings.
But in the end we won 9-8 so we're going to the playoffs!!!!!
What an amazing weekend.

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