Saturday, January 30, 2010

I bet you look good on the dance floor

Wow, I'm in the UK now studying at the University of Hertfordshire. Life is definitley different here, but I imagine in the way New York is different from Kansas as well--I just flew across the ocean to do it.

I met some people at the airport that were all getting shuttled to the same University as I was, and mainly have hung out with them since, adding a few here and there. This was the OG main crew, Alex , Nicole, and Megan.
The first night we did anything (after our real first night, which I slept about 12 hours...) we went to trivia in the Forum. We met some students there that let us in on their team and we ended up getting third!

Tuesday we celebrated Australia Day with Nicole. Dan and John from K-State joined us, there are about 8 students here from my University. I'm pretty sure we blew all the other exchange school's numbers out of the water with this one.
Last night the club in the Forum had a party we went to. IT WAS BLOODY BRILLIANT! I danced for like 4 hours straight, and along with dance music they played some sing along favorites such as Chelsea Dagger, Don't Stop Believin', and Bohemian Rhapsody. My feet hurt very very bad when we came home around 3 am, but it was worth it and then some. (That's Dan from New York on one side of Megan, and Bo from Cali on her otherside, whose face you can't see)
What may have made it not-so-worth-it (if there was any such event, this was it) was what is in this photo. Do you see what's on the wall? It's a loogie. A loogie I put my nose in when leaning my head against the wall because Megan said something to make me laugh that hard. Loogie-hard. Rubbish.
So maybe it is different from New York (do people spit loogies on leaning-walls there?), but I knew that for sure once we went to Cambridge today. We had a great tour guide, Ian, that told us a lot of interesting things about the area and the University. There was one that King Henry XIII built named Trinity College, where Isaac Newton lived once he became a professor. This is King's College, one of 31 in Cambridge. I don't understand how the University/College thing worked here, Ian told us but it seemed pretty complicated. The buildings are all really nice , this was just a cooler looking one.
This guy is really top-notch. It's called the Chronophage and I don't remember which College owned it but I think Ian said it cost 1 Million pounds, probably because it's made of real gold.
Here's a video of it in action:

At the end I accidentally cut Ian off, but to finish his sentence, the rings represent the Big Bang.

Also, did you know the double-helix structure of DNA was discovered at Cambridge? The fellows that discovered that gem couldn't wait to publish and they announced their big news in a pub called "The Eagle", where we sat and had coffee this afternoon.

So that's been my One-week old trip in a very tiny nutshell. London tomorrow, more on that to come. I got my schedule figured out and will start attending classes next week. This is what it's going to look like:

Mon, 12-4:Conditioning in Exercise and Sport
Tues, 9-1: Sport and Exercise Nutrition
Wed, 9-10: Reason and Persuasion
Thurs, 10-11: Intro to Poetry

Not bad, just may be a bit difficult because those first two Kinesiology classes are some of the highest level one's here at the U (like 600 classes at K-State). But hopefully I can finally meet some locals my age with the same interests...ehem, association football.

(Shannon told me that soccer is Association Football and that's where the word Soccer came from. American Football is Gridiron.)

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

You olright?

So when people ask "Alright?", it just means "What's up" or "Hello". I know.

I'm in England right now. No internet in my room, but that should be up around the weekend I hope. Us exchange students are missing our first week of classes (this week), because we aren't enrolled yet. But I guess it's ok, so I'm down.

We haven't really done much except go to the bar on campus and hang out, do trivia and things. Everyone drinks here. All the time...well, I suppose there is a bar on campus. But it is a nice bar, so it's not so bad to hang out in. The other night we just kind of invited ourselves into this group of student's trivia team and we ended up getting third! It was pretty fun.

I've been hanging out with a group of exchange students, Nicole from Austrailia (we celebrated Austrailia day with her yesterday), Alexandra and Caitlyn from Quebec, Megan from Vancouver, Dan and John from K-State, Dan from NY, and Virage from NJ. There are others, but that's the main rollin crew.

Dan from KS and I discussed yesterday how you can't help but have an accent in brief pass-by with the locals. Sometimes on purpose to avoid a whole conversation about being from America, and sometimes without even trying. This accent is pretty easy to pick up on. When I come home I'll be a keen ol' brit!

Cambridge and London trips this weekend, along with naps because this country is already exhausting. It's nice to come home to an episode of Always Sunny and my bed.

Pictures when I get internet in my room, until then, Cheers!


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Events at the U

Here is a link to events that the Student Union at Hertfordshire has something to do with...I don't know what. But they atleast compiled a list for us! And it looks like most of the parties they've planned--alot on weeknights--go until 3 am.

Here are a few examples:

Whaaaaat! This is lookin to be quite the experience. I'd LOVE to see K-State host a LGBT night. Cowboys love all of those..

2 days!!!!!

For a bit more on the "Football" scene check out who has a training ground in Shenley, Hertfordshire (which is not only the name of my U, but the province Hatfield is in as well)

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Sunday, January 03, 2010

Dreams are a roller coaster

Let me run you through this.

I'm currently watching the Denver/KC game (KC is winning 7-0) and am super excited to want to work for the Broncos. So I started looking at available jobs on their website. From there, I googled Champ Bailey because he's my man and I like to know the latest. In the middle of that I got to wondering "Sure, I love Champ. But would he love me? Or is he already lovin on some other woman?"

So I googled his status and first saw he's married to a lady named Hanady (and has a son with her).

She's alright. But THEN I saw a tid bit that suggested they may no longer be together. Googled HER, and found out they divorced three years ago. And let me straighten this out, I'm not happy at this unfortunate event, but there's obviously a reason they weren't meant to be together. And so...

There's still time!!!!!!
Look at him. Best player in the league AND a looker? I bet he's a great conversationalist too-- Renaissance man.

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Saturday, January 02, 2010

A snork. Snork. . . Stork?

Let me just catch you up on random things that have been happening.

Nette and Chris and Shannon and Nicole are both having babies in mid-may. A recent development is they are both having girls!

I fly out to England to study at the University of Hertfordshire in 3 weeks from yesterday. I'll be back at the end of May!

My friend Katy had a baby girl a few days before school got out.

Coleman and I went to Tulsa to see Trans Siberian with my brothers and sisters + Andy. It was awesome, as usual.

Geoff and I had a going away party at Kites (he's going to the Czech) and it was BANGIN

I had my last day of work at Marriage For Keeps and the ladies of the office took me out to lunch which was very sweet.

I went to Clavin's when I left Manhattan for break because he got a new super cute puppy, Piper. He was bunches of fun to play with.

I went to Manhattan to spend New Years with Kerri. We hung out with the neighbors alot, watched the apple drop in A-Ville, and danced at Long Horns. Then this morning before I left she took me to get my ears pierced at the mall!

Mommy, Grandma, and I threw Tara, Margo, Jenette, and Nicole a baby shower on Christmas afternoon. Tara and Dan finally get their baby from Ethiopia! We've seen pictures and he is cuuuuuuute! Margo and Steve's new baby Boaz is very cute as well, definitely looks like a Mitchell.

There was also a great Thanksgiving, finals week, alot of study abroad stress, great Christmas and christmas presents. So many things happen in a life! Way more has happened but I can't remember all that.

I've listened to "Your Biggest Fan" by NeverShoutNever! alot lately. It's not on their site, but BigCityDreams is also a good song.

Snickers punched in the face

My blog has been lacking lately. But I think know a post worthy thought when it comes to me. And that is...

I love Vinny from Jersey Shore on MTV.

I wonder what my life is going to turn out like...