Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tell your friends

I'm not dating and I hate facebook chat. That's the word, spread it like butter or whatever it is kids put on toast these days.

On the other hand, I enjoy chatting with Mommy on the phone (every night this week :) and running outside. You can spread that too, but it's not as pertinent.

This weekend I'm going to Denver with the hockey team for our first tournament, and I'm running offense this season! Ok, you kids get to bed now.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hi, um can you hear me?

Today Chris and I went on quite on a biking adventure. As you may have read from my Twitter (on the side bar), I bought a helmet today, and it's a good thing too. He took me off roading--we're talkin steep declines followed by steeper inclines, tree trunks smack dab in the middle of the path, and quite a voyage through a mosquito-infested sunflower field. Boy howdy, it was a new one. I can't decided if I'd do it again...probably if he asked. I was a lot of dead weight though. I probably walked/ran my bike as much as I rode it.

I guess it was pretty fun.

After that we met up with Netter at Sonic. There was a tortilla fiasco, but we got it smoothed out.

Now I'm listening to Brian Adam's "Everything I Do" fixin to go to sleep. Oh, but I have started a new ritual of listening to "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz before I fall asleep. You might try it, I feel it's the relationship I'm missing in my life. Filled. Right there in a song. Don't judge me..

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Sunday, September 21, 2008

You lie Pessi?

Last night Kerri and I made dinner after church and the Jims came over to eat it with us. It was turning out fine until our gravy flipped on it's side in the microwave. No gravy for our potatas :( It was still a delicious meal, I feel.

Post dinner Kerri, her Jim, and I went to watch the Jared Daniels Band and Roger Creager at Longhorns! We met Clavin and ...Coleman? there and all had a two-steppin', texas country singin' good time. I got my first "Can I buy you a beer?", to which I eventually countered with "Buy me a Sprite". I didn't know what to do, people actually offer to buy you drinks IRL? News to me, friend.

Today Chris, Netter, and I had our second bout of the RenFest. It was great because since we'd already been there once this year (and had a smaller party), we took our time with the booths and really just enjoyed each others company. But it wasn't as gay as I made that sound, it was just fun :)
We only stayed about 4 hours then went to Kokoro's in Lawrence, doko de nihongo o ryoori ga tabemashita. Oishii des yo! (where we ate Japanese food. it was delicious!)


Sunday, September 14, 2008

You shrunk my Honda

First of all, I went to a K-State rugby game yesterday with Coleman and some of his rollin crew. It was against KU and we won in over time. Some guy from our team got a concussion and had a seizure on the field, not to mention all the bleeding that kept happening from players' heads. But everyone is fine I hear.

Secondly, I slumbo jumbo'd at Netter and Chris' last night, we all even fell asleep to movies! How sweet. We watched "Three Kings" and it's a pretty good movie. Then we started "Stardust" and finished that this morning over biscuits and gravy. Yup, we did it right.

Third, today I hung out with Jim, a guy from Shannon's and my Aztec class last year. We watched the Chiefs get killed and the first half of what turned out to apparently be a really tight game, in more than one sense, between San Diego and Denver. Alas, we won 39-38, Sproles had two touchdowns and Cutler is doing fantastic now that his diabetic secret is out, and more importantly, diagnosed. I love those darn Broncos <3

I missed the second half of the game because, fourth, I went to play a game of my own. A little game I like to call intramural soccer. Half the girls are from Garden, only one is white (this guy), and we played pretty well if I had to call it. We lost 1-3 or 4 (don't remember), but who cares, I'm playing soccer again and it's fun. We're the Cobras...?

Fifth, I've been introduced to David Blaine's Street Magic, youtube style of course. I've only seen the first three, but of course by blogging, I recommend them. There is some strong language, so if you're at work (you know who you are), hook it up with some headphones or something.

Part two
Part three

Friday, September 12, 2008

You know I like my chicken fried

Wow. Has it been too long? I feel it has. There's far too much to catch y'all up on now. Right now I need to work on getting the fans back. But, here are a couple highlights since freakin Warped Tour:
Storna turned 21.
I went to the Cliffs for the first time in 3 years. I only jumped once :)

Anthony and I went to California (Newport, O.C. style) with his brother Nathan's family. Here's a tip: when you're going to be in the sun 9 hours a day for a full week, don't just wear spf 15 on your very first day. Ouch.
Shannon, Nicole, and Rhonda came up and we all went to RenFest! Jayme, her disappearing boyfriend Charles (yes, as in CHaoos), Maria, Irene, and Newgen and Andrea joined us. Good times were had, per usual.
And I moved into my very first apartment with these three lovely and buff women :) Not on March 4th of last year, though. More like a month ago. That would be Sara, Diedre, and y'all are familiar with the lovely Miss Bates I presume.
A couple more things, not easily photographed:
*I work a bit at Netter's early learning center
*I'm going to switch my major to Kinesiology because it is basically my life in a class anyway.
*Anthony and I are no longer dating, but that isn't fun to blog about.
*I'm in a BA African piece for WinterDance, along with an understudy for the two tap pieces
Which brings me to...
*I'm taking tap this semester and it's really fun
*I have something in my room that every once in a while will make the whole thing smell like feet. I think the culprit is my boyfriend pillow though. If that's the case we're breaking up.
*I miss my rollin crew in Garden
*College/college life is fun

I hope everybody's last two months have been great!

OH and I can't believe I never posted about Kasey and Mark getting married! Well they did. Back in April.

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