Monday, October 31, 2005

The Weatherman

Rhonda said it's no good. So...if you trust my mom's judgement, do go see it. If you're still curious, go see for yourself then let me say I told you so when you agree w/ her that it's like a bad lifetime movie. That's right. I went there...and I guess, so did she.


This was my team for Trick or Treat so Tots can Eat. It was super fun, but let me just tell you...Never AGAIN will I ride in the same car as freaky Jamie (the one w/ the all white face paint). He was weird.
And holy crap can my freaking mouth get any bigger? jeez...

Teachers are Silly

My gov't teacher at the college, Mr. Bean, and Mrs. Hutchinson dressed as a conservative and a liberal. They're so funny.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Stana Banana is Beautiful

LOOK at her. She IS.

I suck at DDR

We finished painting the bathroom today! YAY! Only a few more steps and we will be done with the whole cotton-pickin thing (that one goes out to Charlie Davis from the daycare days). I did my 5 page process analysis paper in two hours today (it was over how to update a bathroom...I'm so lame). I went to Addison's and watched him and Jon D. duke it out on DDR, and when they were done I played for like twice and died horrible video game deaths both times. Then we talked to his mom for a long time (ps. love her).
Went to Wendy's, got a frosty, came home and applied for K-State scholarships, fixed up Stana Banana's senior pics, and the day is done. Word to that.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Average per day: 40

I can't believe tomorrow is already Sunday, and the four day weekend is coming to an end so soon. It's been a good w/e though, filled with taking down wall-paper, hanging w/ Addison and those boys, and partying w/ Stana.
Holy crap I'm tired (don't know why...I slept a good 13 hours last night). So after getting up at 2, me and ma went to J&M for what I hope is the last time in my entire LIFE, took down moooooore wall paper (we're done now :), then went to Addisons (My not boring in the slightest even if he tried, so don't ever say that again boyfriend). Watched him and Tattoo play DDR for awhile, and eventually went to Hastings to rent "scary movies". Mmmm...about that... it took us forever, and we ended up getting Amityville Horror, which definatley isn't as scary the second time.
WHATEV...I'm tired but I just want to post a million things before I go to bed.
We'll see what happens, I do have 40 hits a day, so I have to keep this interesting.
Oh, I have to play Aarons team this weekend in FF...pretty nervous, he's 6-1, ieeeeeeeeeee

Friday, October 28, 2005

J Juno as...

The backwards man

Formally Dead party

Stana Banana and her roommate Janessa had a party at their apt. tonight. It was pretty fun, a lot of people showed up, but of course dorks can't control themselves, especially drunk dorks (the underage kind are my fav.). So a fight broke out in the middle of the street, and cops showed died out pretty fast after that, but it was fun to actually get to talk to people w/o it being rediculously loud. If your wondering, Stana put fake blood on her mouth in the spirit of Halloween.


heh...I put this in Nick's room.

Nick doesn't like spiders.

Those boys (aka the Girl Fight) are playing a show in Goodland tonight, which = me w/o my number 1.

Dang, I love that pumpkin.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Inside Your Heaven

Golly finally I get this video up...took me for-freaking-ever. So this is the GCHS modern show choir, doin their thang at the concert I had to work on Tuesday. I love this song, it's so fun.

View this clip on Vimeo

That's impossible, I'm not Brazilian

The Rec (I think) opened up the State theater and showed a couple parts from some horror movies last night. It was actually really cool, they had people in freaky masks hiding in the dark, then when something scary in the movie happened, they'd jump out and scare everyone. Pretty fun idea...I just had to go take pics for Sugar Beet, and get back to the slumber party (ps i didn't get any pics...sorry).
But the slumber party was super fun too, we watched some of the girl's old home videos...*sigh* ooh, lemme tell you that Brynn is the funniest girl on the planet.
So far this four day weekend has been going good.
Today I came home from Lauren's and took care of all the internet business, then went to Addison's for like 6 hours and hung out with him. Some may argue that my day didn't sound fun...and I'd say to you that you haven't met my dear Addison.
Came home, took down wall paper in the bathroom, went to play practice, then went to Addison's again and hung out w/ him, his mom, Kaleb, Nick, and Sarah.


Oh Em Gee, seriously. Thanks to Shannon, I've now discovered another way to keep my life organized (of course, I'll never actually use it after printing it off, but to the more motivated busy person, this is IT). So this thing called pocketmod lets you make your own little calendar, lists, and even has games you can put on it...oh I can't even describe, just go to the link and check it fo' yoself. It's MAD cool.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


So no more school for the week!!!!!!!! Pep rally went good, now I'm gonna go to a slumber party. Don't worry, I'll post pics

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Smart Lady

A wise woman I know recently commented on a type of boys...
"The one you shave your legs for and he doesn't even kiss you good night?"
If you take it a bad way, you're reading it wrong. It was a very true statement, and a terrible kind of boy.
Boys: Don't be that guy.

*Disclamier* this doesn't pertain to my life, I just thought you all should hear it.

Back to Summer

i took this in May or June or something, I just need it for my computer graphics class, and blogger's are blocked yet at the school :) That class is actually pretty fun we we started actually using the computers. I'm learning alot about photo shop, and we're making some pretty cool stuff. My company sells clothes and is called PRI Love (Not gonna lie, it stands for puppies, rainbows, and ice cream...heh) So basically I just take pics of models off the internet and put them on a rainbow pic. It's a good time.

So right now, I'm sitting at home because my throat hurts pretty bad...not as bad as this morning though. I dranks me some tea so it feels alot better. I have to go back to school sometime this afternoon though, because we're practicing the "Get Right" dance for the pep assembly tomorrow, and if I don't go, I don't dance. Can't have that.

**Correction** Stana pointed out to me that I made an error. Bloggers are NOT blocked at the school yet.

Monday, October 24, 2005

We actually watched the Jetsons tonight..

If you wanted to know what happened at the show the other night, go to Addison's blog and read about it. As for me, I'm going to sleep. Oh, and FYI I'm getting into the baseball furies as well. I think Addison will talk them into it for me.

PRODUCT REVIEW: Pen Reads and Talks - Yahoo! News

PRODUCT REVIEW: Pen Reads and Talks - Yahoo! News

K, this thing seriously looks very entertaining.

Zoe, the Lion

Isn't her costume cuuuuute?! I know I'm ruining the suprise, but I couldn't help myself...besides, the freaking costume sings "In the Jungle". Jealous? Yes I am.

Happy Birthday Nicole!!

Ok, two days ago. FYI Nicole is my sister-in-law. and I *heart* her.
Yesterday Addison and I went bowling (Partyman was there too..he didn't play though). I'm sad to say that the score was 110-112 (him). Then I came home and made him my number one on myspace. Good times to be had this week, since thursday and friday there's no school on account of PT Conferences, and there's no dance practice for a week. Beautiful.

Oh hey lunch, whats up?....

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Wiley and the Hairy Man

Yeah, I forgot to say last night that ma and I went to the college's play. Its really fun, I saw it in like 4th grade when the elementary schools went. I'm sure it was good then, but this time I remember it. So it was better! And Kevin Diehl was the dog, which added to the fun. Today I think Rhonda and I are going to work on my bedroom and then if Zach ever gets off work we may watch football. It's kiiiinda a neighbor thing. I guess if anyone of you live close to us, you can come too.

haha, and Grandma snorted in church when she was laughing. Us three girls cracked up for like 4 minutes after that.

Update on Sarah W.: Spring of '06 is the time. That's all I know...can't believe she's getting married *sigh* i didn't believe I was getting old until now.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Soooo tired...must post...

Went to the show in Ulysses after all, with Nick and Addison. Good show, but they owner was being a dork about things. I can go into detail if someone is interested, and I'm not completely drained of food and rest. Driving back home Lots of yelling and country music.
Fiddy's movie "Get Rich or Die Tryin" comes out Nov. 9, who is GOING with me?

GCHS Marching Band

Friday, October 21, 2005


We win! 10-6 i believe! And now...the Playoffs! Isn't football great...

Pizza Party

The girls of Dance Team all ate at pizza hut for lunch, as we always do on a day we dance. Tonight we play Maize, and if the boys win, we get into the playoffs!
I'm so excited to do the dance tonight, and see everyone at the game.
Right now I'm watching The Fabulous Life of Super Models, and taking notes. I think the whole 5'10" thing is really gonna be a damper on my plans though. eh, you don't have to be any certain height to be a firefighter yeeeeeeeeeah

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Don't update your Picasa

If you haven't already, do not update your picasa. Maybe it's just because there's something funky with my computer, but it seems to me that the only thing it does it make it hard to upload pics to your blog. Other than that, I saw no difference. DARN YOU PICASA! I wish I could take it back.
On another note, to my frequent readers: I'm soo terribly sorry that I've been boring you by not only not posting pictures lately (reasons above), but also not posting regular type posts. Nothing too exciting has been going on, I'll just quickly update you
*Tomorrow is the last football game we dance at, where we're doing the dance to the drumline that me and Lauren made up
*Tonight I watched wrestling with Addison and Nick...haha...wrestling...
*We have dead week for dance team up until Nov 1st (thank GOD)
*I want to go see the college play (Wiley and the HairyMan) sometime this weekend
*People are getting really excited about MAD, as I am getting very anxious to put it on
*Shaq is getting Punk'd as we speak
*Got my dance team pics in--they aiight
*I've come to terms with the fact that I am extremly racist, but I seriously wouldn't ever curb check anyone. I think you all
know that
*I've been thinking back alot on the good times of last year...wish I would've done a couple things differently. High school
has really been amazing. I love it.
*My shoulders hurt from sitting at the computer too long
*The bathroom is almost basically done :)
*Good night

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

You be the best

Today at 4 am the thespians left for Wichita for a theater workshop and to watch a perfomance of Beauty and the Beast at the Crown Uptown theater. I took an improv class first (FYI NOT a big fan of the improving), then an advanced dance class, where we learned a part of the "Be Our Guest" dance. Then we got to go eat, and our dance class got to perform what we learned in front of everyone that was there. Kinda fun, Kiiiinda nerve racking...but kinda fun :)
Then the play started! Not as good as I hoped, still really good though. It also made me really want to see it on Broadway. I really love the story though...such a good play. In any case, on the way home we told stories of New York for about an hour and a half, and I once again fell asleep while trying to listen to Harry Potter (that's the third time in that spot...I'll never get past it!)
When I got home I went to the Sugar Beet work night to turn in my pics, then I went to Addisons and watched the new Real World...and Bret wrote him a song about Cassie that he sang over speaker phone, to which I say "Bret you are the funniest freakin kid Ever"
Tomorrow Paul is coming to put in the new sink and counter top, and fix the wall around the shower so my bathroom is useful again!! YAY!!

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Nachos or NOchos?

Yesterday I went to Leslie's luau for her buff project, and it was good to see all my old friends that I used to hang out with. Miss those kids sometimes. Then Bobby and I went to eat, then tried to ride his horse, then ate some cheesecake, and watched Top Gun. There's funnier stories to be told, but I'm not into typing right now.
Then Nette and Chris got into town and we went to Wal-Mart, got gas, and went to Taco Bell, where they proceeded to Not put my nachos in with the order. So we got home, and I got to eat cheetos. And an apple. It sucked.
But it was fun to hang out with the fam for a bit.
Today, we went to Trevor's birthday party, then Nette and Chris had to go home :( I went and watched a bit of football at Zach's for awhile, until he had to go to work. But last I saw, Broncos were winning!

Saturday, October 15, 2005

A Bit of Music

The Brilliant Light

I only listened to some of their know, dial up handicaps you in so many ways. However, I liked what I heard. Addison told me about them. Check it out kid.

Friday, October 14, 2005

dear addison

"say hello to the worst donuts i've had in my life"

Hatchet Game

(*sigh of relief* sex and the city is on)
WE WON THE HATCHET GAME FOR THE 11TH YEAR IN A ROW!!!! how wonderful. All I can offer you is a picture of us dancers cheering the fellas on. We won 17-10. :) those buffs.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Do you like horses?

(hi leslie...hear you read this time to time. here's an update, for you)
This is what the next three days are lookin like as far as i know:
10:30- Take Stana's senior pics
1-Go to LB's, work on the drum cadence dance, go to hpsg to drop off the tshirt orders
4-Meet at HS football field to go over dances w/ team
5 or 6ish-Tailgate party (at which time i go to subway and gets me a sandwich)
7:30-Game starts, we dance at half time
Whole lot of nothing planned until...
5:30-Go to Leslie's Luau for her Buff Project, take pics for Sugar Beet
sometime-If the Halloween party (joe b's) is still on, i'll go to that
10:20- Possibly church it up
2:00-Trevor, my cousin's, birthday eating-cake-and-ice-cream fest.

I can't think of anything else...busiest day is tomorrow, which means i need the most sleep tonight.

ps. update, Maukie and I aren't dating anymore. We never saw each other so there basically wasn't a point. We had some good times though. I'll give us that.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


October 14:
October 21:
North Country
October 28:
Saw II

and i plan to see all of them. finally some interesting movies are coming out...but now that i think of it, i wonder if north country will come to garden. we'll see

Monday, October 10, 2005

Cool Blue

and here be Brian staying bundled up in the chilly weather with a fashionable pancho. Posted by Picasa


Here's Michael and Pepe jumping across the new Arkansas river Posted by Picasa

Great Lakes

It was sooo rainy today, and as usual the parking lot transformed into a lake. This kid Adam Gonzales agreed to play in the water so i could take pics for the sugarbeet...but of course, i'd have to post it here first Posted by Picasa

Accounting Love

Aaron wrote Mrs. Anderson a poem because she's gone for a couple weeks (she had surgery)_ Posted by Picasa

I just realized you probably can't read it, so let me tell you what it says:
heart beats, accounting sheets
we miss you!!
accounts recievable, your unbelievable!
a little accounting 4 you
make a transaction, our love is a fraction
one fourth love, and the rest me and you!
credit or debit,
i can love you if you let it
i'm not a liability, i'm just prepaid insurance baby'd probably have to be in accounting 1 or something of the sort to fully appreciate. oh aaron, your crazy fun.

Remember Ludo?

Well I posted about them a while back. They have a new cd out, called Broken Bride. I'm hoping to buy it soon.

visit ludo's myspace

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Updating skills lacking

sorry i suck at updating when i have no pictures to add. so date night last night was a no-go. sort of a complicated story, but i just ended up staying home and watching tv all night. it was a much needed evening of lazy me. and today i sat around in my pjs until 3, then stana and i went to watch the boys play flag football, then went to wal mart....ooook then we watched sex and the city. tis such a good show...and it's really not as dirty as i figured it would be unedited, so that's good. After she went home i went to the girl fight/glass houses sink ships show. it was good (only like 15 people showed up to watch, which sucked) I like the girl fight a lot more than what i thought i would, so good job boys. and glass houses was really good for me not liking that sort of music. They were all pretty cool too, well, the ones i talked to were. I have to do a paper that i keep forgetting about, so i'm gonna do that. good night to all, have a happy monday!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

When I'm rich...

(of course i'll do other, less selfish things first, but i'll tell you whats been on my mind lately)
*Buy every style of Michelle K shoes
*Hire a Masseuse (I'm all kinds of sore)
Those were the two things I mentioned today I would do if I were rich. OMG i would almost cut off my left thumb for a massage right now...ooooh my aching shoulders. Maybe if I watched sex and the city I'd feel better. More about the day? ok

So we got the new bathtub/ shower unti installed today and it looks really nice. Unfortunatly parts of the wall around it are missing, because it's smaller than the old one. So for the next week or two, until Paul comes and makes everything better, I'll have to shower in Rhonda's bathroom. I can't even try the new one out! It'll just be there, teasing me. Eh. I also got a note from a girl who thinks that I flirt with her boyfriend and is afraid he will break up with her for me. Funny thing is, I haven't talked to this guy since before summer was over. I don't know what brought it on now. she seriously said something like 'i trust him, i just don't trust you (no offense). I mean I really don't even know you...' Yeah. Good one dork. I'm gonna write her back and be like 'hmm, insecure in our relationship are we?' yeah, well leave me out of it. I've been friends with him for a while, and besides, I have a boyfriend of my own. I don't need to take someone else's. It was very silly of her.
Practices were fun today...for some reason i've been excited for dance all this week. And play practice is just funny.
We dance tomorrow! Hopefully Grandma will come watch, but it'll be super cold so I have my doubts. I'm a little worried about the dance, alot of high kicks and doubles. It'll be aiight though. After that is the Level 27 show!!! I'm so excited to watch Rookie of the Year play again.
Dang I don't want to be one of those people who write 600,000 word essays on their posts, so i'll leave you now

Princess Bride

here's a sound clip Regier found from the Princes Bride. Not the best part, but yet still a good movie, and all parts shall be appreciated.


Alexa catches a pass...then dances! There's also a pleasant suprise at the end.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Real Quick

I'm super tired, so this'll be short. I'm going to upload a video overnight and put it on tomorrow of a chunk of the game.
So while out there i had to block Sasha...we're not the best of friends, so i was pushin her and she was trippin all kinds and it...was just awesome. I wish I could do that on a daily basis. So, yes we lost, but we were having so much during and even after the game that you wouldn't have known. Afterwards Maukie, Casey, Kasey, Mark and I went to Applebees then Target. We left and I came home, then Maukie came by to give me a gift (first season of sex and the city!!!) This boy spoils me! Now I go to sleep because i'm vewy tired.


I love my friends.  Posted by Picasa


rush the juniors? ok! When the clock ran out, all the juniors got in a huge huddle, and we were runnin into them and tackling and all sorts of things. We may have lost, but Seniors def. had the most spirit.  Posted by Picasa

Powderpuffin days

Powder Puff this evening. It ended 6-8 juniors, but all the refs save one were juniors, and the main ref was the dad of a junior. So I can't help but think it was a bit fixed. But ooooh my gosh it was sooo much fun! Posted by Picasa

Update you

We were supposed to have an english mid-term, but now i think today we're making up questions for the test. Hooray!
Senior and Junior girls play Powder Puff tonight. '06!!! Hopefully we do better than last year. eep. This weekend is the home coming game, right after we dance at that I'm going to the show at the holcomb rec (I don't think anyone was aware holcomb had a rec until a show there this's not that great anyways) Rookie of the Year, Glass Houses Sink Ships, the Girl Fight, and more and playing. So i'm excited and hope i don't miss too much of it before I can make it out there. I'm really excited to do Anthony's dance. He did a good job in making it up and teaching it to us.
Saturday is the homecoming dance, but we're just gonna have date night...although i'm not sure how well it's gonna work out. we haven't talked about it very much. Oh well, any excuse to dress up is good enough for me. Satuday morning at 9 (*sigh*) Anthony is teaching a dance class (jazz/hip hop/ballet) for a part of his buff project, i think. Stana, Jon Urban, Ryan Leon, and i are going to do it. I don't know who else will, but It sounds like it'll be fun
I go to class now! Have good days!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

hey that's MY dog!

I miss Kinross. He was the best dog EVER. This is a fun site.

Monday, October 03, 2005


Today Gwen Stefani turned 36. THIRTY SIX. She's mighty older than what I thought. Still as pretty as ever though.
I'm watching American History X right now. Me and Maukie started it, but he had to leave...and I just had to finish it. It's a pretty disturbed story but something about it...I love it.

On another note, Mrs. Regier started a blog. I love that woman. So check it out, she's very interesting and entertaining. Although I fear if you don't know her personally alot of things may not make sense. But still...she's fun. So go look at it.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Arizona/San Francisco Game

I'm watching it right now, and it's 11 minutes left in the 3rd quarter, and SF is winning 14-12. Hopefully AZ will come back and win it...I've always liked the Cardinals, and it's basically because I was born in Arizona. (*dang SF has a good defense). The VERY first play, AZ's QB fumbled and SF got a touchdown. THE FIRST PLAY! that's ok though, because we're coming back. pretty good game, it's keeping me from doing alot of my paper (which, btw, is due in 17 hours). Glad to see that the Chargers won today aginst NE. I usually go for the patriots, but Sproles plays for the Chargers, and he played for KState before he graduated (I was at that grad., how fun).

Oh, and would you freakin look at that, by the time I got done typing this post AZ just pulled ahead to 15. Atta boys.

(Update: **Final score 31-14 AZ!**)

...Candy corn, and syrup

Jones soda has some new spooky flavors out for Halloween, such as Candy Corn, Caramel Apple, Strawberry S'Lime, and Scarry Berry Lemonade. A lot of people seemed to not care for candy corn, but like the rest. This is Shannon displaying Candy Corn. Posted by Picasa

Miss Mary Mack

Anything But Joey

I could die happy after seeing these guys play 5 more times. ABJ, I'd take a bullet for you... um...ok, well a bullet to my leg or something, but still. Bullets hurt. (ps., that there's Brian and Groebe. They also play in the Famed, and obviously love each other) Posted by Picasa

Stuck on Broadway

I *heart* Steve's shoes. The other guy is Drew, I didn't talk to him, so he doesn't get his very own feature pic. Sorry Micah, this was the one picture that turned out pretty decent...but mind you all, Micah is back there drumming his little heart out. Posted by Picasa

The Famed

Darn that mic stand. Posted by Picasa

National Fire Theory

They were the opening band, and pretty darn good. I guess they've been around for awhile, never heard of them though. Posted by Picasa


One of the greatest people ever (got me into the show). He too, plays in SOB...normally doesn't look that...weird. :) Posted by Picasa


...there he is. (ps he plays in Stuck On Broadway. Right now I'm working on getting those guys some hookups for shows in SW Kansas) Posted by Picasa

Watch the blue roses fall from your hand

Maukie got me these flowers before we left. I couldn't very well just leave them all alone at my house for 4 days, so they embarked on the journey with us. He also got me and ma snacks. What a swell guy. Posted by Picasa

KSU/OU game

Oh my...the game last night really sucked. Atleast Kstate started scoring some. I dont remember the exact score. I think it was 20 something to 40 something. So no good, but they were getting a lot of crappy plays. Last I heard KU's game wasn't going very good either, so it should be interesting when they play.

I go home today. This makes me sad. When I get home, I'll have to do my paper for english. For those of you who don't know yet, I finally found a topic, reasons why minorities shouldn't get scholarships just because they are, in fact, minorities.

The K-State visit was pretty good, I liked the apparel design, theatre, and business dept's the best. I'm planning on studying abroad for a semester, probably in London. It would be tiiiiight. The dorms actually look pretty fun, food doesn't look bad, and Maria said she really liked them, so I'm looking at that to live in. Smurth Waite looked alright too, but Maria seemed right when she said all the girls there were basically the same type of girl. I don't know, I may end up living there for a year to see what it's like. They were all super nice, and seemed like they had fun too. KState just seems like a fantastic school to go to.

Saturday, October 01, 2005


I got to go!!! The show was amazing. now Steve gets his own line
STEVE i effin heart you! he got me in the side door because he's the greatest guy ever. so thank you.
The first band was a band called National Fire Theory, and they were super. Then the Famed played really good, and so did Stuck on Broadway. and then Anything But Joey was sooo fun...oh gosh, it's good to see those cats play again. So in conclusion, on a scale of one to ten, my night was supoib.
Thank you all the great bands in the world, and thank you Steve.
...I want to keep saying how fun the show was...just all night long imagine me saying "OMG it was soooo fun!" That oughta do it.