Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Altar Boyz

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Oh My Gosh this show was So good. Shwas Hilar, and Mark (the blonde) was SOOOOOO cute. We all had a G-rate time

Apollo Theatre

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Thats me standing on it's stage. :)

Al Roker

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Or "Big Al" as I like to call him. Yeah, he talked to us on the today show...ya, we were on tv. what of it? it's how we do.

Myth Bustaz

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i don't know if my audio blog about these cats got on (i was still figuring it out) so i'll give y'all the dl just in case. We were walking around our first day and we saw like 2 hundred thousand balloons all tied together in a bunch probably 3 stories high (if not higher). The myth busters i guess where doing a segment on balloons lifting a man, so there was a chair at the bottom and they were going to see if all those balloons could lift him. We were going to come back when they did it, but we missed it. Came back when they were popping all the balloons. But it was neat. We tried to get the fellas to come over and talk to us, but we couldn't get there attention. But we Did get their pictures. It was a good start to the very eventful week.

This is when i was excited to fly

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After the first half an hour of staring out the window, the wonder of flying left me. But this pic is kinda neat

GC Thespians

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Here we all are the morning of our flight, fixing to leave from wichita to houston! this was when everyone was friends...*sigh*...(we had some drama go down later in the trip...i almost had to cut some people)

Monday, May 30, 2005

ahhh home

so i'm back...it's good to be home. NY is fun and all, but there's something missing there, and that thing is my bed...and fish...but i still loved it there! I'm going to work on getting bunches of pics up but mind you i have a mac, and macs and life don't get along very well so it will take a while. thank you to all who visited while i was gone and made my total visits jump from like 200 some to a whopping 500 some in one week...that was neat. oh yes, and sorry i didn't post anything the last two days...nothing cool happened then and I was a bit ashamed. Off to the land of pictures!

Friday, May 27, 2005

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Thursday, May 26, 2005

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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

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Monday, May 23, 2005

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Saturday, May 21, 2005

:) :) :)

oh zaaaaang who's ready to leave for NYC tomorrow?? *i am* I still have 50% of my packing to do, which means I should probably get on that rather than play on the compy...but packing is soooooooo lame. But, you know what isn't lame? New York! So off I go to pack!
ps. June 4 toga party at Jons (?)! (along with a possible car wash earlier in the day for stuckey's and possibly she said?) tell all your friends, except the slutty ones. It's P H *NO* S for a reason.

Friday, May 20, 2005

My day today

I updated my bse a bit, and put a link to it on the sidebar to your right. Stana's bse list is here if you'd like to see that.
I had Relay for Life today, since dance team had a booth. It was ok, I'm not so much friends with anyone on the team yet, so it was kinda...lonesome. But Kaleb and AJ showed up so I hung out with them till 11:45 when I left (RFL lasts from 7 pm to 7 am, but since I'm leaving for NYC sunday, rhonda and I thought it would be better if I got some rest before my trip, rather than staying out all night...yessss). Me and Kaleb (aka my bf) went to taco bell then I dropped him off at his house. Now i'm home updated everything before I leave...I'm sooooo excited!! I'll get a pic up here real soon of some of the home girls at relay.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

First evening of real live summer

Tonight we had a softball game at 9...oh dear...well, to put it lamely we, Pyramid Plumbing, lost 21-1 (points to Greg for scoring a run in the first inning) The run rule card was again pulled out. Kasey and I (the coaches), were not too pleased, especially since a certain person(s) decided to show up when he/She was absolutley not welcome. So to take out some aggression we went to play tennis for an hour, followed up by a trip to the truck stop for a milkshake (kasey), and eggs and toast (me). Yum!

Stuckey's Exit 154

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I don't know why there was a need to take clothes off, but no one was fully dressed. Joe and Buck are obvious, Adam took his pants off and was playing in his boxers, and Josh wasn't wearing shoes....seriously guys. It was fun though, good playing

Our First Game

Tim softball
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Thats Tim hitting the ball. We didn't do too swell yesterday, but tonight we're gonna win! Woot!

8th hour english gang

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Oh, I'm going to miss those guys... Brooke, Krissy, Nickey, and Me. We had some good times in that class.

Dan and Ta-ra

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I told them to look like they loved each other...eh, close enough. They just got married April 16, Dan seems like a nice fellow. I'm glad Tara found a good 'un.

Cool Cat

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Ava wearing Chris' sunglasses...she looks funny. Nicole seems to be saying "I'm having a rockin' good time!"

Ava and Shannon

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This is Ava (Chris' sister Audrey's daughter), and Shannon trying to get her to walk on her own. She is super cute

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Starbuckz, She Said, and Stuckey's Exit 154

We played tonight at Remingtons. It was Stuckey's (Adam, Joe, Buck, and Josh ) first show, and I thought they did pretty good. Adam played drums, and that's not Adam instrument. But for how long he had been playing, I was impressed. The show was fun, and it was super funny when half the songs Stuckey's played were Firesquad or Teen Idols covers, but hey, made for a good show. Bravo Stuckey's, bravo. She Said played good (lots of covers...ick. Fun, but ick) and Buck played good solo. *POINTED*
Play a show puts me up 150 points (BSE countdown: 29,050 points)

*Leagued and Pointed*

I know it said little league but it was either that or minor league or major league...the Rec's softball league is not really any of them...but I think it counts. Me and Kasey are coach and asst. coach. Today was our first game, and we lost 15-5...that was with the run rule in play, so it kinda sucked but it Was our first...tomorrow we'll be better. It's a night game then, and the team we played today won the league 2 years ago. We'll do good, Kase and I got the playas some Gatorade to quench their thirst. I'm so excited for tomorrow! (BSE countdown: 29,200 pts)

This Day and Age

I can't remember if I posted about these guys awhile ago, I don't think so...Anyways This Day and Age is fantastic. I was listening to a song on my computer that I downloaded off of thier purevolume site, and it's soooo good! It couldn't remember it's name, and it didn't show up on itunes, but its really good, the piano part is super fun. Oh yes, and they're touring with Jupiter Sunrise this summer, so that just makes them extreme.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Project: Michelle's Best Summer Ever!

Here it is! My own list of goals for the BSE, although I will be using many missions offa Shannon's . Give me a while to get the missions posted. Yahoooooo summer!


Visit a Family Member Over 50 miles away Completed! i now have 500 points down, and i guess i shall too set my goal for 30,000 points. Best Summer Ever, here i come! (BSE countdown: 29,500)

Let the Summer Fun Begin!

To start off the summer right, Addy and I played a rousing game of tennis at around 9:30 tonight for about an hour. It was a good time, especially because he makes me laugh when he gets mad for not making it over or something. Oh Addy, your a silly one. Caitlin and Hope were there too...they played like 6 feet away from the net, oh crap it was funnnnnyy! Tight, let the summer awesomeness begin!

Monday, May 16, 2005

It's not always a "piece of cake"...*PUNNED*

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Hahaha...oh these cakes. So, obviously there are some spelling errors, such as Chris being spelled "Chis", and Jenette as "Jeanette". It's also funny because on the other cake, Chris was spelled right, Jenette was still spelled wrong, and though the lady put "Maria" on this cake, she put "Marie" on the other. Rhonda called her pre-graduation and spelled everything for her. I know it's probably a busy time, but it's silly enough I had to post it


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Thats Rhonda, Shannon, Nette, and Me. What a lovely bunch we are. Any pictures we have of all us kids with Gary is either on Nette or Shannon's camera, so I don't get to post any of those. But the party was a good time, and Jenette was wearing a super fly dress. There was like 6,000 people there, our house always seems to be the hip happening place when it comes to big events, it's lots of fun

Irene and Maria

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They're so pretty...Maria is going to K-State next year! And when I get up there, we're going to try out for the Koyote Girls together!...I can't believe thats going to be me next year. Its Luda, is what it is. Bravo Maria, bravo.

You don't have any chickens!!

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Oh Mattie! I'm going to miss him so much! He was 45% of my entire freshman year...oh the good times of sonic and hello dolly...*sigh* welp he's off to Lawrence next year. Good luck Mattie! I heart you as well!

R Honda

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Congratulations ma! How fun, now you can open a Panera or Cold Stone in GC! Thats what you do when you get a masters, right?

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Project: Best Summer Ever

So if you hadn't heard in an earlier post, a couple of us are doing this thing called Project: Best Summer Ever. The missions are set up and ready to go at last, since the summer season has started! (not for us high schoolers in GC, but close enough, you just get an early start on your points). If you decide to get in on it, let me know so I can get your name on the points list so we can keep track of your progress! Now, go check it out and get ready to have the best summer EVER!!

Thursday, May 12, 2005

News to me

You know...call me crazy, but I wasn't aware we lost the Vietnam war. I thought Mr. Campos was joshin us when the bellwork question was "What were some of the reasons the U.S. lost the Vietnam War" but apparently, he wasn't...i still maintain we won. We don't really lose wars, do we? Well, we watched a video over it in class. It didn't help Campy's case at all, because a) It didn't really prove or disprove what he was arguing, and b) i was falling asleep. Is this seriously true? Did the US lose to Vietnam? This is when comments are appropriate.
a confused and potentially disappointed American. Yaarrrggghhhh (picaroon, too)

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Ugh, gag me with a spoon

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today in zoology we disected what were supposed to be sharks from what we understood, but turned out to just be pretty big fish. thats stana, lauren (my dance team home boi), and ashton. i would have been in their group, if i wasn't completley grossed out by or scared of fish, and if i knew it wasn't some others fish's kid...make fun of me, i don't care. that fish could have been something...he could have made it!
anyhoo, i just took this picture, then fell asleep on the cement while waiting for everyone to get done. there's nothing better to fall asleep to than the smell of fermaldahide and the squeals of high school girls cutting things open


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this is rhonda at pizza hut with her victory salad!...mmm...the taste of a masters degree is sooo sweet, ay rhonda?

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Quick update

Rhonda and I went to Pizza Hut and the Queen to celebrate her winning masters school! bravo rhonda! bravo! I'll be leaving sometime during the school day to go to manhattan to watch Nette and Chris graduate (which can only mean one thing, move up the Charro night so we don't miss a beat), then will make the journey again back to watch the High School graduate that saturday evening. After that, it's non stop partying until the weekend is over! Rhonda, Chris, and Nette will all be celebrating at our house on Sunday, so if you read this and haven't been invited already, live in garden, and/or know any of those fellas, come on by! (we're having cheese dip, ole!)

Saturday, May 07, 2005

The Famed AND Stuck on Broadway?!

you krazy dr jones! but seriously, those two little cuties (along with ludo? i believe, thats what i read...crazy since that was who ABJ played their last show with) are playing June 24 at the Granada in lawrence!!! i don't know about you guys, but i'd give my left foot to see that! who's in?


i set up a myspace account...i'm guessing i'll hardley care about it since i already have this bad boy to worry about, but here it is

Friday, May 06, 2005

Rockin' out downtown

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zang! look at those cats! i thought we played pretty well that night. we sure as heck got paid like it. Time Out paid us to play there, it was a good time. we should play there more often.....gross sean, you don't know where that money's been....

A River Forth-...singer...

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I didn't catch this cat's name, my bad. he walked through the crowd while singing and pushed me and stana, so i don't care. he leaned over alot as shown while he sang, it was funny. BTW, also in the band is Dustin Mustard (guitar), and Scott Neuman (drums). I guess they're doing pretty well for themselves up in the lawrence tri-state area. bravo a river forth, bravo

A River Forth-James

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This is James Wesley, he plays guitar. I'm kinda mad that i didn't just get a group picture of the guys, cause i'm not putting solo pics of all the guys up, which makes me feel bad. oh well, hello james! Check them out

A River Forth-Robert

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Robert Gonzales is the bassist for A River Forth (Midnight Lullaby, with a new singer, and Robert instead of Joe playing bass). for all the talent in that band (which is alot), I was sort of disappointed. I expected way more out of them. Oh well, atleast they played for us in Garden, that's always nice of people. PS you can't tell it, but Robert was wearing the same pants (black dickies, probably a size 5) as me. it was pretty funny.

Dress up night

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We got dressed up and went to a play called "the boyfriend". i see some pretty good jean poses in there!

Attack of the Giant Metal Crows!!!

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ever wonder why i love kasey so much? because of things like this picture. Check out her Myspace

Thursday, May 05, 2005

The Crue

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left to right, back row to front it's: melly, kelly, emily herman, emily dodge, mark, clint, adrian, me, and kasey. (me and kasey were jean posing, as if you couldn't tell)

Happy 16th Birthday, Emily Dodge!

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Not the jean pose I would have chosen, but you've got to work with what you've got, and Emily got her face smashed into her birthday ice cream at IHOP! Jolly good times!


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I didn't pick up a brochure, so all i know is what i read on the sign. I'm going to guess it's pretty self explanatory. (the people in santa fe were about half-past hippie)

JD Challenger

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this fella is big in the Indian art industry. i guess he's one of the most famous native american artists in...the world, i believe? all i know is he's bankin. JD's super nice, he talked to us about life in the art business, and stuff. I'm not big into indian art, but i have to give this cat mad props, he can do some crazy crap. bravo JD, bravo.

dang girl, you foine

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we jean posed the crap out of that whole trip, and it was great, but we didn't care (the trick to look good is to not care). this was at the first scenic stop we made on the way to Taos... not too jazzy but we got this bad boy out of the deal

The Loretto Chapel

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In Santa Fe, it has the "miraculous staircase". it was built in the late 1800's i believe, and you can read up on it yourself if you want to learn details....but the staircase has no supports at all. some people think god built it. kasey and i wanted to go inside and look at it, but it cost 2 bucks, so we didn't. later we heard it was super cool and worth ever penny of the 2 bucks. our bad.