Sunday, January 25, 2009

Now dry your eyes, that's why Dad left

We had the first tournament of the new semester this weekend. Played Illinois (L 1-6), Missouri S&T's B team (W 4-2), and Washington (L 1-5), but that last game they played really well in.

Miah and Lacey brought their new baby...Johnathen Joseph? He was super-cute and super-asleep the whole time.

*Mommy pointed out that maybe I should watch the language a little more on the blog, even though it was a quote from Daniel Tosh, a comedian from Comedy Central. Probably not a horrible idea. Change in title--check*

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

I'm not pregnant

BAHAHA Clavin and I went to Hey Baby! today so I could find a gift for Julie's baby shower, and he knew the girl working in there. So when she was talking to us about what we were looking for, naturally I told her I wasn't pregnant. She and I had a good laugh, I think he was kind of embarrassed though. Which is part of the funny :)

Classes started today, except Japanese, because it was canceled. I'm not excited by any means for the semester, but I don't think it will be too bad.


Monday, January 12, 2009

SuperBowl XllVb29

This is how I want, nay, predict how the rest of the season will go:

Baltimore and Arizona will make it to the SuperBowl, Yamon will play one heck of a game, but Arizona will reign victorious!

It's too bad football is almost over.


It's Kwonza Grass

Sunday afternoon, Chris, Nette, Clavin, and I took a nice trip over to the Konza Prarie. It's pretty nice over there, though Jenette said it looked way cooler in the fall and I imagine it's pretty in the spring as well.

Bring your K-Game

Last Thursday Chris and I embarked on a journey. We were determined to see, pitting Red Bull and coffee against each other in our own bodies, which could keep us up and playing Donkey Kong the longest. I flipped for it and was put on a team with Red Bull, giving Chris coffee. He will never know how lucky he was...

We drank another unit of our respective drinks each time we beat a boss and got to a new world. At about 5 am, 6 worlds and 5 Red Bulls later (Chris forgot about getting a new drink at the end of the 5th world, and I was not about to remind him), we game-overed.

We layed around for a bit afterward, feeling all tingly, wormed-raced to a wall...that's was kind of weird... and called it. I ate saltines before I went to bed, since my tummy hurt.

And now we know.

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Monday, January 05, 2009

Never seen a turkey not fly

My camera came in today! But the memory card they sent me can hold about 1 1/2 pictures, so I need to go get me one of the big boys.

I applied at Harry's Uptown and Victoria's Secret and I'm reallllly hoping one of them just calls back because I'm over filling out applications.

Tonight would be a good night to do something productive since I don't need to get up til noon tomorrow to do ballet with Katy and David. However, I don't really have anything productive to do, and I started watching The Secret Life of the American Teenager last night and I can't even THINK of what will happen next!

The smoke detector in my room has a battery going dead so it's beeping very very loudly at an unnecessarily high pitch.

Might as well kick it

To all the family who laughed in my face when I told them the Fresh Prince theme had lost verses, chill on THIS throne.