Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Woohooahhh Franklin

We had our first weekend tournament in Denver this past Saturday and Sunday. Welp. The boys played really great the first two games, but by the third game in mile-high altitude, they lost a bit of their swagger. I don't think they ever really got it back for the one game on Sunday. So we lost all four, but played really well and I think we have a really strong team for this season.

We have some additional talent on the team we've recently discovered. Joel and Clavin are accomplished guitar players and Nicholas Sardina can not only belt out Counting Crows songs, he writes his own lyrics on the spot. About Wooly Mammoths. Named Franklin.
On the way home (on our new BUS the team just bought!) we had a rave, courtesy of Jerry's music picks.


Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Happy 21 KerrBates!

She drank less than half of a spiked iced tea at Famous Dave's, then turned in for the evening. But she looked pretty doing it!

Plus I got to make my very first solo pie for her--peach, her fav! Although we haven't gotten to eat any of it yet...

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Fall movie line-up

Lots of good things we've got coming our way. Let's get to it!
(Yahoo! had a whole preview of upcoming movies)
All About Steve (Sept. 4) Kerri wants to see it, and we rarely think the same movie looks good.

Gamer (Sept. 4) I'd go if someone wanted to.

9 (Sept.!) It's 9-9-09, crazy crap, no? This seems like it'd be fun.

Surrogates (Sept. 15) I wish it was someone besides Bruce Willis starring, but I'd see it if it was brought up.

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs (Sept. 18) I could, or could not, see this. But if it's anything like Up...I'm telling you there's a chance.

The Informant! (Sept. 18) Good question. I don't know if I think it looks good.

Love Happens (Sept. 18) I'm sure it will be brought up in the apartment.

Fame (Sept. 25) I will go by myself if I have to, this movie is going to be down!

Zombieland (Oct. 2) I am told I should see Shawn of the dead. So maybe I'll do that instead of this one, or the other way around. The previews did a good job, anyway.

The Road (Oct. 16) The book sounded good, and before I got a chance to act on that, I heard they were making a movie.

Where the Wild Things Are (Oct. 16) I personally never read the book, but I remember seeing the cover as a kid.

Saw VI (Oct. 23) It just wouldn't be Halloween time without it.

Cirque Du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant (Oct. 23) It looks good.

Youth In Revolt (Oct. 30) I <3 watching Michael Cera do and say anything

New Moon (Nov. 20) Like I'm not going to go see this at least twice.