Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Cart Wranglers

At work tonight Lauren and I had to get carts! Normally I'd be mad, but I don't mind getting them with Lauren. So, it was freakin windy, and once we wrangled a bunch of them a dust storm hit us! It hurt sooo bad, and we were laughing too hard to close our mouths, plus we were yelling the whole time, so they got all gritty. This is roughly what it looked like:

Oh my gosh, SO fun.

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Friday, March 23, 2007

Call that a knife?

Remember the good ol' simpson days?


Freakin Spring Break

The first part of spring break meant me, Alexa, and Chelsey going to Wichita to hang out with Chelsey's sisters Jessica and Kelsie for a couple days. There we celebrated St. Patricks day!
We went to a frat party (I know, it's teen movie of us) and Chelsey met a boy, Mike. They matched, it was sweet. By matched I mean everyone at the party was wearing green, it was kind of a requirement.
I met my boys as well.
Nathan--The white rapper that sang country, and Lance--the soccer player who couldn't dance. At all. If he tried, and you paid him.
The next day Chelsey and Alexa went to eat with a friend and I hung out with Shannon and Nicole since they were in town visitng Irene and the clan. We went to see 300 at the Warren Theater. It was top notch.
This is baby Nicole, Jayme's baby she had last summer. She's really cute.
After we came home from that trip I went to Castle Rock, Colorado with Lauren's posse to visit her sister Kristina and her family. I'm not gonna lie to you, she pretty much dyed our hair.

We did other things too, but since we were only in town for one full day, there's not a lot to tell. On the way home we ate at Denny's Penny's Diner. Lauren's mom bought us sticky things out of the quarter machines! The whole trip up and back Lauren and I watched the first season of the O.C., and some more last night. Yup, it's been a successful spring break.
I heard the band Boys Like Girls while I was in Wichita, and I pretty much dig them. Gay part? You can only buy their album on iTunes. And I was actually looking to purchase it, but I don't play that game.

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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Crocodile Hunter meets his match


How about Pineapple?

Guess who stayed the night last night?

A very pregnant Sarah Williams! She came in late last night to suprise her mom today. We stayed up till like 2:30 reading old notes and telling new stories...ah...miss her.


Monday, March 12, 2007

Like the deserts miss the rain

Stana Banana and Zoe left for California this morning on a three week voyage. Her sister is going to have a baby so she's going to go help with that, but not before they go to DisneyLand and to SeaWorld to see Shampoo.

*I do realize I called it Shampoo, every time Stana told Zoe they were going to see Shamu she would say "Shampoo?" as in, "We're going all the way the crap to Cali just to see Shampoo that we can see at Wal-Mart?"*


Sunday, March 11, 2007

You don't even KNOW!

Lauren, her mother, her friend, and I went to this Ladies Night at a pharmacy in Leoti tonight, kind of like a spa deal. They had a chocolate fountain, virgin (and non-virgin) strawberry daiquiris in a kwik-shop slushie machine, chips and salsa, hand and shoulder massages, and eyebrow waxing. All FREE. Amazing, we did it all. When we got back to Garden LB and I went to meet up with Chelsey and her sister's at Cole's. We hung, left for like 10 minutes to go somewhere else, were over it, then came back. Someone spilled jungle juice on my foot (I know, pissed) so i think I was drunk. Either way, Lauren and I haven't acted that rediculous in a long time. We yelled the whole time (it WAS loud in the apt though) and both broke our toes.
I came to the shocking conclusion that I will probably never date someone from garden from this point on. Oh. Dear. It makes me laugh though, the rediculousness of boys here. Seriously...are boys everywhere girls? Or is that just here in Garden? I guess I'll find out in 5 months. Don't worry though, if you think that gets me down, I'm not. Boys? Meh. Being ludacris at parties because it's either that or drunkedly hook up with some random baseball player? Yeah. I can do that...the ludacris part, not the baseball player part.
Since I lamely didn't bring my camera in, here's a pic of Lauren's straight up hood brother Jacob.

I don't know if you can tell or not, but tonight was freakin Ballin. I'm spent. It's already 3:22...just an hour ago it was, how time changes.

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Saturday, March 10, 2007

This is why I'm hott

Today was a really chill day. After classes and such I went tanning with Chelsey at Movie Gallery. I know, I know. ?. Yeah, but it's cheap there, and I figure if I need to tan for tryouts anyway, might as well get it done before prom. And for a reasonable price at that. In the evening me and the moms went grocery shopping then ate a scumptious meal of everything from Dillons that we felt like eating...basically...and watched Friends all the while. Then we went to a piano concert at the JuCo. Of course afterwards we came home and watched more Friends. Then Lauren picked me up and we went to Cole's. This is Cole, if you've ever heard the name but didn't have a face to put it with. I sneak attacked him with this picture...which is why he looks like a 9 year old, and I look like an elf of sorts.
Then we went to see what else in Garden was poppin...I'll tell you this much, nothing. We tried to find the house that Chelsey was at but, after about 10 minutes of driving around looking, we couldn't go on. Javi told us he was sick so Lauren texted him this:
And brought him Chicken Noodle Soup we did...The Young B brand, not the Campbells. Anyone that knows us should have seen it coming anyways.
So he was drinking some Orange Peach Mango juice that looked really good, so we went to Wal-Mart and got some, and some sippie cups to drink it in. Shhh, the cups' debut isn't till tomorrow, you're just getting a sneak preview. They'll be getting it all S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y night! Oh, and the juice? So good. You can't drink it too fast though, don't want all that Vitamin C to get into your system all at once.
(Quick little update: With the strength and courage that Lauren instilled in me, I finally dropped calc for real for real yesterday! What a relief. And yes, I already realize it's gonna suck at KState.)

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Friday, March 09, 2007

Last Dance

This was the last dance I'll have ever done at the Juco. Kind of sad...kind of not. You decide.
Part 1:

Bar/Team dance on Vimeo
Part 2:


Dot your T's

Last night we had the family birthday party for me since last week was a mumle-jumble of events as it was. Tara and the Baier's came as well as Grandma.
I know what you're thinking...Dave? Smile in a picture? Yessir, believe it.

We had ham and macaroni and cheese and ice cream cake! And thank you Dairy Queen, I did have a Happy Birlhday. :) But really, the cake was fabulous.

I learned that Ham isn't just pork, but what the pork turns into after a special process. Take that home. Chew it. It's delicious.
Today I bought the Ataris newest album Welcome the Night. Haven't listened to all of it yet, but I'm thinking my predictions were pretty much true. Good listening, just not the good old fashioned Ataris. I think Kris Roe finally hit puberty, that's why his voice is so incredibly different on this one. That's the only explanation I can come up with, anyway.
I also bought Merril Bainbridge's The Garden. That's pretty much so I can take it back old school whenever I want. And I will.

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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Shake, Slide, Shoot, Kaboot

The last five days (Friday-Tuesday) Me and the Moms have been in Manhattan and St. Louis.
We stayed the first night in Manhattan (when we ate at Houlihans.) Then the next morning it was off to St. Louis, MO! Shannon kicked it off right, of course with help from Lil D.
Nicole was obviously most excited for the games.
While Jenette seemed more focused in on the Cinnamon Life.
Daddy came along, which was a good time since we didn't get to see him for Christmas, and a long time before then.
If you watch the video a couple times, you'll see that Shannon scored a goal! A couple actually, this was the only one I got on film though.

They tied their first game and lost the second, but everyone did play very well this weekend.
Also, some very exciting news, Shannon got MVP for the season! And look who freakin got Most Improved. That's right, Shane "Bambi on Ice" Eslit. Nicely done boys. (ps. that's Jerry their coach on the left. He's 90.)

After the hockey-ness, we came back to Manhattan. Chris didn't come to St. Louis with us, so it was good that we got to hang with him after a time. On monday Rhonda and I went to the KSU campus and visited a couple departments. Everyone was really nice, and I think for now I'm sticking with the Political Science and Pre-Law with a minor in Dance. Today we visited the dance department then came home. But not before we looked for prom dresses. Because Aj asked me to prom this morning. And I. Am. Excited.

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Friday, March 02, 2007


Rhonda and I got into Manhattan this evening. When we arrived, we gathered up the family and went to Houlihans, a newer restaraunt in town.
This is what my coaster said.

I'm sure it's a really good restaraunt, everone seemed to enjoy their food, I just picked a pretty bland dish. The dessert was really good though! Fun atmosphere, nice interior...little loud...little slow...Maybe it was an off night for them.

In any case, tomorrow we are off to KC to meet with Daddy and then on to St. Louis to watch us some KSU hockey!

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