Sunday, March 29, 2009

Alumni Game

First of all, it was Chris' birthday last Thursday, but my camera died before I could take pictures of him eating ColdStone cake. So this is the card I made for him:
We had the K-State Roller Hockey Alumni Game today, not a super great turn out (Shannon, Nicole, and Rhonda couldn't make it up on account of stupid winter storm...along with a few other alum I'm sure). Netter played though, it was Miah's last game for us and it was a good game! I don't remember the final score but it was something like 13-10 us (the current team).
All the graduating seniors (Nick Sterlacci, Michael Meier, Kevin Hargadon, and Jeremiah Wood) got plaques, as did Dany Majard for Most Improved, and Clavin for MVP. I believe Jerry made good decisions.
So it was a great time, then we went out to Milford lake and had ourselves a little cookout. And of course, a few shenanigans were had.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mid-West Spring Break Tour '09

There were many trials and tribulations and singalongs on Coleman's and my journey.

First off, you should know our playlist included basically a rep of 4 songs with one added in closer to the end.
*"I'm on a Boat" The Lonely Island ft. T-Pain (I recommend you watch this video. It's bomb, but has a LOT of inappropriate language, so I would also recommend that you remove any children from your computers vicinity)
*"Don't Waste Your Whine" Crazy
*"Carry On My Wayward Son" Kansas
*"I'm So Ronery" Team America
And then after it played on the radio twice within the hour, we added
*"Big Papa" Biggie Smalls

I'd like to give you a small taste of the trip through photo
Our first stop was in Frankfort to visit his hometown, parents, and grandmother.
Then to Tulsa to see Shannon and Nicole, have a picnic in the park, and play disc golf on a sweet course.
Stopped in Stillwater to see Bev and eat at Whataburger.
Stopped again to gamble (for the second time, but at a much much nicer casino that a triple wide trailer in Osage)
Got to Garden to visit Rhonda and the zoo, along with Dave and Grandma.
Got to Brighton, CO to visit his Uncle Bobby and also hang out with his cousin Shantel. Coleman and Bobby both played for the faculty in the high school's faculty vs students game.
Almost went to a club in Denver with Geoff and his friends, but didn't quite make it.
Went to Estes and went inside the Stanley hotel for the first time.
Went back to Longmont where we had a big party with the family!

You can see all my photos here.

And that in a nut shell was the beauty that was our road trip. We've had a great time, shared a few laughs...join us next time with our guest Albert Einstein!

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Have we passed Last Chance yet?

If I didn't need to go to sleep now, I'd tell you all about the Spring Break MidWest Tour '09. However, since school is starting back up again, I need to get the rest. Here's a tiny tiny little taste until I can get you more.

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Sunday, March 08, 2009


Jim Brickman "Beauty and the Beast"

"Piano Variation in Blue" This is the song I ultimately wanted sheet music for from Finding Neverland, although mommy found me a very nice alternative.

Which was "Park on Piano" from the same movie. This video isn't as cool because I couldn't find someone actually playing it. Lovely song though, can't wait to actually work on it!

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"You can't drive from that side!" "Ok!"

Mommy came up this weekend and that was just a great time :)

I also had a performance on Saturday in my friend Dean's senior percussion recital. Autumn choreographed the piece, it was to a song called "Balaphuge" by Kevin Bobo played on the marimba.

It was pretty cool, and now I'm done with it and it's rehearsals! Dean's whole concert was sweet though, I'm really happy for him :)

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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Yeah, we're on the road

Some of the hockey guys and I watched Slapshot over at C-Walk's last night. I don't really have much to say about it...I guess it was pretty funny? Coleman was right though, who DID say movies have to have a point?

Tonight has been the completion of my first two days of work at Marriage For Keeps up here in the Little Apple. (If it sounds familiar, thats the program that Mommy heads up in the Garden branch.) Yup, pretty simple. And I imagine it will be nice to have a bit of an income again.

Mommy is coming up tomorrow because I dance in my friend Dean's senior percussion recital. I'm SOOO glad those rehearsals are over, this semester is stupid jam-packed.

Next week I have an A&P lecture exam on monday, A&P lab exam AND Japanese oral exam on wednesday, and the Japanese mid term on thursday. But friday will be kicking off spring break, a very nice time for it to come around.

Oh hey, I may be doing pre-chiropractic, of course then with the intentions of going to chiropractic school. But I think I need to gather some more information on it before it turns into a Major in Political Science kind of deal. Because that was a GREAT idea...

The song I've been putting on first in my sleep playlist lately is "Keep You" by Sugarland. (Song isn't on their site)

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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Ok...mmm nope. Alri....nope.

That's kind of how my day has been. Get started, then no go. Decide to give it another shot aaand I can't. It's because I'm sick, but when I'm just chillin in my beddy-by I feel well enough to do things. Not when I get up though. This morning was pretty bad, my throat was all sore and super phlegmy so I didn't go to my first two classes. Then I just got up kind of late and studied for my japanese class. About half way there I was thinking it was maybe a bad idea to go, and by the time I got there I felt and was breathing like I had just run 3 miles. It was awful. I can't to tell Sensei in between my panting that my throat hurt and I couldn't go to class that day. So I just turned in my homework and high tailed it back a very slow and pathetic manner.

I went to the doctor and she said to switch up some of my allergy medicines and see if that helps any. I'm to go back if things aren't better by friday.

However, I've watched 2 working on 3 movies today, AND got done a couple study guides and other homeworks. So that feels kind of good...better than my chest anyway.
One of the movies I watched was The Secret Garden, a movie my mom would always rent for me when I was sick as a kid.

Also watched August Rush which was pretty good, and now I'm in the middle of (and probably won't finish) The Wedding Planner. I've already seen it like a billion times on TBS, it's just a nice default.

Mommy is coming up this weekend and we're going to watch Friends! It'll (hopefully) be a nice chill weekend. I've been needing one.

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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Tilly and the Wall

This band is pretty sick-- their percussion is a girl tap dancing. There's another song called "Sing Along Songs" that's good and has a fun music video.


Birthday Weekend pt. 2: Hockey!

We had playoffs this weekend, so we left early Saturday morning at 6. It would have been 5:15 if it weren't for another birthday weekend miracle: Western Illinois forfeited both of our last games of the season against each other, so we won that one and didn't have to be to St.L til 2. However, it was supposed to be bad weather the whole way up (and it was) so we still had to allow for time to go 45 on the interstate for a while. So we got there to play the first playoff game against Southern Illinois, and it was looking pretty good for us. They were up I think 2 on us but the boys kept their heads up and scored. So then we were tied 2-2 for a while, and we eventually ended up losing it 3-5. BUT it was really awesome to see our guys play the whole game and not get down once we started to fall behind. It was a very good game.

So once the games were over for the entire weekend at 3, it was party time! We went to a nice Italian restaurant on "The Hill" of St.L called Zia's, where I ordered and shared my first bottle of wine with one of our goalies, Nick Sterlacci. (It was a Riesling, and it wasn't very good :S ) Fun that I could do it in any case.

Sunday was going to be Geoff's birthday so while he was hanging out with his family we hopped over to the grocery store behind the hotel and got him an Andes Mint ice cream cake!

And from there on the party ensued like it really was the last weekend of the season and we had no games the next morning.
From somewhat of a dance party, singalong-ish type thing we had going, it evolved into wrestling to tap out madness. Seriously, like some of these guys were at it so long they looked like they had just got done playing a hockey game. It got pretty intense at times.
However, Scott kept his own dance party alive behind the scenes the whooole time.
Happy end of hockey/birthday Geoff! Crap, that was a fun trip. Best birthday weekend Ever!

(More photos here)

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Birthday Weekend pt. 1: Birthday Prom!

This was such a great birthday! I usually have all these expectations, then one little thing goes wrong and I'm crushed. However, everything seemed to more than fall into place for the big 2-1!
*I ditched my only lecture at 8:30 am, that ended up being canceled anyway
*Julie's baby, Jack Pentz Dunn, was born at 12:30 am (5 weeks early!) and with only a little trouble breathing, he's doing great!
*Our tap gig at the elementary school was fun
*Netter and Chris took me to a late lunch at So Long, then brought me an Oreo Blizzard..mmm...
*And then it was prom! Lots of guest appearances, including Stana Banana and her new boyfriend Hector,

Josh Sauer and Jon Urban, Adam from Kerri's hometown, Nette and Chris, Willton, one of the neighbors (Dave Hale) friends from the hockey team and their room/frat mates, girls from the dance dept and their dates, some more OG's of Garden City, kids from my japanese class, and of course the roommates! It was a great great time and even better dance party! (For the few of us that actually did--I was exhausted come 2 am). Blew my mind.
And not only did people come dressed up...
And bring dates...
But some people even came dressed up matching their dates! (Annie brought me a corsage :)

It's like the entire evening was a birthday miracle! Accompanied with the cupid shuffle :)

(More pictures here

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