Friday, June 24, 2005

Next Week:

I forgot to mention that next week I shall be in the outskirts of Scott City going to Camp Christy...the last couple of years it\'s really been going down hill because apparently christianity and nazism have been secretly merging, but it will be Sarah Williams last year to go, so I thought what the hey! I hope it\'s good this time around *cross fingers*
(ps. i\'m posting from a tiiiiny computer at dinner. neat!)

June Twen-Four

Past: Shopping at mall in Manhattan, got some shorts at Hollister on sale :)
Present: At Freestate in Lawrence, waitin on my cheddar ale soup and Basil Ciabatta sandwich
Future: Going to the SOB, Famed, and Ludo show!!!
Tomorrow: going to Salina w/ everyone to meet rhonda and eat at Red Lobster and then go back to GC and play a show in the Hastings parking lot. Also, not post for another week or so b/c the computer situation isn\'t improving any better

Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Tomorrow we're (Kasey, Commando Lando, and I) going to el warped tour in bonner springs! it's going to be super humid though. after that, i'm going to manhattan then back to L-Town to watch stuck on broadway and the famed with the fam! woot. summer is fun

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Pirate Party? Yarrrrrgh!

tonight is a pirate party, but it's starting off sorta slow. we'll see how it works out. Toga party last weekend was lots of fun too. i think we're going to be getting a new computer or something hopefully soon so i can post many many pictures! until then, on the 21 kase, landon, and i are going to warped in bonner springs, then i'm going to the stuck on broadway/famed show!! summer is going great, but i'm always tired from the 7 and 8 am dance practices every morning! happy summer everyone! :) :)

Friday, June 03, 2005

Computer down

My compy is absolutley broken, so until we either get it fixed or get a new one, i'll have to rely on the kindness of others to let me use their's. Which means i probably won't be posting much in the near future. I do however have some good news. Wednesday my softball team (that i coach, mind you) played and it was our first game to not get run ruled! We lost 10-13, but it felt like a win...playing the whole time is a good feeling. After it was over Orly poured gatorade on me and Kasey. Bravo Pyramid Plumbing, bravo.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

*heart throb*

IMG_3146.JPG copy
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Mark (Tyler Maynard) from Alter Boys. He was the "gay" one. The cute one :) We saw him on the street and were like HOLY CRAP IT'S MARK! It was funny...kinda embarrassing.

Radio City Hall Rockettes

IMG_3137.JPG copy
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Josh and a Rockette. I got a pic with her too, but I needed to get some new faces on heere. That was when we went to Radio City Hall...they were getting ready for the Tonys.(i'm going to be on there!) Oh yes, my dreams of being a Rockette are ruined have to be between 5'6" and 5'10" :(

FDNY *pointed!*

IMG_3115.JPG copy
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I met all these fellas on the way back from Phantom of the Opera. I was super excited, they were very nice.

The Naked Cowboy

IMG_3112.JPG copy
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He was kinda creepy, but nice. But I have to admit he's a lot better looking than what I imagined...still not good looking, however. I hear he makes 250,000 dollars a year. Which is why i gave him no money. Take that indecent exposure!

The New Amsterdam

IMG_3101.JPG copy
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Thats where the Lion King is at. These are the masks they wear. This one's for you Shannon.

Central Pizark

IMG_3056.JPG copy
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It was rainy and cold that day, so it wasn't as neat as it could have been. Still fun though.