Thursday, June 28, 2007

My beard is massive

Last night was the first Garden City show I've been to since like Anorexic Beauty Queen last summer. It was local band Three Dollar Bill, Volia, Divide the Day, Her Candane,
and Nick's band The Answer is Never.
It was a really good show, and it's nice to get good bands in again. The merch guy Kevin didn't play, he just did merch and sat there being a mormon, but he plays guitar and is really good.
After that some of the band members stayed in Stana's living room while she, Meredith, and I had a slumber party in her room! We passed notes under the door for hours,
until we decided to come out and antique the ones that were sleeping.
(No one got hurt, so don't get sad)
**Oh, and I meant to say that tonight they played in Denver at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom...where we saw Jupiter Sunrise last year!**

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Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Weekend

My very lovely weekend was kicked off by a very delicious smurf from Daylight Friday morning. I worked that day as well, but I like to not think about it.
Later in the day I was delightfully surprised when a call from Rhonda informed me that she got the new job at Catholic Social Services (we're callin it M4K...Marriage for Keeps).
Naturally we had to celebrate by going to El Con!
Our night was rocked out in Deerfield at Ciara and Brooks' new house,
followed up by Red Baron until 5 am.
Saturday was a blur of swimming at the Holiday Eeeeinn and various naps. Finally when I came to, I went to a Bbq at Josh Sauer's. True to the season's Bbq tradition, it rained, but once that was over we had a lovely meal. Megan and the kids are still in town (that's Draven in the middle of Jenn and Sarah, truly his father's son) and I am soo glad I got to play with them! Draven is way fun, and I held Avigail who makes a bunch of white noise, but still is cute.
I had a great weekend!


Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Monsoon Season

It rained soooo hard today! When it finally quit, it was a ridiculous amount of yellow outside,
so Stana, Zoe, and I got Baskin Robbins to celebrate.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Finally, the torch of Grandma

I didn't get back with a couple people over this weekend, but it's because I was busy...
Having a birthday party for my 88-year-old grandma,
having a ho-down as the after party,
playing Red Light-Green Light at said ho-down,
making Coconut-Lime sherbert,
buying a dog cake for Rhonda,
and eating at Tacos y Salsas for the first time!
It was pretty good, but most everything was muy caliente.

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

I left you a Five-r

Work today was looooong, but I had the best customer ever. She was super sweet and used the word "five-r" in a tell you the truth, that's all you need to do to win me over.
After I got off Jeremy, Sonny, and I went to work out at the rec.
This evening Jon D. and I went to see Ocean's 13, I really liked it too!
The first is still the best, but I like all three. Huzzah for the Ocean's!

Oh man! I forgot to mention that the other day me and mommy went to see Pirates 3. I think she liked it but thought it very complicated, which if you haven't seen the 2nd in a while, can be very true.

Oh, and I watched So You Think You Can Dance, a show on FOX yesterday which I've never really paid attention to, but it is really freakin cool. This dance is a little freaky, but I fell in love with the song...and really it's a pretty cool dance.

Good grief, this one was freaky too, but oh so fun...I didn't want this to be another video post.

Umm someone misses dancing...Guess.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

BIG news

I took Grandma to her house today and when I took her back to the rest home, under
Today's Activities
I even did a double take, yeah, that's what it said. I'm going to find out when the next session is so I can participate slash take videos.

In other not-so-huge news, Josh (Salyer) and I watched Pan's Labyrinth tonight. It was pretty good, not buy it good, and not as good as say Mirror Mask but I'm glad I watched it.

Oh, and in more pretty big news, I'm living in Smurthwaite again when I go to Kstate. For those of you who I didn't tell because I was so pissed, I got wait-listed, so I was all set to live in the dorms and never be friends with SW again until they called me the other night and were like "Are you still interested?" and I was like "Meh. Ok." So, that's that. We're in.

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Anaheim Ballet

This video was featured on YouTubes homepage, and I enjoyed it.

So then I got to looking at other videos and found another one. Why should you watch this video? Because my friend, if you are reading my blog then I know for a fact you love one of these two things...I think you'll know what I mean.


Sunday, June 10, 2007

Yes, why Did we drink that gallon of water?

Technically it's Zoe's 3rd birthday today, but we had her party yesterday at the AmericInn. There were tons of kids there, and lots of old friends so Stana did a good job!
This is Adam and Megan's new baby Avigail Lorae, I finally got to see her! Her, Megan, and Draven (who is sooo cute now and looks exactly like Adam) came and got it with us. She was sweet, and it's really cool how she can turn her head that much so you can't tell right off if she's on her back or stomach. That, my friends, is a talented newborn.
The whole day was fun, continuing on with a BBQ that got rained out at Debbie's house, then watching old videos at Jon Graff's house. Jeez I've missed the lovin from that group. So much so that I was out with them until 5:30 am...and tempted to watch the sun rise while I ate some cereal. Alas, I proceeded to take a 3 hour nap before I went to church instead.
Today me and mommy went to see cousin Bobby and her newest baby, Grant. He looks exactly like a Baier baby, and didn't cry the whole time I held him! Hence, I like this one the best.

Friday, June 08, 2007

He's Not gay, he's Mormon!

My play date with Chris was soo fun! Here's what we did:
*Went garage saling...not too exciting
*Decided we wanted to go to the Dodge City Water Slide but couldn't figure out how to contact them to see if they were open, so we threw the idea out.
*Ate El Con with Jeremy and Sonny
*Tried to swim at their apt's swimming pool but were denied since half of us
(now joined by Brittney) aren't residents.
*So we layed out in the BBQ pit, which as far as we know, isn't reserved solely for residents.
*Worked out at the rec
*Went to the Big Pool for my first time in four years. The new slides are fast and fab!
*Freshened up, went back to the apt's and played Taboo
It was a successful day, in that I am pooped.
Three year old's birthday party tomorrow? I'm in!

**Ah yes how could I forget? My dreams last night/this morning:
-Jim from The Office flying us around camp and giving us parachuting lessons
-Me and Chris (pictured above, not my brother in law) getting married
-Regier redoing MAD! for this last spring's play, and it being more than amazing. Broke my heart a little the dream, and when I woke up. Also made me kinda sick.
But it did give me some fun ideas for MAD! v. 2**

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Thursday, June 07, 2007

James your the only one who likes girls here

And it was so. Tonight I went to game night at Chris and Jeremy's. Jeremy and Sonny made a delicious Ham Dijon Swiss bake, I brought pasta salad, and Macy brought strawberried-whipped cream dessert. At one point there were like 13 people there or something. Fun times. Oh, and about the heading, there was one guy from Target there (yeah, most of us there were Target employees) named James and for a while he was the only one that liked girls out of all six of us. It was keen.
Tomorrow Chris and I are having a play date! Garage sales, possibly skating or swimming, maybe a carnival. Who knows with us crazy cats!

**I just found out that I will know what dorm I'm in during the first week of July...whew, I was getting a bit worried!**

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Sunday, June 03, 2007

The goin-ons

A couple things you should be aware of:
*I've restarted trying to finish the fifth Harry Potter book (Order of the Phoenix),
and slowly but surely I'm gettin 'er done
*...which leaves me nothing but super freakin excited for the movie to come out in July!
*I've started running two miles every day as opposed to the one, and it's kickin my butt
*My brothers' and sisters' friend Newgen got murried today in KC
*And I found out today that one of my good friend's got engaged a couple days ago!
(I won't say who, juuuust in case she isn't telling many people yet)
*Summer is still proving to be the best season of them all

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Saturday, June 02, 2007

First of Many

Guess what I did today? Well first I went to Kasey's baby shower.
She's due July 4, and she is very big!

After the party Jon D. and I went to get SnoCones at Wams then went to WalMart.
Finally, after eating dinner and going to WalMart again with the parentals, Stana and I went to a bonfire with a bunch of the people I used to hang out with.
It was nice to see some of them again :)

Tomorrow: Church, work, and possibly seeing Chelsey

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