Friday, September 28, 2007

Futon talks

Yesterday was my last day of classes before fall break! In the evening Shane and I played a rousing game of putt putt before going to Navs. Afterwards we got a Hot'n'Ready from Little Caeser's. I hadn't ever heard of those before, but it was quick AND delicious! Then there were issues so I came home early thinking "Yeah, it's probably a good idea for me to go to sleep before one for once this week anyway. WELL I got home and Kerri's friend Diedre was spending the night so we talked on the futon for like an hour or so. Then I went to sleep.

Today we leave for the Denver tournament!! I'm so excited.
Golly this has just been a fantastic week.
Top it off with a three day weekend in Colorado, and I'm sold mister.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Study night?

Last night was game night. Shane called me and invited me to sit with him and his roommate Nate in line at Wal-Mart for the Halo 3 release,
where we played speed and slapjack for an hour or two. And met this guy.

After that we got our homework and went to this place called Top of the World. It's really cool, you can see all the lights of the city. So we got out our captains chairs and studied Japanese and European Geography by the light of his (freakin nice Mustangs) headlights.
Then we got Sonic drinks, went back to his apt, looked up registered sexual predators in our know, just so we stay informed, and talked about our dreams and politics.
Holy crap it was the funnest not-really-study night ever. Who's sleepy?!


Sunday, September 23, 2007

Party weekend? Really?

So, I wouldn't say party weekend part 2 was a flop, because we did hang out with a couple football players and party-hopped a bunch...ooook and we watched "A Walk To Remember" before going out, which rocked the night anyway...
Looks like this just isn't the sort of thing you can plan.
The REAL party happened today when we went to church!..We love church :)

Friday, September 21, 2007

Chapter Room

Night one of party weekend...I wouldn't say it was a success, because we only went to like, one party and left it really quick. The rest of the time Kerri and I just hung out with her friend Brad and a random selection of people. It was fun, just not fun enough to keep us from poopin' out early. And we were sooo ready too, look at those beer tickets! (Haha, if you don't know, Kerri and I don't drink, those are just some beer tickets that a person at the Wichita CatBackers tailgating party gave me, a 19 year old.)
Anyway, we got tired just shy of 11:45,
so we decided to hit up the ol' Wal-Mart and then came home.
Now I shall sleep to good music and I shall sleep
well on into the morning and possibly early afternoon.
Stay tuned for party weekend part 2 tomorrow!

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

...I hate alfredo sauce

Tonight I hung out with Shane and his roommates. We made dinner before we went to Navs and, funny story, he pulled out some alfredo sauce and was talking about what we could make and in my mind i was throwing up a little because I indeed don't like alfredo sauce, then finally his roommate Todd was like 'let's make that pork and rice stuff' and I was like SWEET. And Shane agreed so I said "Ok, so just so this doesn't happen again, I hate alfredo sauce"
and it was a good time thereforth.
Then we went to Navs and had a grand time as usual, went back to his house and played guitar hero! It was fun. This is his dog, Bruce! Awww Bruce...


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

It's a running joke

So busy day turned out to not be so bad! I'm just super-pooped, but other than that, it wasn't too over-whelming. Dryland was fun.
Shane had to wear my dancer sweat-pants, it was kinda funny.
This is Erin and her newly-established boyfriend Chris. They've basically been dating for a while, but he finally asked her out last weekend. I finally got to meet him tonight!


3 days til party weekend

Oh no, it's busy day!! Wednesday is my busy day of the week, and today is Uber-busy day. Ah here it goes:
-Class at 8:30 this morning
-Come home, make lunch 8:45-11:15
-Japanese 11:30-12:30
-Hang out with Shannon til jazz at 1:05-2:20
-Walk home, shower, get ready for work at 3-5
-some Diversity presentation with Kerri 6-7:30
-Dryland 8:30

And then it will be over! But I'll have to study for Japanese test number 2 tomorrow...Kerri and I declared this weekend party weekend, so I'm excited for that. Or just for today to get over :)

Sunday, September 16, 2007


If anything is going to be the demise of my college career it will be facebook/the internet in general. Or Japanese. But Asians are tiny and I can take them on.
The internet....mmmm not so tiny.

I sound like a man

So I'm almost basically not sick anymore. For the most part.
Look at this garGANTUOUS spider we saw in the Jardine parking lot the other night! Grooosssssss.
Yesterday was the home KSU/Missouri State game. Shannon's friend Andy came over from Wichita and we went to a Catbackers tail gating party with him.
They had purple cauliflower there!
It was totally a party where we were sitting.
And look who else sat with us! Addison was up for the weekend, but they left before halftime. BOO. It was still fun sitting with them!
So basically we demolished Miss State, 61-10. It rocked, Wabash style.
After the game I went with Kerri and some of her friends to Gumby's. They got the 20 inch,
and pretty much finished it. This is Nick Grieve, it's not a good picture but he's 4th-string quarterback for Kstate, so I want to be able to look back at this when he's first string and be like "Yeah, we ate pizza together".
Kerri's grandparents came up today and we to church with us plus Sara and Diedre then took us out to Famous Dave's for lunch. They were freakin awesome and the food was yummy!
So to wrap things up it's been a great weekend.
Plus Shannon informed me that Jason Elam just kicked the winning field goal in overtime in the Broncos/Raiders game!
(I've been doing homework so I couldn't watch the second half of the game)


Friday, September 14, 2007

If you were a tree...

I got a job!!! At a law office, nonetheless. Addiar and Thurston CHTD. (I don't know what that last part means) It's my first day today...the guy is one of Jenette's parents at Stonehouse and he is freakin cool, joking around with me during my interview and stuff. Yeah, it'll be a good time :)

ps. Kerri has a date tonight! Good day for everyone!

pps. Andy is coming to town tonight, and so is Addison. Yay!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Still sick

I ended up not going to my two afternoon classes yesterday to sleep instead. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough and I'm still sick today. Less sore throat, more pressure and sore body now. Hopefully that's the light at the end of the tunnel. Cause I'm a busy gal, I don't have the time for my body to be like "oh Michelle, love me, take care of me, let me get plenty of rest!" NO, body, that's crap and you know it. I have things to do.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Happy Birthday Kerri!

Room 110 finally got to celebrate Kerri's birthday last night
with a delicious cake from Coldstone!


Never used to the morning

I had a rough time getting to sleep last night. My throat kinda hurt, so I took some Nyquil so that sped things up a bit. This morning my throat hurts more and I'm thinking more and more about not going to my two afternoon classes. But we all know I probably will...dang it. Colds aren't fun!

I'm really sleepy...

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Saturday Kstate played their first home game against San Jose, and we won 34-14!

Sunday, other than it being Kerri's 19 birthday (!) I, along with the fellas you see in the pic below and my madre went to KCs Renaissance Festival.
We went last year, but this year rocked so much harder! I wonder why...
Could it be that we had tea with the queen, along with an entire gypsie family? Maybe...
Or perhaps it was because Nicole and I rode an elephant? Could be...
We took a lot of pictures with these kinds of boards.
That might have had something to do with it...
Mommy didn't meet the queen, but she did meet one of the Queen's ladies. That contributed...
A bag-pipe rock band always brightens up a Sunday afternoon...
And so does dancing with gypsies to cap off a wonderful day at the Renaissance Festival!
Yeah, this year was way cooler than last year,
and we're going again in October for pirate weekend!

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Friday, September 07, 2007

The big fat raindrops

My MOM comes to town today! I'm excited. I'm sooooo excited.
A couple days ago I played waterballoon volleyball. I didn't like the sound of it, especially since Kerri woke me up from a nap to play, but it didn't last long, and was kinda fun.
(that's Kerri and Sarah....and my towel)
Yesterday I went to NAV with Shane, this guy I know from the hockey team. I really liked it, NAV is like a worship service for us college students and it was pretty rad. After that we WERE going to play Guitar Hero but it didn't work out for us, so us and his roommates watched adult swim and talked football. All that jazz was a good time...yeah it was.
When I left I picked up KurrBates and we went to Sonic where I got the new peach smoothie. And let me tell you, it was gooood. When we got home I realized I left my phone in my car, four parking lots away. She said she'd go get it with me, but when we went outside it was monsooning. So we got our hoodies on and ran like Kenyans. The rain actually hurt it was blowing so hard, but crap, it was an adventure alright.

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Thursday, September 06, 2007

What are you going to do?

Shannon, Nicole, and I have been playing this card game called "Coloretto" recently. It's fun, and there are chameleons on the cards :)
Today in Natural Disasters this random black guy sat next to Caitlin and kept talking to her; it was freakin funny. He would ask her things like "Should I get a sleeve on this arm?" and "Do you know how to use a scantron?" Oh my gosh, I giggled soo much. Then Jawsh just commented me and told me he's been meeting black guys like crazy. Ones named Belo and NUTSY. LOL I freakin know, right? Ugh...This town is nutsy, I'll tell you that much.
So last week I straight up ran two miles in under 21 minutes, and yesterday I ran/walked 3 miles in 36. I've been going to the rec everyday, it's a pretty good system. . .good grief, I need a job.
Holy crap, Resdient Evil: Extinction come to theaters September 21. I'm amped.


Monday, September 03, 2007

1000th Post!!!

Two years and 8 months=1000 posts. We've come a long way in that time...
Since then I've had oodles and oodles of adventures in Gc and beyond.
Saturday night was Kstate's first game of the season against Auburn. We played really well and were beating them mostly up until the fourth quarter, then they ended up beating us 23-13. It was pretty sad. But we really did play waaay better than anyone thought we would.
(To read more, read Shannon's post.)
So during halftime, Kerri, Nicole, and I made waffle cookies!
They gray ones were supposed to be purple, but that didn't work out too well.
They basically tasted like waffles...good times, though.
Today I found out that I got a part in a small dance ensemble that I tried out for!
It may end up being in the Winterdance,
otherwise I think it's just going to be in some department showcase thing.
Either way, I'm really glad that I didn't ditch these auditions like I did the first Winterdance auditions. I am pumped!
This coming weekend...
-Mommy's coming up
-Is the first KSU home game against San Jose
-We're going to the Kansas City Renaissance Festival like last year
-Sunday is Kerri's birthday
-First practice for the dance ensemble
So far it's lookin to be a good one!