Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Nike+ Ipod

I want it. As the target audience, I feel it's my responsibilty.


Nette's birthday

Netter turned 25 a couple days ago, and Chris was the third party to sing to her--and obviously the best.



Sara rented Twilight, so I watched it. And now I know what every middle school girl sees in it. Edward Freakin' Cullen.

He should be looking at me like that...But really, it was pretty good.


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Over yt

I'm tired of the whole "spell your baby's name all crazy" bit. It just looks weird throwing in y's as the lone vowel. I don't know why it irks me so's kind of like how Shannon just can't stand the sight of Owen Wilson. It doesn't make since, but it's just how it is.


Come on T-Dawg, whaddya say?!

Saturday Nette and I went to Dave's weightlifting competition in Salina, and he did really good! He beat a state record for his class in curls, and beat a personal best in...bench press maybe? He got a trophy!


Summer come early

Friday I went to Dr. Kirk because my real eye doctor (Dr. Hake) referred me to him to get some minor thing check out (which turned out to be nothing). So after being kind of rude throughout the whole thing they dilated my eyes--TWICE. I couldn't read a gosh darn thing after that and I asked about it and they were like "Oh yeah, that should wear off in 3-5 hours". Freakin cool guys. So I do not recommend going there if you can help it.

So after work I met Geoff and Coleman at the K-State/KU soccer game, which we ended up losing 0-1. After that we decided to go to the K-State/Mizzou baseball game. We were winning the entire time 2-0 until the ninth where we lost 3-4. But our batboy was adorable, Weber had on his rally cap which lightens any situation, and they had fireworks after!

That made it really hard to realize there are still 3 weeks + finals left of school.

At the end of the night I stopped by Will's who was having a belated passover party.

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Geoff, Coleman, and I worked ourselves on the stairs of Old Stadium on Thursday. On the way home C Walk and I made the last minute decision to eat Jimmy Johns, and to visit SOS Records. Well, there was a suprise mini-show about to happen! So we stuck around for that.
Tyler Gregory of Tyler Gregory & The Blue Shuffle played an acoustic set, followed by Charles McVey on the piano. (Warning: If you're going to listen to ol' Chuck's music, it's a little graphic/vulgar/homosexual. If any of those make you uncomfortable, I recommend against it--I did enjoy the music though.)
Of Tyler's I particularly enjoyed "Loose Change" and "Remember What You Had Forgot". He said the latter was about Kansas, if I remember correctly. "Sir" by Charles was probably my favorite of his.

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The deuce

Sara and I were the only roommates for the better part of last week because Kerri and Deid both had trips for school. This was her post, and mine was the couch. We had fun, watching E! and going to the rec when we did leave the apartment.


Trips home

Jenette, Chris, and I all went back to Garden for Easter. Shannon and Nicole wanted to come, but things weren't working in their favor. We also had to go to our Uncle LaVern's funeral who was my Grandma's brother, so that was a bummer.

But we got to see all the family when we went home, so that was nice. Plus it rained pretty much the whole time we were there.

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New Friend!

Since a dang deer trashed my CR-V, we got a Kia in Wichita over Easter weekend.
A large selling point was that we could pay for it entirely with the money we got from insurance, and that John Randle, former KU and SIU running back who's working to play in the NFL, sold it to us. Super nice guy!

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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Told him about her

So am I really out of the loop for never really hearing of Ronnie Milsap? He sounds familiar, but I know I'd never listened to his music...until this fateful afternoon. After I had to clean out the CR-V and say goodbye to her for the last time...
A guy that looks like this is exactly what I needed, Smokey Mountain Rain is it!

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Monday, April 06, 2009


Have some funny :)

Sunday, April 05, 2009

I keep my hands in my lap

SpringDance '09 is OVER! It was a really good show (I feel) and I think it went over well for everyone.
And then I hit a deer Friday night. So, you know...that too.
I was on the way out to Nette's after getting ice cream with Coleman, Geoff, and Ryan (who came to SpringDance, along with Scott who had to leave early) and the little guy got in front of me faster than I could break, so I hit him and he flipped around to the side and knocked out the passenger window. Very scary, not a fun night. Also, probably not a fun phone call for the parents I would imagine. (Daddy came up with Shannon and Nicole to see the show). So we're awaiting news from the insurance to see what will happen next with that.

BUT the important thing is everyone is ok...except the deer and my car. And rehearsals are over :) And I got to see and dance for the family.

Good golly I need a break..

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Thursday, April 02, 2009

"Take it off Amanda" "...What?"

And so tech week begins...and is almost over. SpringDance is THIS Friday and Saturday people!