Monday, April 25, 2005

Ow! My freaking Forehead! (and other short stories)

*Earlier this evening i burned the crap out of my forhead while straightning my bangs, and as you may have heard, it really hurt.
*Last night while watching Hawthorne Heights play a song live on MTV, i made a strange discovery. In one of their lyrics, "cut my wrists and black my eyes", the word "cut" had to be bleeped out. I don't understand...those cats at MTV can get pretty crazy sometimes.
*I sucked up my ACT i took earlier this month. I got a 23...i was awful dissapointed with myself, but i shall try again my senior year! Take THAT act! (oh, i will...i will...)
*During tomorrow's sleep, i shall be leaving for a 5 day trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico at the Un-Godly hour of 3 am! i'm so excited!! It's an art trip...but i can't lie, kasey and i are excited for the shopping too. I'm so glad she's coming!
*I like shannon's "idea" for the best summer ever. i say "idea" because he didn't really think of it, but he brought it to my attention, i give all my props to that cat! i'll start on my list of points immediatly
*Now I shall wait for Joe to get off work...i've been teaching him "heart and soul" on the piano, we'll see if he remembers it from yesterday

bye bye birdie (i wish)

so there's this bird that keeps running into my window. and when i say "keeps running into my window", i don't mean a couple times this evening. i mean, since saturday morning every day starting at 7 am this frikin bird will sit on the tree outside of my window, fly up, hit the window with its beak and fly back to the tree. sometimes when it wants to get Real crazy, it will land on the window seal, flutter against my window for a bit, and stare in...i think it's trying to get into my room, but whatever the case it's really freaking me out. i don't think i've ever wanted an animal to die as much as i want this one to....bye bye birdie...*mwah haha*...

Saturday, April 23, 2005

A shout out to the Dispatchers

i heard some of the dispatchers at the hospital look at my blog (mostly for the games i'm betting), and thats neat. hi there! stick in there, you only have to work a 12 hour shift!

Happy Birthday Netter!

Hey its my sister's birthday! Happy 21 Nette! zang...21...there's nothing you can't do now! neat

Monday, April 18, 2005

Sick guitar solo

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Joe took this picture, i thought it was freaking awesome the way it turned out. thats adam playing, and bret and addy...its a really good pic. 10 stars to koko joe!

The girls with security

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This was at the show, we had marilyn and officer reynold for security. they kept the peace, so to them i say: bravo cardboard-cutout security, bravo.

Mission: Bowling

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we went bowling to keep busy, and used our picaroon names (betty=kasey, jane=michelle, mary=stana)

Kansas W-Otters

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One of her clues was at the zoo w/ the otters. Stana and i just waited ther for her and watched the otters, and the kids watching the otters. they're one of our favorite animals to watch there. aren't they cute? they love each other!

Let the Scavengering Begin!

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That was Zoey giving Kasey her first clue to get on the road for her scavenger hunt. We had just ate the pancakes for breakfast that we made


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thats clyde (of bonnie and clyde, brian's two BEAGLES). i played with them alot when we went over there. yay for dogs!

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Happy Birthday Kasey!

yesterday was kasey's 18th birthday!! i would have posted yesterday, but i was busy with stana making sure her scavenger hunt went smoothly, decorating for and going to her birthday show that she said played at, eating at el charro (yum!) and staying the night at her house...but i didn't mind, shwas a good time!

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

black people love us

black people love us
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check out this site , it's hilar


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this summer i'm playing softball, with the dance team in women's league and then with some friends in co-ed (probably). the fellas were practicing tonight and i got sooo bored of just standing there (shwas cold too!) this was taken from the dug out. enjoi.

Monday, April 11, 2005


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Saturday we had a little barbeque at buck and mo's. apparently the guys don't know the meaning of "a little goes a long ways" because they emptied the crap out of the stuff they used to make the fire...gas or propane...i don't know, i'm a girl...i guess "i'm a vegetarian" would be a better any case, that was one large fire! (ps, if you noticed the beer in the pic, please know that i didn't drink. for those of you who don't know me well, i don't drink, drinking is dumb. but these guys are my friends so whatev, it's their call. it's legal for them anyways.) clockwise that's lil mike and eddie behind the fire, then joey, matt, and moses. the other fellas were slavin away in the kitchen


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the other day we Kind of got joe's new blazer (ps joe got a blazer and sold orly his truck) stuck at the river. luckily justin's truck took us to town and later got it unstuck. bravo justin, jon and his truck, bravo. btw it was really funny because the first time he tried pulling it out before we left, the rope broke. after that we figured 'crap', went to town, i went home, and the boys got proper equipment to get it out. yay!

Stana and Zoe

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This is Stana and her baby Zoe! aren't they cute? Zoe will be one in June, her party will be a hula party. i don't know about you all, but i am stoked for a good ole fashioned one year old hula birthday bash! tiggity TIGHT!

Havoc On Polaris

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This was at the show on the 8. Havoc (aka Also Known As...teehee... but they seriously used to be called that) is from lawrence? i think...somewhere around them parts. anyhoo, we're big fans down here. good guys, good music

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Happy Birthday Shan-man!

It's my brotha's (25th) birthday today! Hooray for Shannon i say! Hooray!

Saturday, April 09, 2005

hey andy

i saw andy today at target when stana and i were shopping fo' kasey's birthday. i told him to come to the graduation party, he said he will. good deal, i say.
i have pics from the show last night (havoc on polaris, sloppy meat eaters, stole your women [stupid band pissed me off...good music, dumb singer], and eight fingers down. nick grooms is doing a fine job hookin GC up with a scene. and to that i say: bravo nick, bravo. i also have pics of stana and zoe, her baby since we 3 hung out today. zoe's a cute one, i'll give her that. the posting shall begin when i get home tonight!
i think since it's nice out joe and i are going to go get ice cream and hopefully go to the zoo, but he's tired...anyways.
the other day i went to my bff's house (caleb grooms) and he let me play with his dog and watch the against me DVD, it was tiggity tight. his dog's name is molly (a golden retriever, 10 pts)
oh yes, one more thing. Shannon: should i consider getting an ipod or a dell mp3 player? joe got a dell (30 gig)...he thinks i should get one over an ipod, so i figured i could ask you...? hook me up playa
peace up, A town down, i'm outie 5000

Sunday, April 03, 2005

awww they love each other

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isn't he cute? i dig him...this was when he came to pick me up...he opened the car door for me everytime :) *sweetheart*

thats how its done in hollywood

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kasey and her family receive 20 points for dinner because it was sooo pretty, the food was excellent, and for making kasey's little sister, sadie, be the waitress. it was a good time, and they did a super good job. bravo piles, bravo. ps, the things standing up next to the glasses were not only our place cards, but glass picture frames that they had "prom 2005" printed on the back. crafty ones, those piles

this makes me love them x100

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they thugs, it aint no thang

everyone whos anyone

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that was the gang, patti (kasey's mom) told the girls to pretend like we were putting on the boy's flowers... joe brown looks funny. left to right: stana, joe b, me, joe w, kasey, and brian. brian's hair is usually much more curly. isn't kasey's dress so fun? stana's grandma made hers, it was really fun too. i enjoyed my sunglasses *and my dress*

They call me Hollywood

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thats outside in front of the big pine tree (pine, right?), before we commenced to proming

Happy Birthday Amber Owen!

(it's her birthday)...she's probably 20 but i don't really know for sure. we're going to applebees tonight to commence in the festivities!

*correction: she's 19, i found out at dinner. shwas yummy!*

Long time, no blog

so it's been around a week...nothing really has been going on, i was just trying to get things ready for prom that happened last night. prom was a lot funner than what i thought it was going to be. Kasey's family made us (stana, joe b, kase, brian, joe w, and i) dinner and it was super good. then we went to prom, and thought it took us 2 hours to get through the line and get pictures, the dance was a lot of fun. afterwards we went back to kasey's for a while and hung out, went to a party that had just gotten broken up by the sheriff when we got there, then went to moses' party. after that kase, brian, joe, and i went to eat at the red baron and called it a night. i slept until around 2:30 this afternoon now joe and i are going to go to wal mart soon, and i'll get prom pictures printed out! woot! i'll post pictures when i get back home again. there were some good ones!