Thursday, June 26, 2008

He's a leguuuume

(I want to buy Will & Grace on DVD)
Tuesday I took the kiddies to the big pool. THAT was a lot of fun, for me and everyone involved...

...except for maybe Grant, who not only fell and got a bloody nose from the cement, but who I put this funny hat on for my own pleasure...And for his protection from the sun. I'm not all bad :) He was so cute, and he did like playing in the pool.
Alltel is a big fat ugly woman that has a bunch of cats and eats frosting out of the can....yes. Much like Goldie Hawn's character in Death Becomes Her. I have traded in my phone twice because they've broken and I currently have a blue one. Supplies, supplies, after two weeks the screen is coming out and the speaker is scratchy. This phone of mine is a piece of crap. So I've been trying to get a completely different model but no one at the Alltel store seemed to want to help. My last trip resulted in a lady named Debra trying to give me a silver one. Like THAT was going to solve the problem Debra! Thanks. So I told her I'd just keep this one and she got sassy with me.
So long story short, I called customer service and threatened to cancel and they gave me $200 credit towards any phone I wanted :) I got this little cutie. We'll see how he holds up, I get him in 5 to 7 business days. Just in time to have my old phone at Warped, so if I drop it, it gets rained on, or I throw it super hard at the Gym Class Heroes, it will not matter. Because I'll have a new and better blue friend when I get home!
One last thing in this mountain of random post, Shannon and Nicole's niece Nicole is super cute.

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

And thats gonna be time

This weekend I went to help Coleman with enrollment, visit Chris and Nette, and see Anthony.
Friday night Anthony and I went to a Royals game against the Giants. We lost 4-8, but our seats were two rows above the field. It was fantastic! There was also a fireworks show put on by the people who do the Olympics fireworks.
The next day was National Go Out and Skate Day! I finally got to watch him skate, along with about 60 other kids in Topeka. This photo was taken by a guy named Mike that takes pics for them.
I went back to Manhattan on sunday to boat down the Kansas River with Chris. We one-oared it...which was one in a series of questionable choices about the adventure. But you know what, even though it took 3 hours, we were both glad we did it. It was very fun :)
Next voyage: Getting a real boat and takin it to the Gulf!

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Joys of email

I have a proctor for my online macroeconomics class. He's my political science teacher from the Juco, Mr. Bean. I emailed him earlier to set up a time to take my next exam, telling him when I was available and that I'd be gone this weekend. He replied with this:
"Michelle: Your out of town all the time, you must have a hot boyfriend. Let’s do it Friday at 8am. fbean"

So maybe now you know why he is one of my favorites.


Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Fathers Day!

He wants me to do things that'll make me happy.
This one tries so hard to come off tough.

I do enjoy them both :)


Wino? Or drinks with a straw?

This was a weekend of birthday parties to the max!
Zoe turned 4 so to keep up with tradition we swam and then had a bbq at Grandma Stacy's.

Grandma's birthday is Wednesday, but we had a party for her today because Mommy's cousin Diana and her husband Tom, their daughter and her husband were passing through town. Marsha and Kevin came too, and all the cousins came.Tara's birthday is actually today. After lunch at the house and Grandma's party, Dan had a surprise party for her at Dean Wiley, where we ate more cake and had a cookout.


Saturday, June 14, 2008

Ay Mira!

Thank you Stana :)


Monday, June 09, 2008

Heres to you...

...having a good life.

Life's pretty messy sometimes.

But, at just the right time, I came to find out I have a 110% in my online Macro class right now. So thats nice :)

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Low cut and high waisted? Ugh..

The store American Apparel has some fun clothes, mostly because all their items come in just about every color under the sun. However. Some of their articles are a bit questionable in taste, and they always seem to have photos of their models looking fat and asian-y in their clothes.

But I still enjoy shopping the store. And if I ever need a metallic bra and matching panties, this is the place I'd go. For sho.

Coolest, Funniest, Oldest guy I know

Poor Chad. He's 24 and always gets crap for it. But that's life friend. Atleast Jon Urban thinks so highly of you.

SOO summer is freakin on. I'm back from Colorado with the family. We went to a Colorado Rapids game against Chivas USA. We lost, but it had been a while since we'd been to a game, so it was still fun.

Chris, Nette, Daddy, and I all did some karaoke at a small Italian food/bar we ate at the first night. We also went to some antique stores, a festival in Boulder, the Mile High flea market (which was huge), Chris and I got some sick chicano shirts to wear to the races.

Linda ate a large ball of wasabi, I wore my rain boots alot, went to Casa Bonita.

Went to Grandma and Grandpas house for the first time in years, hung out with Randy, ate at Woody's. You know. The usual. It was a pretty good trip to the CO. Hey Jeaeffff....didn't you thank it was a good trep to the CO? :) Crazy tourists and their mallrat accents.

Last night it was hanging out w/ Jon D. and Urban, Chad, and some soccer folk. We walked from the apts to Kwik shop which actually took a while. But thats good, because we weren't doing anything.

I'm so glad to be done with school for the next couple months...except I guess I'm taking a summer class online. That shant be too bad, and because I'm doing that, I won't have any classes on fridays next semester! Suck one friday classes.

Oh hey, my boyfriend cut his hair! It looks really sharp :)

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