Sunday, November 23, 2008 like that?

Went to a Midnight to Noon hockey tournament today in Wichita with some of the team. Adventures home with Clavin, haven't slept since 1 pm yesterday (totals to about 30 hours of awake time). Going...going...gone to sleep. Fun Weekend!!

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

James 4:12

If you insist on the Bible route.
Stana posted this video in a bulletin.

I don't know what all that jazz at the end meant, but in short; yes. Exactly Keith. Who is anyone in this country to say that a couple can't have the same rights as everyone else just because they're the same sex? Atleast they're not black. Remember how we were scared of that too? They're people. It's love. Get over yourselves and whatever power you think you're entitled to because you're conventional/traditional/what have you.


Level 7, Jump up and down

Last night I went to KC with Jon Urban and Marissa Dugan to see a show at the Beaumont. We saw the new-to-me Every Avenue,

The Maine (who I couldn't get a decent picture of), MAYDAY PARADE!!,

(Here's a very short video of "Miserable at Best")
and All Time Low.

I went into it thinking I only cared about Mayday and a little bit of the Maine, but I really wish I had gotten more stoked for all of the bands. The whole show was boss (Geoff and I are bringing boss back, btdub).

Another little perk to the night was this tiny little blonde girl tried to fight me for being pushed up against her boyfriend while dorks were hardcore dancing (to Mayday Parade. Really?) in front of me. Now, we know I'm pretty much all talk, but she didn't know that when I was yelling back in her face "Do NOT start crap with me during Mayday. Do NOT." Her boyfriend got between us, and I giggled it off. Who fights at pop punk shows? Amateurs. Oh yes, I failed to mention that a large majority of the people there were either well under 18, or their parents. And be warned, this new crop has no respect.
God bless Jon for being such a hoot.

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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Back to RL

This weekend was incredible, in a different sense than the last couple have been.

Friday, I went to a party at Coleman's but left pretty quick. It wasn't my scene. Then I went to a party my friend Katy was at in possibly the coolest house in Manhattan. You climbed a chain ladder into the attic, and then literally crawled through a hole in the corner to come out in a room like Rapunzel must have lived in. It was freakin killer. But then I left that party because I'm coming to the realization that I just really don't care about meeting a bunch of drunk people and making petty conversation with them. So I came home and fell asleep on the couch watching Get Smart with Sara and her boyfriend. It was funny from what I saw. I'll pick the rest up later.

Saturday I slept in then choreographed a dance to Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap with Michael Weiser for student spotlight (December 8--FREE!). He was pretty impressive in his artistic vision.

Later that evening Kerri, Sara, and I went to church where we met Clavin. Came home, ate delicious delicious roast that Kerri made, and parked it on the glider chair, Sara on the couch. There we remained, Sara falling in and out of sleep, me smelling candle samples, watching the Presidential bash, and texting Clavin about being in the NHL, until about 11 when Sara went to bed and I set up camp on the couch with my electric blanket. From there I watched Good Will Hunting on tv and continued texting late into the night.

I partially remember waking up at 10 this morning to eat some cereal, then slept again on the couch. I finally got off the couch this afternoon at 3, after fully waking while watching football. I went to the rec, did laundry, talked to Mommy for an hour (God bless the crap out of her, I love her), and watched Ailey videos until I came home and wrote a very long post that I'm sure no one really cares to read. No pictures, sorry kids. Not a whole lot to photograph from the couch.

I'm SO rested!!

Tuesday I'm going to see Mayday Parade in KC with Jon Urban!!!

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Friday, November 07, 2008

What's left?

I was taking an online survey that Kstate sent out for Suicide prevention research, and this was one of the questions.

I was pretty iffy on the transgender thing, but was still going to allow it. But other? Go ahead, specify. I dare you.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

And one more thing...

I'm just full of news these days.

After 13 years of domination, Garden City High School lost the Hatchet to Dodge 16-22.
Very sad news, but really, it's pretty awesome how long we held on to it for. We'll just get it back next year, no BD. GC What!

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Halfsie in, halfsie out

Ron Prince is rumored to be resigning this afternoon. Nothing for sure yet, but one source says he'll be coaching the remainder of the season. You can read a bit more on this on the Wichita Eagle.

I'll miss the vests most of all.

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Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Electoral Votes: 338-141
Won by more than 4 million of the popular vote
"Barack Obama beats John McCain and becomes the country's first black president."
Yes, it is a first in history, and yes I'm all for calling unnecessary attention to a person's race. But I hope to God it's not four years of "Our black president..."

Gah, and I really thought Barr had this one! That's a joke. So it will be interesting to see what happens now. Tell you one thing that will, me posting oodles of videos on my blog in one evening. Done. And I'm not even the first black president.

Chin up Ol' chap, you'll get um next time!
...and did anyone else think that felt like the fastest election they've been alive for? Because it sure seemed like it to me. I was ready for the 4 am CNN updates long haul...

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They love tap they love tap they love tap

This is Julie, my Jazz and Tap teacher, and also the coordinator for the KSU Tap Ensemble. She's improving while her husband Neil plays some live music.

(It's not like they just sit around and make dance videos, they were making a tap comp. video and this was just the uncut portion of part of it :)
They were making the video for a talk the Tap Ensemble would give before the Savion Glover show Bare Sounds here at McCain on November 1st. This year was the first I'd ever heard of Savion, but I quickly learned he's a big deal in the Tap World. He kind of got his first big break on Sesame Street (which I never watched as a kid).

Yeah, BA right? Then I found out he was Happy Feet.

And this is him now. Everyone here said the show was incredible. Don't get me wrong, I had the time of my life in St. Louis this just would have been nice to see this too :)

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Go go!

Wish I would have seen this one day earlier...but, I hope you didn't let this little boy down.

Good find Mommy :)

Snobama and McCandycain

If only the election and Christmas season could combine...

I'm currently listening to the election on one of the 20's channels and it's not lookin so hot for the Republicans. But I think mostly everyone saw that coming. I personally am backing Bob Barr, here's my thumb about to make it official:

I came very close to writing in Colbert. And speaking of that, I heard that in Oklahoma they don't have write-ins nor could you vote for any third party? Is this true Okie family?

The new song of the month is "Starbright" by Quitedrive. Like six times a day.


Monday, November 03, 2008


I forgot to mention the hoards of bumblebees there were for this Halloween. Like, retarded amounts. Y'all freakin wish, I did it two years ago. And it's over girls. Hey, how about next year you go as Japanese pop stars?

Ps. It's our old roommate Erin's brithday!! Kerri and I had a montage of Erin quotes today in honor of it. H to the ILLarious.

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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Ranger--Nature sucks

WOW. Who else had the best weekend of their year? I certainly did. We left early Saturday morning for St. Louis. Played two games, lost both. BUT THEN, Joel, Nick, Ranger, Tyler, Coleman, Dany, Clavin, and I went to Red Lobster for dinner. Most definitely the best meal with the team I've ever had. Laughter and endless shrimp were flying all over the place. Clavin and I raced to everything that evening--and since it's my blog and I have the final say, I beat him about 90% of the time. Later that night Joel, Dany, and I played pass the pigs to see who had to sleep on the cot in our room. I was the loser, not my night for tossing pigs. Haha and then we layed in the dark and talked. Which was fun.

The next morning we had a 7 am against Missouri State. The boys played hard and better than they had been, but still lost 1-9. Upon returning from lunch for our second game, we stopped in to watch the Truman/Lindonwood game. Thank heavens we decided to do that. Because THIS freakin happened:

It was awesome! Everyone that was out there got kicked out of the game, even Truman's goalie (who is Ben, a guy who played with us last fall,'s brother. His reaction isn't on tape, but he broke his stick. It was fairly impressive). The game went pretty quick after that, with Truman getting mercy ruled.

Everyone seemed to be in excellent moods, so things were looking up for our game against Western Illinois. I'll spare you the details, but we got a lot of our stuff together and did work. And we won!!! 11-6 K-State. I've never seen Clavin smile after a game, until then. Everyone was very happy, as they should be. Let's carry it on into the next weekends now boys! (Can you tell I'm still psyched?) I love this team.


Bring your little hat

Pretend like these two people don't know each other and are at a social gathering.
Boy ->"Hey, do you know how much a penguin weighs?"
Girl ->"No I don't. How much?"
Boy -> "Enough to break the ice. Hi, I'm boy"

I know right? So good. You can use it if you want. I stole it from Coleman anyway. I demonstrated it to Kerri on the cashier at La Fiesta tonight :)

So Halloween! Thursday night I went to Jakeapalooza at Ranger's garage. It was a pre-Halloween/birthday party. That's Mr. Palooza himself.
Naturally some hockey folk came were part of the deal. (From top then down the pyramid we have Ranger-Sub Zero, Coleman-Pimp, Joel-Pirate Hat, Me-Tight Rope Walker, Geoff-Hendrix, Dominique (not on the team)-Forrest Gump, Will-Gangster, Nick-Casey Jones, and the incorrect date)
This was my full costume.
Real Halloween night was fair. I was tired from the night before, plus I got up early that morning to have acupuncture done. It relieves the tension but I don't know if it's as phenomenal as people say it is. However, it was Halloween so we still got down. I went to lunch with Netter and Chris then to thrift stores with Chris and got a sweet yellow coat. That night I got dressed up, went to see Brenda and Joe that came to town, then went out with the roommates. They were Fanta girls :)
And at 5:30 the next morning we left for our first St. Louis tournament...

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