Friday, June 30, 2006

Jr High Camp 2006

So as you all may or may not know by now I was a counselor for Jr. High Camp this past week. It was a blast, though we had our moments, everything seemed to turn out fab. What an amazing week. Pictures? Ok, you talked me into it.
Look at all those freakin kids! We had barely short of 50 Jr. High kids at camp this week! But it was great, it made things way fun. Way loud, way hard to get accomplished, but way fun.

The first day we played a game called Smak-A-Thon. That's right, it's too hard core for the "c". It was a fun "get to know slash get to smack you" game. With pool noodles that is.
So we got teams together, those being Kiwi Twist lead by Adam, The Tarheels lead by Travis, The Nameless lead by Patrick, and Chocolate Thunder lead by the fierce and mighty Kentucky. We would give the kids points to do various things. Really the points didn't matter because at the end of the week we gave the winner a rock, 2nd got a bag of un-popped popcorn, 3rd got toothpaste, and 4th got a can of Off. But the kids knew that. But they STILL licked the floor, ate leafs, caught (or tried to catch) frisbees in their mouths, and anything else we wanted them to do for points. So we had little games like this head stand competition...
And this little number. Ps. they thought they were blowing cotton balls out of a bowl, not flour. Meyers kind of threw up.

Guess who stopped by in the middle of the week! DwaineALaine and a couple other cats from Scott City! Yay for not Jr. High kids!

On the last day we went to Scott Lake. Here's Adam, Preston, and T-rav paddle boating. It was a fab time, Patrick and I were boat buddies, and we dominated that lake.
The famous Justin, director of the whole sha-bang. He was fab and did an awesome job w/ camp. Ps. He's getting married soon :)
The next three photos are pictures of the girls from my Cabin, Cabin 2. India..
Lexi, Maris, Jasmine...
Regina, Janaya, and Brittni. Not shown is Katie because she was already gone when I got around to taking pictures of these girls. Katie was way cool though.
A couple of the boys Mark and Aaron. They were pretty rad, Mark was my photo man on the last day cause I got lazy.
Us full-time counselors. Not shown are Tami and Lesli who could only be there in the evenings and nights. Adam, Sarah, Me, Travis, Patrick, and Kentucky slash Johnathen.

It was seriously such a fun week. I'm exhausted though. The girls in my cabin were so freakin hilar, but if I would have heard "Where's the Murse?" (Male+Nurse, my girls came up with it..they're so clever) or "Miiichellllllle where's Jordan? I need my nose spray" one more time, I might have given them a reason to go see the nurse. If you haven't caught on they all had crushes on him. They were dorks, but that's why I loved them. Camp was fab.

Tomorrow Rhonda and I are headed for Manhattan where I shall be for a week! My poor bed isn't gettin any lovin :(

Sunday, June 25, 2006

They're Quakers

We had grandma's birthday party today, even though her birthday was the 18th. Here's a bunch of the fam!
Macy, Brenden, and the olives.
There was no way that cake could have withstood 87 candles. And it would have been so great too.
This is the resulting smoke. Can you imagine if she had the appropriate number of candles?!
Here's the happy birthday girl.
After dinner Addison and I went to a concert in Steven's Park. It was a contemporary band from Hugoton. We didn't stay too long because I had to go meet Kasey and Stana at the Queen.
Two and a half of my favorite girls on the entire planet. I personally want Kasey to come back..but that's just me.
This is Stana's tattoo that she got a while back and I've been meaning to post a pic of.
So it was a really good day. I'm glad we got to see Kasey, I've really missed that girlie. Welp I'm off to camp tomorrow! :)

The almost Crandalls

A couple friends from the old school (I never hung out with them a whole lot) are getting married August 12. Brooks and Ciara. And that's there baby...Trayson? It's exciting for them.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Her name was Norma Jean!

There was an Italian dinner at Grandma's rest home today, so Rhonda, Dave, and I went. The lasagna was sooooo good!

Here's us three ladiez.

Then ma and I went to Connie William's farewell BBQ at the Barb's. She's not really going anywhere, just resigning from her youth pastor position. And she'll be traveling with John alot more on sundays.

After that we went to Wal-Mart and got some last minute camp stuff...Aaand a new laundry basket that matches my room like a mofo. Then I went to watch Addison, Hillary, and Nick and Zac Snyder play some tennis. When I got home, I pretty much got everything packed for this next week so tomorrow I can relax!
My teeth are doing pretty well, I'm just starting to bruise. I hope all that jazz calms down come monday.. Did I even mention I'm going to be a counselor this next week for middle school camp? Well. I am. And everyone can totally write me again.

Michelle Dick
Camp Christy Rt. 1
Scott City, KS 67871

ps. Yesterday (real yesterday, not technical yesterda) Me and Rhonda went to El Charro, and it could have just been the solid foods talking, but that was seriuosly the most amazing Charro I've ever experienced.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

My teef are GONE!

So pretty much I couldn't feel anything around my mouth today. But I know a good milkshake when I taste one!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Nanny McPhee

Today I went to watch Nanny McPhee with LB, her brother, and brother's girlfriend. One of those summer movie things they do. It was actually pretty darn good. I had my doubts, but it turned out fine. If I had to compare, I'd say it was like Series of Unfortunate Events, but better.

I would have posted a pic of Nanny herself but frankly..she kind of scares me.

The Royals are playing...They're WINNING!

I don't know why I'm so darn excited to get my wisdom teeth out...but hey, atleast I'm not dreading it. That's always nice.

So today Addison and I went to try Las Margaritas, and afterwards decided we needed to start rating things more. And even created a blog for such occasions. It's called Shop for Season Inc. I won't be rating movies on there...I'd just like to keep that to my own blog.

**I fixed the Shop for Season link, if you've tried it and it didn't work. It's also on the sidebar.**

Monday, June 19, 2006

You fixed it!

Ahh. If you haven't seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding, you probably should get on that, it's hilar.
Tonight Rhonda and I went shopping for food I can eat when my teef go missing, and stuff for when I'm a camp counselor. Then I went to Target w/ Stana and got a very seaworthy tank top. After that I went to watch Addison umpire a minor league baseball game.

ps. It was super hot out today!

pps. Stana just learned the miracle of hair straightners! Yay for her.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Is Ikaka there?

Friday it rained a lot, it was pretty exciting. Saturday Addison and I watched the world cup game Italy vs USA. It was a good game, but the refs sucked. Then we played soccer for a little bit ourselves, played Shout About Movies, then a couple of his friends from Eastern KS came and we hung out for pretty much the rest of the evening. Today he and I went w/ Stana and Orly to Bible Christian again, then we had lunch w/ the fam. After that Ma and I rearranged the basement for wisdom-teeth mode. Then Addison and I watched The Silence of the Lambs. Ya was freakin me out there for a while, but I'm pretty much over it, a, and b it wasn't the same kind of scary as what I thought it would that's good. It was pretty ok I guess.
So then this evening we decided we better get some ice cream, and on our way to do that we realized that it's Sunday night and they have concerts in Steven's parks on these nights. So we took our blizzards and watched this band sing a bunch of country songs, it was actually a lot of fun. Yet, we left early so we could ride our new bikes over to Grandma's to show her. Then we talked about college. And that was the day. I didn't even take a nap! I'm exhausted..not really. But I seriously, I am.

So let me give yall the run down of the next couple of weeks.
Wednesday (6/21)- Getting my wisdom teef out at 9 am.
Sunday or Monday (6/25)- Going to Camp Christy to be a counselor for primary camp.
Sunday*ish (7/2)- Go to Manhattan until the next Saturday or Sunday.

Oh yeah, it's gonna be a crazy fun time, and as long as my teeth don't bother me, it should be smooth sailing.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Oh Eddie

Haha, so right now Addison and I are watching the Italy/USA FIFA World Cup game. And I'm finding pictures like this:

Look out Eddie Jonhson!

It's 57 minutes in, and so far an Italian got red-carded for elbowing an American in the face, and two Americans got red-carded for sliding into Italians. Yeah. Pretty much retarded. We're pissed over here. But then I just look at Eddie...Bahaha.

MAD Dreams

I keep have nightmares that we have to do one more performance of MAD. They are ridiculous. When I was dreaming about it last night, in my dream I was like "This is what I have nightmares about!" It was so bad. I shouldn't say I "Keep" having's only happened like 2 or 3 times since it's been over...but still. They are sooo stressful. That freakin play...I tell you what.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Out of Control

Yesterday I went to THREE softball/baseball games. First one I went to was like younger boys, Addison was umpiring, that's the only reason I went.

Then I went to Sonic West's game, and they played I guess like the best team in the league or something...They had been doing really well I guess, it was like the finals or something. I don't really know...But true to men's league style, they run ruled. I think they did it for old times sake, since I came to watch. Anyhoo, I met up with Stana and Zoe there. I also saw Jenn Dree, Krissy, Logan Geist from freakin Scott which was crazy btw, and some other cats.

Then I went to meet LB (Lauren Brungardt, for future ref) at the Dean Wiley fields to watch the dance team's softball team. They didn't really do so well either...I'm thinking it was like 11-2 or something. But that's ok, atleast they all had fun with it.

And today I went swimming at Chelsey Skipton's house with her and LB. It was a good time, but I got the most ridiculous sunburn ever.

Then in the evening I went to Scott City to hang with D-Waine and Lisa and go to their youth group with them. It was a super good time, they're all really cool there. Their actually going to do this thing called the 30 hour famine. It sounds like an interesting time, but the weekend that they're doing it I'll be at my grandma and grandpa's anniversary party. But it's fun that their youth group gets to do that sort of stuff. I'm pretty much off to bed now. For some reason Blogger isn't letting me upload either I'll try it again tomorrow or you can just use your imagination. :) Good niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

"Seven thumbs an octopus, if he lost thumb." Dwaine managed to say the funniest things I've heard all week. If anyone would like to challenge that, be my guest.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


So I just got back from Dillons, and everyone there is so freakin nice! This fella that worked there was like "What are you looking for" so I told him, and he tried to help me out, but couldn't really. Then I asked where the sunflower seeds were and he gave me a very detailed route. I tell you, those cats go over and beyond. And like everyone that I passed there smiled. It was a great experience. I feel like a tard. Haha...oh jeez...

Monday, June 12, 2006

Don't read it then

So I don't mean to be a Mopey Melvin, but if you can't complain on your blog...where can you? I've been sitting at the computer for like forever this evening. I made a shirt on cafepress but I can't find where the shop is to give anyone the URL. I miss AJ. A bunch of things are just falling apart here in Garden. I'm sure everything will come together, like, tomorrow. But for today, it sucks. And practice didn't go all that well this morning. Sure we're all pretty rusty..but it's still frustrating to not be able to do turns. I'm hungry, yet can't find anything to eat. I hate when people don't return my text messages. Actually, what I wish was that I was in Manhattan. Things usually don't go wrong up there.
I'm over it now. I'm going to watch Rent! Huzzah!

Haha Myspace

So I get on myspace and I'm like "who's this kid?" because he was one of my "friends". So I go to his page and his display pic is darth vader's head, and his quote is "My other face is in hell". And I LOL'ed the crap out of it. He says his name is Max...but that's all I can get from his page...

ps. I'm pretty sure I cracked the case. I'm almost positive it'd Curtis B's little brother. From what I gather, Max is hilar.

Carnies=Heebie Jeebies

Stana, Zoe, and I went to the Finney County Carnival last night. Now, I know I went to Garden City High School, but something about seeing all those mexicans...I think it was the lack of white people amongst them probably...Ieeeee. Howev, it was still pretty fun.
This is Zoe on her first carnival ride EVER! The ferris wheel!
This is from up top of said ferris wheel.
Here she is riding a pirate fish.
And this is Stana Banana and I riding the Tilt-A-Whirl. Not gonna lie, we're probably going back a couple times this week to ride that baby again. And eat more cotton candy and caramel apples.
All of this got me +450 pbse points!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Happy 2nd Birthday Zoe!

Yesterday was Zoe's birthday. So we partied the same place we did last year.She loooves candy. Good girl.

Camp 2006

Wow. Camp was super this year. We even got a crew started. Well...why tell you the story when I can show you in pictures?
So about the first full day DwaineALaine and I went rock climbing on the new rock wall. I sucked, it took me like 3 times longer than it took him. But I made it, and to get done you went on a zip-line. So it's fun that camp is getting more interesting. (ps. the new lady that runs it, Suzanne, is pretty tight. She's no Kris...but she's more involved in the camp, so whatev.)
We had a skit night and every cabin had to have one. So this was our's (cabin 2). It was a dating show. (That's Lisa, Tonya, and Deb-nasty)
This was the counselor's skit. And if you have ever been to any camp/youth event, you know what the sin box is. That's my counselor, Sarah, in the yellow. The other cat is Walt.
So here's a full view of the climbing wall. It's really difficult.
This was before talent night when Rebekah and Dwaine were working on their skit. It was hilar. But I think the picture says it all.
Logan and Patrick played and sang a song for their talent. On the last day, when everyone left camp Logan went to the ER in Scott because he messed up his ankle. So we all visited before we left.
See this? Yeah, the boys and girls pranked the crap out of each other basically the whole week. This is at 4 am when we went to celophane-wrap the boys into their cabins. Apparently it didn't really phase them...but it was really funny to do.
This is the night of the banquet. This is all the ladiez.
And this is all the boys.
And THIS is the counselors, directors, and misnisters. And Soupa-Fly (the baby).
This is Dwaine and I with Dog-Walt. Long story short: Walt is an animorph, and this is what he becomes.
The last night we all slept out on the basketball court. You can't tell, but it's starting to get light out. This is our victory picture (that's Jon on the right). Our tongues are red because of the amount of jolly rancher fruit chews we ate.
And we totally made it. From noon on thursday to 1:30 friday afternoon, I didn't sleep at all. What a fab tradition we started last year. Once again it was pretty much just Dwaine, Jon, and me that stayed up the whole night. A lot of people made it most of the way though.
This is most of the crew. Starting on the back row it's Kentucky, Jon (Prince William), D-Waine, Patrick, Rebekah, me, and Walter. Not shown: Soupa-Fly and Dog Walt.

But it really was a fantastic time. I wish I could type all the stories. But no. I'm mos def gonna be a counselor next year.

First off--Reviews

I know, it's been a super long time since I posted. And now everything has piled up. So I'll start off by reviewing the movies I watched yesterday.
So first off, my mother and I went to watch Over the Hedge. It was pretty good, and there really were some super funny parts, but one must keep in mind that it is indeed a kids movie and you're not going to be doing a large amount of LOLing. If you need to babysit, or have children with you though, it's a good excuse to see it.

Then, later that night Stana Banana and I went to see The Breakup with Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn. It was good, we got a bunch of emotions from it, but all in all I'd say it's a pretty ok movie.

Plus, all this crazy crap got me a total of +500 pbse points.