Friday, December 22, 2006

Holiday How-To With Chut Buttley

My brother-in-law Chris has been spreading Christmas cheer for the last two years by putting together Holiday How-To videos. You might want to check them out.
Holiday How-To '05
Holiday How-To '06

And also if you're still in a mood, watch the video he and I made with the game "The Movies" last Christmas. Here.

Him and Jenette are coming to town tomorrow!

Dora's from Harlem?

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Gangsta Feet

This past Saturday Lauren and I went to see Happy Feet! Gawwwhhh finally. So, it was pretty good....lots of ups and downs though. Whew, it was a roller coaster of penguin emotions. Anyways, I found this r-r-r-remix, and I laughed. Sooo much.

But here's probably the most popular clip from the movie...if you haven't already seen it. A) It's not even Mumble, the main penguin and B) It's not even the best part! The best part is "...they're happy too" SERIOUSLY pop culture. Quit yer crap.

It really is pretty silly though :)

Step Up Showcase

This is the final showcase in the movie Step Up...Like I said, it's like Center Stage, good for two things. The dancing and the handsome lead man.


Mark Wahlberg was Marky Mark? Why wasn't this talked about more? Like, I don't understand how I never heard about this! So so baffled...

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Not seriously

Just a little update for yall, I talked to my speech teacher Mr. Jarmer and he said on school maestro my grade was an 89.9%, but for my final grade he rounded it up. What a guy.

And what a rediculous semester it was...

*I started working at Target
*I went to a renaissance festival
*We went bowling with minonites
*Lauren and I stole cobbler, starting a small yet effective prank war on the boys at the Old Manor house.
*Dave retired
*Lauren and I road-tripped it up to Manhattan to watch game
*I made a bumblebee costume and got it with my friends on halloween
*Lauren and I voted for the very first time.
*I and the rest of the dance team said the phrase "Get it" a total of 8 million times.
*Lauren and I watched 15 straight hours of Grey's Anatomy...and then the other 12 hours within two more days.
*We met Seth Buddy.

Alot more crazy crap happened, more people we hung out with, more boys, more rediculous phrases...
All in all I give the semester an 8.

(here's what I thought of the semester at it's very start)

Hope everyone had a good semester and has a super fly Christmas!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Can you see the lights?

This evening, after making more christmas treats, mommy and I went to the high school's christmas choir concert. Josh sat with us, and he and I laughed at the people sitting in front of us.

Then I went to Lauren's and we almost completed our gingerbread houses!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Happy Birthday Mommy!

That's right, it was Rhonda's birthday today and believe me, we knew how to party. Gifts were given... and we went to eat at El Zarape...
then "Lupe" made her a super chocolate cake and we ATE that sucker.

Anyways. I love Rhonda, so I love when she has a birthday.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Kick it like Tae-Bo

This is the suprise! Lauren got a new car!!! It's a PT Cruiser, if you didn't notice, and it's super fly. PLUS it has a transmission (refer back to the Cavalier which definitly doesn't have one of those anymore). Today Lauren and I watched "The Grinch" and started to make ginger bread houses.

Then I went to work for an hour and a half, came home and ate dinner with mommy, then she and I went to Josh's orchestra concert at the high school (it would have been a very enjoyable concert had Chewey McGumSmacker not been sitting right behind me). He's ready for the big leagues, none of this high school stuff. Josh is going to be famous on the violin, even if he does it by accident.

Anyways, it was nice getting to see him and AJ, as it always is. I miss those boys more than anyone will ever know. But we're going to the high school's talent show tomorrow. More or less to make fun of people...Ahem. More.
Lauren and I also hung out with Chelsey, Pete, and David for a while tonight before us girls went driving around and then came home. Then I hung out with the ol' neighby Zach Schultz for a bit. Now I'm home. Niiiiiiiiiight.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

On a lighter note

It's Christmas break!!!! Woop woo WOOOOOOOP! I've been staying true to Christmas break protocal by sleeping until 11:45-ish every day, so don't worry about me. I have a suprise to post about, but I can't until she comes over so I can take a picture. It's pretty neat though.

(to the fam, we're taking family pictures the 27th at 3:00 pm. I don't know if we're going to wear anything in particular, but if you have any suggestions, I'm in.)

89.9%? Seriously?

So pretty much the whole semester, Mr. Jarmer and I have had this unspoken understanding. I don't much care for giving speeches, but I'll do it and we'll be cool. Well. He gave me an 89.9% in the class. As far as I know that's my final grade, but if it isn't, and he doesn't round that sucker up. Words are going to be had. In my mind, of course, but they will be had. I didn't blow off any speeches, I did all the work I was supposed to. People that just didn't do a speech and made it up during the final got A's, I'm pretty sure that means I should too. I'm pissed. All my brothers and sisters that are teachers: don't pull crap like that. I would have understood if I just randomly didn't come to classes some days, but no.


Saturday, December 09, 2006

You must not know my name

Part one of the dance from tonight, to "Get Up" by Ciara.

And here's part two...

It looks like Cincinnati

You wouldn't believe the last two days that Lauren and I have had. First of all, yesterday was just a really good day. We saw pretty much everyone that we knew, and it was nice. PLUS we saw this car, so we took a picture in front of's just a long time friend of ours'. That night we went to the Old Manor house for old times sake, and because Josh invited us. It was seriously poppin over there. Not so much to our liking, but we're really proud of those boys having actual parties with actual people. How sweet. But we left and went to David's and played DDR with him and Addison, so it was a nice "quiet" evening, minus the ground punching and profuse swearing that comes with those boys doing bad at video games.

Today I slept until noon which was great. Then Rhonda and I went grocery shopping, which, it's always nice to get some Rhonda time in, so I enjoyed that. Then I watched some of Selena, and then Lauren, her brother Jacob, her mom, and I went to El Camino because there was word of a Mariachi band coming. Well, they were running late, so we ate our meal in the trumpet-free silence and figured we better leave if we were going to be to the game by six. BUT. Right as we were deciding on that, 12 singing and instrument playing mexicans walked in the door. IT WAS GREAT. We giggled and listened for a while, but still had to leave. But I would just like to say it was really cool.
Then we had a game to dance to. I don't know if you noticed, but we've lost one since last time we it's just the six of us. But that's ok, because we all love each other, and this makes it even easier to fit all of us into a picture.
Little did we know that after this picture was taken that we would embark on the second best party of all semester-time.
First of all was Paulapalooza, the first we went to all semester. Which, I don't have time to get into, but it was amazing. This time, we started off by going to Tamber's birthday party, which was fun, but we didn't really know anyone, so we left pretty quick. But holy cow, then we went to the soccer party, and you seriously could not move in there, it was soooo packed. We met up with Cole and talked to him for a while, but then. It happened. We saw him....he walked across the room...and then Seth Buddy introduced himself to us. That's not impressive to you, but you don't know that we have seen Seth Buddy EVERYWHERE we've gone all semester. And never talked to him, it's kind of a joke we have going that he didn't/still doesn't know about. Then we spent like half an hour talking to him and him trying to convince us to dance. But we weren't having it (ps. that's us in front of his car in the first picture, pre-meeting him).
Then a black guy in one of my classes got my phone number. It was a great night.
What a semester, I tell you what. Started out with a high, some good times, some bad times. Lame parties, fun parties. But this just topped it off right...meeting Seth Buddy...ugh, like the best Christmas present ever. Thank you ghost of christmas parties.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

But don't do that

Haha, not two minutes later, Cutler throws his first interception for a touchdown too. Well, now we got a couple of the big firsts out of the way, maybe he won't be as nervous now.

Do it Jay

Cutler just scored his first touchdown! Awww. I'm watching the Seattle/Denver game, it has been a pretty rediculously uneventful game but it's Cutler's first, so it's still exciting.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Bittersweet yesterday

Yesterday Lauren and I watched the first 15 episodes of Grey's Anatomy second season. Straight. 15 hours of Grey's. It was beautiful...but at the same time it made me sick. In all reality though, that show is amazing, and I'd do it again in a heart beat...which we're going to have to do since we have 12 hours left. :D