Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Get ready for Warped

Alright kids, Warped Tour in Denver this summer is June 29 and Mayday Parade and Family Force Five are playing. Lets all go, get hotel rooms, and go to Water World! It's gonna be sick :)

That means take off work now betches!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

So good

Life is crazy. I can't tell you everything thats been happening,
mostly because that would be the longest post.
Coleman and I went to a Kstate Texas basketball game during birthday week. We lost, but we did get Beasleys-on-a-stick!
Kerri and Erin made me a princess for my birthday, took me to eat at Willie's and fed me
Kerri, Logan, and I saw Roger Creager and Fat Dixie play and went two-steppin...later that night my new friend Antoine and I met up in Paxico :) That whole day was pretty great.
Miah and Lacey got married!
Went to St. Louis for the last hockey tournament and watched a Jr. Blues game.
Dr. Bosco gave me and a couple girls walking home from dance a ride, it was so cool.
Erin and I actually had fun at a house event, scavenger hunting around Manhattan.
I know, I had a hard time believing it myself.
Last night the fam, Aaron and his family, and I went to Panera because it was super rainy.
There's been a lot of new house drama, mostly in the loan department, for Chris and Nette.
But we think it's almost there.
The best part of the last two weeks? Two nights ago Anthony made me his girlfriend. Anthony...Antoine...Tony...Whatever, he's great. Aaand hella cute :)
And NOW it's spring break?! Golly times are good.

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