Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Insert picture here...

drats, i've hit my monthly limit of pictures i can get on flickr. well, if i hadn't, you'd see a picture of brian (kaseys boyfriend) in his hospital bed hugging his stuffed giraffe named papercuts that kase got him. his appendix exploded about a week ago, but he thinks he gets to go home tomorrow! so thats good. poor guy...holy cow it's already almost eleven...eep. joe and i ate at el camino today, it was ok, they too first gave me a tostada w/ beef when i asked for beans instead. but other than that, it was ok. no el charro, but ok. then we went to goodwill and i got a gambinos baseball t shirt, and joe got a napoleon suit...yes, it's brown and in every way as fantastic. he wore it tonight to work at the hospital to impress the doctors (he works 12 hour shifts 7 to 7, flip flops between am and pm). it's alot of fun, we like it alot. so i'm going to sleep.

Monday, February 21, 2005

the queen

me and rhonda just finished filling out my ACT packet and are Goin to Dairy Queen! catch you lata suckaz

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Slugger...Michelle...practically the same word now anyway

So last night at the show Matt LeMasters (the fella who lived in the house we were having the show at) had made us a couple she said shirts, ya know cause he's just a nice guy like that, and was giving them away to people in the crowd who had a stupid human trick. well apparently that isn't most people's cup of tea to share with others like it was when i was in fifth grade, but he finally got down to one shirt and could not find anyone worthy of having it, and then it came to us: anyone that would let me sock them in the face would get it. Well this cat who had most likely been drinking since the show started volunteered himself, and after many shouts of encouragment from the crowd, i winced up my eyes and hit him...pretty much like the girl i am. but people said it sounded hard, and everyone liked me more after that. who says violence isn't the answer? ha, but really, he did tell me i hit like a girl...so i didn't feel too bad after that. oooh silly silly drunk people, and the things they'll do for an awesome band's shirt ; )


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Yes, although they yet again cancelled they're reunion show, everyone that used to play in FS (save Luke Johnson) was at the show, so they played a couple songs...and like 10 more after i left and most other people had too. This was the best picture i had gotten of the whole band. you probably wouldn't know it, but james is back there on drums


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Yes, although they yet again cancelled they're reunion show, everyone that used to play in FS (save Luke Johnson) was at the show, so they played a couple songs...and like 10 more after i left and most other people had too. This was the best picture i had gotten of the whole band. you probably wouldn't know it, but james is back there on drums

Sing us a song Buck!

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Buck playing at the show Saturday... Buck is reallly good on guitar, Joe and I are convinced he's gonna get big going solo. That's his lady friend Corey standing up in the back. and the chick in the red cami is Meredith, it was her birthday the day after

Audio Spaghetti

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poor drummers always get jipped out of pictures...anyways, thats jake and brenden, i have yet to meet the drummer. they're pretty good, gonna hook us up with a show in Hays (where they're from) sometime.

Adam and Mark

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There home made She Said tattoos at the show on saturday

Saturday, February 19, 2005

she said...

Tonight is the show! it's gonna be us, buck, and audio spaghetti, just like i thought. should be a pretty good time. we have the original she said drummer, sean collins, playing with us tonight! woot. we have a design for a shirt, so i think we're gonna either make a couple more or make shirts sometime soon...i hope. jeremy talked to someone from the get up kids recording studio and they told us to come record there, so that was pretty cool. like 30 dollars an hour i believe. anyhoo, i'll post some pics from the show tonight.

Who made Jazz 2?


Wednesday, February 16, 2005


i tried out for jazz band after school...that was pretty nerve racking. there were 3 tenor saxes who tried out for 2 positions so, you can probably do the math. oh well, we get results tomorrow after school, guess we will see then! joe and i watched "matchstick men" today also. thats a really weird movie, but very good, i recommend for all to see it. so i'm growing some little bumps on my right hand, 4 to be exact.. huh, just noticed those. and i've got those weird dry patches on my arms like i used to get when i was little. joe was right, i AM damaged goods. oh well, i'm sleepy so i'm going to bed now. g'nite

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

The show 2/19/05

It's gonna be she said, buck, audio spaghetti...and thats all i know of i think. i talked to justin mcrae w/ product of theory and he said they have a show this saturday, but to call him up next time and see what we can work out. right now they're working on recording an album. anyways, the show on the 19th should be a rockin good time, last time we had it at matt's house (2006 Crestway) it was.
Ps. it's patrick barb's birthday that day. i told him to come, he said he may. then i can tell him happy birthday over the mic and it will be that much cooler.

warped tour '05!

Go here to learn things I'd like everyone to take notice that motion city soundtrack , no use for a name, hawthorne heights and a basket full of other very fun bands will be present! woot can't wait!


Today in math class, robert had no eyebrows. I asked him "Robert, where are your eyebrows?" He told us that he had fallen asleep at a party. that was fun, cause the rest of the class period we just made every crack at it that we could. Mrs. Paulsen said "Remember, there's a test on Thursday", and this kid who sits in front of me, Nathan, said "Good thing i've got my lucky eyebrows!" I don't know how funny this is to you, but to me...its wonderful...
Another kid in the class wrote a poem about it, here it is:

Ode to eyebrows
I love my eybrows
sometime I feel bad for cows
because they have no eyebrows
In basketball, there are fouls
In France, they say "chow!"
hairy armpits for girls, but for everyone, eyebrows
unibombers have unibrows
hair, hair, hair above your eyes in brows
I am Sherlock Holmes

....ohhh cody....he also made a comic appropriate for the situation, but alas, i have no scanner. sorry

Monday, February 14, 2005

valentines day part duex

kk, so joe and i went to el zarape (food not as good as the charro, service, a rough 10 hundred times better...so i guess it evened out...although they DID give me meat on my tostada instead of beans, but they fixed it in no time....like 2 and half minutes, joe timed them). i got him a pocket watch and a couple other little things. he got me an awesome 16"x20" frame with holes for like 18 pictures or something, "a sharks tale", and....well, i'm sure you can see the picture of it...i tell you what, that joe is a real Catch...haha...

"...I caught you a delicious bass"

catch of the day
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and i tell you what, thats the first thing he said when he walked in and put this in my hands...a fish made of solid milk chocolate. if that doesn't say i love you, i don't know what does

zoology fun

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Ms. Lalicker and a turtle teach our class about the many wonders of the reptile family


today in zoology we got to pet reptiles and amphibians, it was neat. also, our school was selling carnations and would deliver them within the school, so cutie face jon urban got me one. we like him. i think joe and i are going to go out to eat since it is valentines day and all...thatll be fun too. oh yeah, and kasey's valentine, b-miz got 10 kinds of sick last night, so it probably wasn't the best v-day for either of them, so everyone think good thoughts (christmas, love, candy, etc) for brian

Sunday, February 13, 2005


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Couch Row: megan and adam w/ draven; joe b and liz w/ jaide; Floor Row: Mattie w/ jayden (sp?); Moses w/ Jailey (sp?); Buck w/ Logan; Chair Row: Corey

opening presents

opening presents
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Logan and his dad, Buck, opening adam and megans gift-- a spider man dodge ball bigger than logan. and there's moses' daughter ready to play with it

birthday boy

birthday boy
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Logan and his mom, corey

Saturday, February 12, 2005

p a r t Y?

today there was a party for logan, buck riest and corey's kid. he's one year old, it was alot of fun. there was like 92 babies there (and cake MMM!)....ok, pretty much like 6 or something, but when it go to be nap time, it sure sounded like 92 babies.

ps. i got this new gig, rhonda's boss kristy needed a math tutor for her 6th grade daughter, so i'll pretty much be doing that for an hour twice a week. she's gonna call me on monday to let me know when to come out...so now i have TWO very flexible jobs, one that pays me min. wage, and one that i will have you know, does not. *yesss*

funny thing yesterday...

so yesterday, i'm walking to school after lunch and i see this truck. don't know whose it was, but they had, taped to the back window, a sticker that said something to the effect of "life is short--break the rules", i couldn't help but think 'if someone's going to take the time to buy a sticker that said that, you'd think they'd go the extra mile and actual use the adhesive provided. why don't you start with that buddy, come on, get a little craaazy'. it made me laugh on and on into 5th period.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

happy birthday jeremy!

it's jeremy, our singer's, birthday today! now he's 23 and older than crap, but we still love 'im! *maybe he'll get a drummer for his birthday!...thatd be gweat*

Birthday boy

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there's jeremizzle and the she said dizzles

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

the game

tonight joe and i watched the ku/k-state bball game, now i'll give it to ku, they're really good. but the game ended up being 65-74 which, for ku being really good and kstate not being really good, thats a pretty darn close game. tell you what, you want to get to know a good player, talk to a fella by the name of Massey. i don't know his first name, but he played for kstate and was fantastic.
other fun things about the day:
*rhonda bought two more boxes of pop tarts so i could have the necessary 3 proofs of purchase to recieve the talking lizard shirt that i've always wanted from the ever so popular kelloggs brand
*i got jazz band try out music (tryouts: a week from today...eep)
*i'm totally wearing my minnesota wild jersey...anymore, i wear it like it's going out of style practically
*i watched 'friends'
*birthday is in t-18 days
*it's time to get ready for bed

Tuesday, February 08, 2005


so i went to a show tonight...i kinda forget what the band was called...but they were really good. i left joe a message to buy me a cd, cause i had to leave early (a band called havok on polaris was about to play...or aka as many have known them as in the past) but i liked them. they sounded sort of like taking back sunday. so thats good. soon as i find out what they're called i'll let yall know, they're on myspace so anyone can checkum out if they'd like

kissy boots

That gloomy keyboardist look...i need to get on that

kasey and b-miz

kasey and b-miz
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waiting for a table at the charro before homecoming

koko joe

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Joe sitting at the charro before homecoming

Monday, February 07, 2005

more like lame-coming

so saturday night was the homecoming dance, and sure kasey and i usually just go to homecomings so we can get dressed up and take pictures (this years theme was pirates! :) but seriously, the dance was lamer than lame. as we were walking in like, 45 people were coming out. they played stupid music too, such as hip hop, hip hop, mexican, mexican, hip hop, hip hop, country, country, and yes, arethra franklin. pretty much i sang along to "i will survive" till the people i went with decided they had enough and we all left. it sucked. but we got pictures! woot. i'll probably never spend 5 dollars to get into another homecoming again...who am i kidding, yes i will

Thursday, February 03, 2005


so i was looking at the dickinson theatre website because our theater is now too cheap to actually put the listings in the paper, so it only has a phone number and website. anyways, i was lookin around and i was like "phantom of the opera! oh dang!" but then i was like "hold up" so i did a little more research on the site and came to find out, ya, thats not comin to gc and i was like "n*gga fo real?!" and they was all like "yea dawg, yea" and i was like *psh* and shut that fool down, right. ....so i don't know if we'll see a movie anymore. BTW -to all i offend when i say the n-word...woops, sorry. honestly i'd like to stay politically correct for those who want me to... so i'll try, but no promises. that just really not me, and if a gal can't be herself on her blog, where can she be? think about that. AND when i typed BTW it reminded me of one time we had a black substitute, and she was talking about the BTK killer from witchita, but she kept saying B2K...like the Band!! haha...ya, got us everytime. them craaaazy RLBPs