Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Who doesn't want to sleep?

*Me* I'm kind of tired...but really I just feel like posting a bunch, and doing things on the internet. It seems to have become a common trend amongst me and others to apparently not to go bed until stupid times of the night (some a bit more stupid than mine...but the stupidity of the lateness is all relative to the things you have to do the next day.) So I usually go to bed at one, which means I get up at 7:35. But I don't mind all that. I mind that it's 83 degrees below zero every morning and that's a fine how do you do to wake up to. (that one goes out to grandpa. the fullers know what i mean.)
My fantasy football is 8-4-0. uuuggghhhh.
I'm going to go check the telegram for fun articles about the play and the effin paper weight that kept me locked in Mr. French's class for 2 hours yesterday.
Oh, to all the fam, Rhonda's having surgery the 19th.
That's not a fun note to end on, however.
Christmas rocks.

Our Bomb Threat

So yesterday someone found a "suspicious" briefcase on the stage. Mrs. Regier said it wasn't hers or a prop, and didn't know where it came from. They called around to all the maintenance people that had been there that day, and it wasn't any of there's. Insert Lockdown. Parking lots were blocked off, every freakin cop in the dang town was there, the bomb squad from Wichita came. This morning...
There was a stage weight in it.
It's going to the police dept. as evidence today after school.
Yesterday will forever be remembered as the day the briefcase took the stage hostage.

Addison's New

His new blog, and his Christmas list

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

My day at school

So I'm in my eighth hour, and we're in real-life lockdown...don't really know what's going on, no one can tell us. Mr. Tidwell's class got moved into here, I guess that was really close to where things were happening. If I find out, I'll mos def update. It's 3 right now, so school shall be over soon. I'm supposed to shut off my computer. Late.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Another Day

Go to this Rent site on Myspace and listen to "Another Day" Rosario Dawson has the prettiest voice. While you're at it, listen to the other songs, there are many other Rent sites on myspace that have different songs on them. Oh Rent...You're so good.

You wanted it

Here it is, Grandma playing NHL video form

View this clip on Vimeo

I want to see...

*Pride and Prejudice. It's in theaters...pretty sure it's here in GC.
*This Saturday I'm taking pictures of the cast of the Nutcracker Suite. It'll be the first time I do something like that, so I hope it doesn't stress me out or anything.
*Sylvia is the 1, 2, and 3!
*It's snowing out. Ick.
*Good day today. Hope yours is too

We have dates

OMG! Every little thing gets me excited all over again. K, tryouts for MAD are Dec. 7&14 (there were a bunch of concerts and things going on, these were the only two days we could do it).
Dates for MAD are April 13-15 2006 Mark your effin calendars and clear your weekend because it's gonna be a party.
Super fly

Sunday, November 27, 2005

To conclude

I suppose today has been the day of random posts. Neat.

Minority Scholarships Paper

I had to do a personal perspective paper a while back and I did it on why minorities shouldn't get scholarships simply for being minorities. It's not written that well because I just did it to get it done, and the conclusion bites because, lets face it, i suck at those too. Oh to be Nick...Anyways, it's on writeboard. If anyone cares to take a gander, there it is. Oh, and apparently white board doesn't like tabs? Somethings going on there.

The sibs

Chris thinks it tastes good...Netter agrees.

Nicole and Shannon. That's them.

Welp I caved

These things are fun to do sometimes, like when your bored. But not on myspace, because when people pull that crap it pisses me off.

1)Who was the last person you high-fived?

2)If you were drafted into a war, would you serve?
No, I'm a GIRL. I'd be a nurse though

3)Do you sleep with the tv on?
Hellz yeah, I'm usually too scared not to

4)Have you ever wheezed the juice?
huh? if that means drugs, then no. If it doesn't, then I don't know what it means

5)Have you ever won a spelling bee?
never was in one

6)Have you ever been stung by a bee?
I've killed niggaz for less

7)How fast can you type?
pretty fast

8)Are you afraid of the dark?
YES, but only if I'm alone

9)What color are your socks?
no sockies

10)Have you ever made out at a drive-in?
We almost had a drive in...btw did anyone clear that up with mike b?

11) When was the last time you chose a bath over a shower?
a few months ago

12)Do you knock on wood?
when it's available, yes

13)Do you floss daily?

14) Do you wanna Fanta?
I'm good, thanks

15)Can you hula hoop?

16)Are you good at keeping secrets?
yeah, unless they're dumb or I don't like you

17)What do you want for Christmas?
I will TELL you what I want for christmas

18)Do you know the Muffin Man?
I hate stupid questions like these. YOU'RE NOT CLEVER

19)Do you talk in your sleep?
from what I here, yes. and laugh, and twitch, and kick and everything else

20)Who wrote the book of love?

21)Have you ever flown a kite?

22)Do you wish on your fallen lashes?
yessum. and I make other people wish on theirs

23)Do you whiten your teeth?
i tried once, but got bored w/ it

24)Can you smell what the Rock is cooking?
SERIOUSLY with the questions

25)Have you ever asked for a pony?
almost every day..wait, did you say puppy? Ponies are fun too

26)Have you, or would you ever, donate sperm/eggs?

27)Can you juggle?

28)Do you wanna know a secret?
i bet you won't tell me

29)If you could enact any new law, what would it be?
everyone minds their own business! yay!

30)Do the chickens have large talons?

31)If you had only enough energy left in you for one last smile, who would you give it to?
only my favorite boy on the planet. because he'd smile back, and that's my fav. part

32)Are you ready to rumble?
with this freakin survey I am. who made this up? I want to cut them

33)Can you count to Schfifty-Five?
HAHAHA...schfifty-five. the old PH*no*S days

34)Have you ever been suspended or expelled from school?
nope, I'd cry

35)How do you spell relief?
....relief. seriously, Cutting.

37)Have you ever eaten dog food?
No! :) yay for not being an idiot

38)Can you handle the truth?
I'll pretend this isn't another movie reference. Yes, I can

39)Do you like green eggs and ham?
No ham, thank you. No green food that isn't supposed to be.

40)Who is your daddy, and what does he do?
Gary. He chills.


my pet!

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Happy Birthday Addison!

This is the cake Nette, Stana, and I made. So I forgot the H...oops. And contrary to popular belief, the bottom says "(nick's idea)". He's 19...aww I love that kid. Yeah, I said it.

NHL Hits

Yeah, Grandma really played. Fun times to be had. I will have you know, that she did make a goal. :)

Happy Thanksgiving Football!

Brenden and Trevor *my cousins* playing football.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Break thus far

It's been a super break so far, very relaxing and filled with all of my favorite people. Today I've been to Hastings twice, and everyone bought a bunch of dvd's since they were crazy on sale. Then the fam played Mario Party, and afterwards I went to Addison's for a bit. He and Kaleb were playing Battle Front, and I had just hit my video game quota for the day, so I came home again. Now I'm going to watch Kingdom of Heaven. If it's good enough, you can bet that it will show up on my dvd list on my Christmas Wishlist. Good Night everyone! Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving...Mine shall be tomorrow.

Thursday, November 24, 2005


Stana, Netter, and I went to see Rent tonight. It Was Fantastic. The music, the singing, the acting, the dancing, everything. I freakin want to be on Broadway. I would recommend everyone to go see it, unless you absolutely hate musicals with 120% of your that case, I'd steer clear...but it's so good.

Monday, November 21, 2005

MAD postered

and what better song to come on while I'm posting this than the song for the curtain call? Amazing how things work out sometimes.

C'mon Nick

This was from last night when I went to Stananana's. He only looks like he doesn't like Zoe because we took his picture. They are two birds of a feather in real life.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Courtesy of Chris and my bad typing

don_sciacallo: gweta was a guwl who lived in old New Yowk...
gweta was a jew, so she couldn't eat powk...
one day gweta ate some bacon, and hew fwiend said, "Hey!"
Her fwiend said, "Hey we awe Jews, and that's just not owa way...."
gweta was a jew
gweta was a jew

(this was basically so I could remember it for years and years to come...)
I accidentally typed gweta instead of typing gweat, which was redic of me in the first place. then my brother I.L. had to go be a dork about it. Funny man he is.


If anyone in the GC area (or that will be in the GC sometime between now and sunday) would like to buy a golden canyon candle from me, please let me know. I have all the samples (and they do smell wonderful), and it's a fund raiser for dance team so we can get outfits for competition. Every sale helps, so if you're interested please let me know! You would get your candle a couple days before Christmas (aka easy Xmas presents). :) Thankya

They're all glass and sh...

A little bit ago I got a call from my friend Dwaine from Scott. Him and his friend Josh were at Applebees, so I joined them. I got there when they were done eating though, so we just sat around for a while, then I came home again. It's always nice to see old friends.
PS. Those are my new bangs, if you hadn't noticed.

MAD WriteBoard-ed

Here's the entire script (with lyrics) for MAD. (The password is yoursong)It's the first draft, we still have alot of revising and adding to do. If you are interested, go for it. I know alot probably won't make since, but that's because the play has alot to do w/ actions, rather than words. I'M SO EXCITED!! apparently green has become the so excited color.


I'm in the middle of typing up YET ANOTHER freaking paper for english, and it's so trying, watching your grammer and such. It's so much easier to post. My paper is a problem-solution on how to get kids to quit dropping out of high school. Basically, you set up a community service program that they have to go to (almost like a job, but with little to no pay...basically a job and high school mixed up into one). If you don't show up for your "job" you first pay some fines, and then if it keeps happenening, you get arrested. Harsh? So what, don't drop out of high school and it won't matter.
See? I think it works.
So thats what I'm supposed to be doing right now. I wish I could just tell Mr. Kucharik my idea, but I think that would be defeating the purpose of an english class. I absolutley hate english classes now.
*I got a 25 on my second ACT test. (23 the first time)
*Addison is sick today :(
*Kasey and I talk again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=happy michelle
OOh, let me tell you about yesterday.
So yesterday, Stana, Elissa, and I were going to go see Harry Potter IV, but Elissa called and said it was sold out. And she had to leave after that, so me and Stana went and pre bought our tickets for the 7 o'clock. So we ran some errands, then ate at Applebees (aka Awesomebees...not really, no one actually calls it that. But it still is Awesome), came home, watche the Real World for a bit, then were off to the movie. We had created a hype between the two of us, from talking it about it so much all day, and when we got there, Stana couldn't find her ticket! So we ran to my car, looked in it, ran home, looked around there, still no ticket. Went back in hopes to just buy her another, and RIGHT when we walked in the door the guy announced "Harry Potter is sold out". Ugh. So Stana told the guy what happened, and he was cool and said to just tell the ticket-tearer that he said it was ok (I knew both of them, so that made it easier). So we watched it, and it was grand, except for how they left out HUGE chunks of the book. Still a good movie though.
Holy crap that is so much typing that I could have been doing on my paper instead. Darn you Michelle.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Sub State

Well, we lost tonight 32-15 to Hutch. Bad news: last football game of the year. Good news: Get to stay for Thanksgiving and Addison's birthday.
Eh, it evens out. I'm hanging out at Addison's w/ everyone and have the worst headache of my entire life Ever. Tomorrow I get my hair cut. SWEET.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

MAD scripted

I'm done with the script!!! Like done done, it's almost stupid how finished I am with it! Ha, but..then, you know, there's all the edited and revising to do...but hey, I'm still happy. ^______________^ that's the biggest smiley face I could make. Deal with it.

About Addison

He's amazing. Wanna know why?

Cause he is.

and BTW, that link is to The Girl Fight

Monday, November 14, 2005

Whoops Thanksgiving

Here's the deal: If the boys win their football game against Hutch this friday, that means we go to state. Right. And if they go, dance team gets to go too and dance. Trouble. We would leave the Friday after Thanksgiving, aka the day before my family has our Thanksgiving and Addison's birthday.
This has been just a heads up, I'll keep you updated...I can't make any decisions until after the game this week anyways.

Sunday, November 13, 2005


She's my best friend because she's funny. I slumber partied at her house last night, and yes, we fell asleep watching Peter Pan. How the crap did we get so old.


Attn: My family in Manhattan, watch out for Raul's legs hitting you. It could happen. I like how they danced during the poppiest song on the planet. Nice move fellas.

Wow those are bright shoes

Look at Addison's shoes. That's all I can say. And he is the sweetest boy ever, I can say that too.

Football Today

There were like 14 boys playing football today. Good turnout, and pretty good game... except Danny got hurt like 8 times, and Sean broke his leg or something, I didn't really pay attention to the injuries after awhile, they happened so often.

Happy Birthday Macy!

jeez, can my cousin look Any creepier? Sure, there were cute pics of her, but this one made me LOL so of course, it won. Oh Macy...what a creepy face that is. Ps. She's 3 today.

Friday, November 11, 2005

We Win!

We won semi-finals, so next week we play Hutch here in GC!!! More dancing? Yes please. And my family can watch, how fun :)
I *heart* our football team, those boys have really pulled it together for the end of the season.

**Correction: My family won't be able to watch...the game is next week, and I SWEAR if I think Thanksgiving is next week one more time, I'm gonna get real pissed.**

Oh Six!

I love our class
Can you find the boys that look like they're going to kiss in the picture? and the other boy that's looking at them weird?


Raul's First cowboy

alt="" />
Brian's cowboy

Raul's second cowboy.

Please leave your vote in the comments so we can determine who won this event. Oh how productive Oportunity Period has become.

Like a Blanket

My fav kind of clouds Ever. What a day it was turning out to be.

Pumpkin Pie in Blizzard form?

Oh yeah. After the Dance Team ate at El Con AJ and I decided it was time for the queen, so we went and after much talking into from AJ he and I both got the pumpkin pie blizzard (i was skeptical). I'll just tell you that it tasted exactly like a pumpkin pie, so if you're into that sort of thing...this looks like your deal. AJ's tummy didn't like it too much though. He posted about it on his Very First Post Ever! (congrats AJ).

Thursday, November 10, 2005

My exciting day

Sarah Williams showed up at school today after lunch :) It made me very happy...then she came to SugarBeet w/ us and her and I talked about the wedding. It's April 22, and I'm going to be a bridesmaid!! Awww...I got all teary...I'm such a whimp. But I'm so excited for the wedding...and me and Tabatha are gonna throw her a MAD bachlorette party. Pretty much, I just can't believe she's getting married...the same dorky kid I've been best friends with since the church nursery.
Then Stana Banana came and got me out of last hour and we went to Caitlin's and ate the cake she made. It was delish.
So blah blah blah dance practice, blah blah, BISCUITS AND FREAKIN GRAVY FOR DINNER aka AWESOME.
And then there's play practice....Oh we were there from 7:30-11:00 because we had to go through the whole thing. And the lines? Yeah, not coming along to good in the memorizing dept. Thank God I had someone to keep me sane when we were done.
Tomorrow we have to wear the brown cheerleading outfit...oh joy...but we dance at the last football game. So that will be fun, the game's gonna be packed since it's regionals or something. My eyes hurt from being alive so long today...GOOD NIGHT.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Old Days

Yesterday I talked to Danielle Dunn, like actually talked to her, for the first time since basically a year ago. Weird...but it's cool, I had been missing her, so we relived some of the old times. Now if we could just get everyone from P H *no* S back... because I'm not gonna lie. Us girls, we went together like grilled cheese and tomato soup. And now... :( it just isn't complete w/o old Betty.
And now a note to Kasey: If you end up moving away and we never hang out again, I'll never ever EVER listen to KMK or 50 cent again out of protest. P-p-p-pleeease don't do this to me.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Franc D'Ambrosio

View this clip on Vimeo

This is the guy who played the role of the Phantom for the longest in the show's history. He and a pianst are touring around and they did a community concert here. So play practice got cut REAL short when us (in the freakin Theater dept.) caught wind of the excitement. He sang a bunch of songs, alot of showtunes (stuff from Chicago, Give my Regards to Broadway, etc) and of course two songs from Phantom of the Opera. This is "Music of the Night", so so pretty. It's exciting the big things that can happen in a little town. He had Chuck (the piano player) do a little solo, and was like "Hold on, I want to be in the audience for this". So he came and sat down next to me (I knew everyone back in the booth would be soo made me laugh) and the convo went like this:
he whispered "How's it goin?"
I whispered back "great. Nice work"
he said "thanks"
and that's all. It was funny. All of us Thespians got to talk to him afterwards for a while, ask questions and the like. In conclusion, though I wasn't ready to piss my pants like the rest of the people surrounding me, it was still a pretty fun experience to have thrown on you by suprise. Drawback: I missed watching Real World w/ a certain someone. Sorry you.

The Phantom and Me

You should know by now that any person I meet that's up for a grammy I get my picture taken with. That's just standard procedure right there. (Him and Chuck's little cd project thing they've got going has been nominated) Why I felt my smile needed to be as large as Canada is beyond me. I loved the way I dressed down as much as possible today of all days. It didn't bother me. I haven't him to impress.
ps. if you're wondering, he stutters alot.

Monday, November 07, 2005


The skinny on MAD: I have to document my attempts to ask permission from the copyright holders, or whatev, give credit to the people who did the songs (um, duh, already planning on it thanks), and Regier just decided we wouldn't charge to avoid anything that could be annoying. So YAY! I can do MAD! Just need to write those letters, finish the script, and we'll be set. What a wonderful day this has been. Shannon: Call me so we can celebrate.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

The funk soul brother

We learned the rest of the lyical today (I'm loving that song more and more everytime I hear it), and it's a really pretty dance, just difficult. Then we learned Pom to The Rockafeller Skank by Fatboy Slim. Omg, it's so fast, but so fun I love it. I just can't get over it, I'm so excited to do all these dances. K, so I'm sure that gets boring to read about. On and ending note, at the end of all that, every part in my entire body hurt (especially my feet) which =the worst headache of my life for the rest of the evening.
After dancing, and after seeing that the guys weren't playing football, I called up Stana and we went to get dinner. I got a subway sandwich and arby's curly fries...what a fine dinner it was : ) Then we went grocery shopping, and came back to her apt and hung out. Nick and Addison (Tattoo was there for like 10 min.) showed up so we all hung out together. I had a bunch of fun, but probably could have been less of a mopey melvin if it weren't for my headache. Stana got the legs of her table painted, so that's a plus. I'm freakin

So far, the best two weeks of fall.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

...and my music

Tonight me and Stana got some sonic, then we went to Addisons and everyone (being him, Nick, Kaleb, Partyman, Stana, Zoe, and me) decided to go bowling. However, when we got to Hardrock All the lanes were being used. And just for taste, we saw Brian there. favorite part was the akward. Anyhoo, we went to Garden Bowl, and all Those lanes were being used. By that time it was def. Zoe's bedtime, so her and Stana went home, and the rest of us went to Addison's house. I tell you what, those boys are the funnest...especially this one...


Today the choreographer (Peyton) came. The dances he made for us are soooo fun, I'm so excited to perform them, for competition and basketball. We learned all of the hip hop today (to "lose control" by missy elliot), and about half of the lyrical (to "i love you" by Kina, my new favorite song). Tomorrow we finish that, and then we do Pom. It wasn't even half as bad as what I thought it would be today (six hours of learning dances usually doesn't sound too appealing), but my knees kept hurting because i didn't have knee pads most of the time.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Let me tell you

about the going-ons. This evening was really boring, until Stana, Zoe, and I went to Applebees fo' din din, which was super. Then I went to Addisons where him and Kaleb played the Warriors, while I fell in and out of sleep for awhile.
Tomorrow the choreographer comes, and we learn the dances from 11:30-6. Awesome. Then there's gonna be some team bowling going down. Me and Addison will whoop up on anyone that wants to challenge us. Any takers? That's what I thought...but serisouly, we do need another team to play against. Don't let our mad bowling skills intimidate you.

Kurt Halsey

Cute work by this guy Kurt.

Shannon posted about it...I don't post everything he does, really. Just the really cool stuff.

Posting...from school?

Unheard of! I'll be lucky if i don't get my account deleted for this little number. Anyways, I'm in Sugar Beet right now...what a swell class. Sometime this semester all the senior sugar beet girls are going to have a slumber party! It's going to be so much fun. Right now Jon D. is standing over my shoulder reading my post. Hi Jon! Welp, I'm thinking of going to sonic during my off idea I've had all day. Happy Friday!

Thursday, November 03, 2005

My Christmas List

Here's a link to my Christmas List. The End.

Mint Mocha

Yesterday Rhonda and I went shopping because we were in dire need of groceries. I saw a limited-time flavor of Frapuccino, which was Mint Mocha. Now understand, I hate coffee. Love the smell, love chocolate covered coffee beans, love coffee? No. Never could stand it. I never really like Frapuccinos either. However, I do love mint things, and they had 7 grams of protein (that's all we really look at anymore), and since they are here for a limited time, I couldn't pass it up.
So this morning I skeptically took one out of the fridge on my way out the door. I opened it, smelt it, spilled a bit on my hand (grr) then drank it. Success!! It is by far the best coffee-ish anything I've ever had. I don't just Have to drink it for the protein, I can drink it because I'd like to :) It's always nice to find new things you enjoy.

Today Leslie and Krissy went w/ me during our photo class to take pics old skool w/ my 35mm. Haven't done that since well before last year, I'm sure. I had forgotten how wonderful they can be, though. I can't wait to get them developed. Hopefully they turn out so I don't get frustrated w/ it and go back to completley relying on the digital again (love it, don't get me wrong). There's just things you need to have a 35 for. And fancy pictures are it, I believe.

My Top Ten *right now*

(Rules: No people or feelings, and not in any particular order)
*Orbit Bubblemint Gum
*My bed
*Singing along
*My white coat
*Dancing (hip-hop, as of now)
*Photography w/ 35mm
*Getting dressed up
*Musical movies
*Honey Bunches of Oats w/ Peaches

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


So Stana posts this blog about what things are and aren't sports. I started to comment, but it started getting long enough that I decided it better get posted instead.
(In response to Stana) I've been wrestling w/ this issue ever since I wanted to be a cheerleader (aka basically my whole life...until recently, of course :)
1)I don't buy into the whole "It's a sport because you compete in it" I'll give you examples: 4-H Stuff, art shows, things like that I don't think anyone would argue to be sports, yet they're all competition. Therefore...
2)Band is definatley not a sport. It falls under the arts.
3)While dancing can be very stressful on the body physically, do I think it's a sport?'s more in the arts.
4)Cheerleading...heh...all I can say is thank God I tried out for DT instead. But I'll give it to the girls, they do aLot of physical stuff as well. I'd say it's more of a sport than dance team...I don't know why, from what I've seen dancing takes more work physically, but...I just don't think they have anything else to fall under. Certainly not the, I'll give them sports.
5)Ping-Pong, bowling, and golf. It's hard to say. They take skill,, that's a tricky one.

In conclusion, dude, whatev. As long as you don't say to a dancer or cheerleader that what we do is easy, I think I really don't care too much on the matter.

Trans Siberian Orchestra

I want to gooooo!!! There's shows in Denver, Colorado Springs, St. Louis, and Kansas City. I saw a comercial for it, and the Trans Siberian Orchestra looks soo good! Oh my...can we go? Anyone?

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

This is me putting a spider in your room

I bet your wondering what I ate for a snack. Well I will tell you that I had the most amazing oatmeal on the planet. Besides that, my day was pretty mediocre. Umm...I wore my hair down, guess that doesn't happen too often...i know why, too. Oh yeah, and I applied for next semester's college classes. Eng comp 2 and Biology. Whoops, I just puked all over myself. To Spring semester: don't make me hate you more than I already am going to.

My heart just died

Aaron's fantasy football team beat mine this weekend. How depressing.
Wanna know some completely opposite of depressing? HBO Video came out w/ the ultimate DVD collection, by putting the 6 seasons of Sex and the City (94 episodes) all in one cute little package. Sup christmas?